Thursday, November 09, 2006

Working On The Website, Looking For Writers, Some Captured Cuties

Back again blogger friends with another short post. I got some things accomplished with the website today. I updated about 5 of the pages and will put those up tomorrow morning, and will update the other 5 this weekend. I did a lot of web research today on how to do some updating to the site for some features I want to add, and after I read them over and play with them a bit, they should look pretty kewl. I am going to be on the lookout for help writing the webpage. Any topics you think might be fun, informative and/or useful for the GLBT community, please drop me a note with your ideas. If you would like to contribute to a page and write stories about Grooming, Fashion, Food and Drink, Politics, Humor, Health and Fitness, HIV Awareness, Media Reviews, or any other topic you can think of drop me a line at I look forward to having some big changes, a whole new look and a whole new group of contributors by January 1st. That's my new goal and deadline to have this all up and running. Thanx for you support and keep checking out the website and this blog.

Let's end the day today, with some captured cuties from Bent Blog. I hope you all are ready for another fun and exciting weekend, take care blogger friends...GG


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