Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thirsty Thursday Has Taken Over To Become Margarita Madness, Back Tomorrow.....

Thursday has become "Thirsty Thursday" for me blogger friends and readers, which means I need a drink. Too many things have collided together today for me to work on any single one with any coherence, so I am throwing in the towel and going to throw back some margarita's. Please excuse this regular post with some piped in posting from around the Internet. Lazy I know, but did I tell you I need to go drink some Margarita's?? Let me enjoy this little respite my friends, and I will be back tomorrow with some serious posting, like tomorrow being WORLD AIDS DAY and everything. Tonight also is bringing rain, wind and maybe freezing rain to NE Ohio, so who knows after margarita's and rain how early the posting will be tomorrow, lol. Luv ya guys and gals.......enjoy some Thirsty Thursday on the Gay Guru and remember to tip well..GG

Preliminary Hearing Set For For Gay Porn Star Murder Case

Maryland Child Care Workers Voice Support For Gay Families As High Court Prepares To Hear Marriage Case

Romney Lawyers: Legislature Illegally Blocking Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

South Africa Gay Marriage Bill Becomes Law

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Sponsor Frist Shelves Presidential Bid

I don't usually do naughty on this blog, but this can help both my gay readers and my str8 women readers......I had to add a little black dot dammit, LOL, but at least I got to see the bit and pieces, LOL. Thanx to Gay Televiv Blog, (beware this is an adult gay male blog), and Casual in Istanbul, for sharing this. Here is a map of 12 spots in the male body that you should know when you get in bed with a guy. (Click on the pics to enlarge)

And since I am being a bit naughty today, in preparation for my Margarita Night about to commence, here are some captured cutie strips from (adult blog number 2), Aussielicious. Enjoy blogger friends........GG


no milk

thanks for visiting my page scott! you've got a great page going here and i had a fun time reading through the naughty and not-so-naughty bits. :)

hope to see you again soon!


Trust me, babe, a margarita night can work WONDERS! I had one Monday after two one-hour phone calls with HP support...yes, many margaritas after THAT unpleasant venture were in order! Let's just say I'm VERY thankful my old puter is holding up right now since the other had to be mailed off...sigh. Enjoy the margaritas!

The Gay Guru

back from margarita's at a fairly early hour and had a blast....glad the old hoopy 'puter is still working out, hope they mail your suped up betty back soon. Loved your read too Milk...thanx for stopping by........GG


Oh my....


there is nothing wrong with margaritas bud! Throw in some rain and lighting...hell that's a buzz and a half right there GG! ;-)peace

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