Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daveys Basement Interview Below, Light To Unite, The Event, In The News, Captured Cuties

Back again blogger friends. If this is your first visit to the blog today, you should scroll down to the entry before this first. I posted my interview with Teri Yale from Davey's Basement today. A big thanx to blogger friends over at Queerty, for linking the story, I really appreciate it.

I got an email last night reminding me that the drug group Bristol-Myers Squibb is sponsoring the third annual "Light to Unite" campaign. Light to Unite is an initiative the drug group coordinates with the National AIDS Fund to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Every year around and culminating on World AIDS Day, Light to Unite brings together sponsors for a virtual candle lighting event online where the proceeds go organizations in the US fighting this horrible disease. The organization guarantee's $1 dollar per virtual candle lit, up to $100,000 dollars each year, plus whatever the other sponsors bring in. You can attach your own AIDS story to your candle, or just light one and read the stories on some of the other candles. I lit candle number 19,823 and as of just a little bit ago, there were about 23,000 candles lit. Do you your part for a good cause and all you have to do is GO HERE and light a virtual candle in memory of AIDS fallen bretheren.

I also had a friend email me last week on a movie that I missed out on and I really enjoyed the trailer link he sent me. It's Called, "The Event", starring Parker Posey and Olympia Dukakis. It won lots of awards but the gay community sort of missed it. With world aids day approaching, as we talked about above, I thought it could help raise awareness if people went and rented it. It's at netflix and all the video stores...more on imdb too. You can check out the trailer by GOING HERE.

And In The News thats interesting to me......I wish someone would just give him a big box of "shut the hell up" for christmas, Anti-Gay Mass. Gov. Presses Ahead With Presidential Aspirations; and they call the courts activist? some legislatures just dont get it, maybe it's the cold, Senate Vote Sets Alaska Lawmakers On Collision Course With State Supreme Court; I just dont think those candles up above are enough, let's all pray together on this one, Worldwide 39.5 Million People With HIV; me thinks we are getting much smarter every day, Gay Student Named Rhodes Scholar; and finally, Rosie Rips Ripa Over 'Homophobic' Clay Aiken Remark Okay, here's what I have to say about this last one.....I watched part of the opening of "Live" when Clay guest hosted with Kelly last Friday. I have to say that I thought he was being extremely rude and mean spirited during the opening, "coffee klatch" segment where they talk about yesterdays events. I did not stick around watching the show and missed the mouth covering incident, so I saw it on the View today, and it DID get heated between Kelly Ripa and Rosie O'Donnell this morning. You all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosie, but I think she was off on this one. Coming from our gay standpoint, and with the controversy about Aiken's sexual preference, I definitely see where Rosie was coming from, and how it can be interpreted as a homophobic remark. But the tired phrase, "who knows where that hand's been", has been around for decades as an all-purpose joke and put-down, and I dont believe Kelly Ripa meant anything overtly homophobic by it, it was just the first thing that popped into her head. Aiken was rude and wrong to just cover her mouth on HER show. That is just plain disrespectful, and it didnt seem in the small clip I saw, funny at all. Add that to his very rude remarks in the opening of the show, and I don't see anything wrong with Ripa's remarks....what's your take?? And before you believe all of the tabloids out there, Rosie writes on her own blog that she and Kelly talked today afterwards and all is well.

Todays daily Captured Cuties, comes from blogger friend Leonard. I hope you all in the states are getting ready for a nice Thanksgiving Holiday, and for my worldly readers, I hope your stores are filling up with the same seasonal holiday crap thats over here, LOL........Take it easy and enjoy blogger friends........GG


Steve S

I don't know if Kelly's remarks were homophobic, but they were definitely hypocritical.

I watched a video of when Clay was on, and she was pretty rude to him, frustrating him. He handled it wrong by putting his hand over her mouth.

But then she goes on and on about how wrong that was because of Clay's germs and look at this:

So is Rosie right and Kelly's afraid of a gay man's hand? Hmmmm....


LOL Thanks GG...I try my best...hugz. ;-) peace

See-ming Lee

Thank you for blogging about Light To Unite. Because of your generous support, I am happy to report that the Light to Unite campaign has been very well received:

SML Pro Blog: Light to Unite

If you are interested in Light to Unite, you might also be interested in SML Pro Blog: AIDS



Good Job! :)

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