Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Quick Post, HERE! TV Is Creating A Virtual AIDS Online Quilt for World AIDS Day, Jon Stewart, Superhero Captured Cuties

*****Finally was able to get the additional pictures up on yesterdays post, will be posting late tonight, Thursday!*****

Hey blogger friends and readers. A day after Halloweenie and I have too much stuff to get done today, so a very short post. I do want to tell you about a letter I got today from my friends over at the gay television station HERE! They used my photos from Cleveland Pride last summer, and have since been updating me on different things going on over at their station. One month from today, on December 1st, we will once again recognize "World AIDS Day". Starting today, the HERE! TV website will be creating a "virtual AIDS quilt." They are collecting stories, and memories and pictures to create the online quilt. They are looking for stories to be toldabout the people in your life who you've lost and to dedicate a page in their memory. AIDS affects everyone, but it's important to always remember the individuals it has taken. This can be a memory, a funny story, a list of attributes, or a simple note saying what this person meant to you. Celebrate the life of someone special by honoring their memory with HERE! TV. You can get to the website by clicking here, and I hope they get a lot of response. I will be keeping you updated to their progress as we get closer to World Aids Day.

For those of you not fed up with my political ramblings yet, you can click on this link, to check out Jon Stewart at the Daily Show as he spotlights some of the Senatorial Races in these midterm elections. It features Ohio's Senate race between Sharrod Brown, and Mike Dewine. Of course, I want Sherrod to win, but Dewine did have some accomplishments while in office, just not enough to sway me to keep him. Plus his record shows he voted with Bushie, 94 percent of the time, YIKES!!

Well of course, when you have a "HUMP"day Wednesday following a Halloweenie Tuesday, it must mean it's time for more costumed superheros from our friends at Mindsweeper!! Check out these Captured Cuties, painted and dressed to come save the day and save me any ol' day. If any of you have any hot shots of you or or your friends in hot halloween contests, send them to me for some "Original Sin," I would love to see what some of you were wearing last night or this past weekend. Get off that halloween sugar buzz and enjoy the rest of the week....GG


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