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ELECTION RESULTS, In The News, "HUMP"day Wednesday Captured Cuties

Hello Blogger Friends and Readers. Election Day is over and the results are in, and you friendly neighborhood Gay Guru is pretty much a happy camper. Of course as always, there is a little lingering drama, as two Senate races are being recounted, and the Democrats MUST win both of them in order to win control. No matter what the outcome it was a well fought battle and we did good by picking up the 4 seats we did. At the very least, it should force some cooperation between the parties with the balance of power so precarious there. I am extremely happy about the Democrat's retaking of the House of Representatives. Hopefully we can now once again be a nation of "We The People", instead of "I The President". I am sincerely hoping that there too, we find a lot more bi-partisan support and they can work to get things done. I am holding the Dem's to their word, and want to see some bills about minimum wage, stem cell research, and prescription drug pricing, to come down the pike immediately. Although I am not Nancy Pelosi's biggest fan, it is mostly due to her public abrasiveness and not her effectiveness as a leader in the House. I wish her the best and have high hopes as she sets out to presumably become the first woman to hold the prestigious office of Speaker of the House.

Making me an even happier Guru after the elections, was the turning of the tide for Democrat's coming back to power in my current state of exile, Ohio. The Republican rule of our top state offices has been reversed after 14 long years. Democrat Ted Strickland defeated Ken Blackwell, by a resounding 850,000 votes to become our newest Governor. Democrat Sherrod Brown defeated incumbent Mike Dewine as U.S. Senator by over 400,000 votes. In a telling turn-around, Democrat Marc Dann was elected as our Attorney General by over 150,000 votes, (and he is a literal neighbor from my NE section of our state). Democrat Jennifer Brunner was elected Secretary of State, by over 450,000 votes. Democrat Richard Cordray won the office of State Treasurer, by over 500,000 votes. The only Republican to win a high elected office in Ohio was Mary Taylor, who became State Auditor by less than 80,000 votes. The good news is that Ms. Taylor IS the first CPA, believe it or not, to hold the State Auditor's office in Ohio's history, and that can be a great thing for our state. As I have said before, absolute power corrupts absolutely no matter the what the party, and having a Republican State Auditor, should help keep the Democrats in line with fiscal responsibility.

As far as Ohio ballot issues go, I am overall happy with those results as well. Issue 2 our ammendment to the state constitution to raise the minimum wage, passed by over 400,000 votes. Finally the criminally insane, less that federal level wage, $5.15 an hour here in Ohio will be raised. I am dissappointed, that Issue 3 failed by over 400,000 votes, which was an initiative to grant 9 slot machine permits to the states 7 racetracks, and to 2 freestanding casino's. I DO understand the gambling is not a good thing in the overall scheme of economics and prosperity, but I am also a realist that it is a juggernaut addiction in people that is very hard to stop. Literally EVERY state that surrounds Ohio permits slot machine gambling, with one such casino only 45 minutes from my home, that is always filled with Ohio license plates. The reality is that Ohioans have less than a few hours drive in any direction from anywhere in the state to get their gambling fix, so why are we letting all of this money leave our state's economy and go next door. It's great to be Pious, it sux to be a broke state. Issue 4 also failed which was a constitutional ban on smoking, that tried to be fair to everyone, banning smoking in most public places, or allowing a small 10 percent be set aside for smoking sections. It lost by over a 1,000,000 votes. HOWEVER, Issue 5 passed by over 600,000, which was even a harsher smoking ban for ALL public places of employment and others with a commission to levy fines and penalties to those who break the law. Ohio became a lot less smoker friendly today, (I am not passing judgement either way, but for full diclosure I am not a smoker.)

Sorry for such a dry numbers riddled post, but this election was VERY important and I am happy to see a change in the direction of this country that is now possible. So let me know how things fared in your state. Are you happy with the election results? Drop me a comment or email and let me know a recap of your states election and your thoughts on them. I would love to hear them!!

There is a lot of election and other events relating to our GLBT community that's In The News............this is happening an hour away, and I think I may sit in on this, Pastor Sends Invitations To Her Gay Marriage Trial; hmmmm, gonna be interesting to see how pastor Ted can handle taking it as much as he was giving it out, Anti-Gay Dobson To 'Counsel' Haggard; so the big three according to the Pope is divorce, abortion and gay marriage eh? isn't it ironic that the first two can only be done primarily by heterosexuals, Vatican Steps Up Criticism Of Gay Marriage; I love what Soulforce is doing to put an end to "dont ask, dont tell", but this works for me as well, SF Mulls Dropping ROTC Over Military Anti-Gay Policy; seven more states discriminate against us, but even 1 victory is victory none the less, Democrats Capture House, Arizona Becomes First State To Reject Gay-Marriage Ban Amendment; and finally, even better numbers are 67 out of 88, Record Number of Gays Elected To Office

Okay, okay, after all that newsie stuff, you deserve some pretty pictures. No not of the newly hot again Brittney Spears after she dumped Kevin Federline, how about some captured cuties from my buddies at Best Gay Blogs. It's "HUMP"day Wednesday after all, after the "HUMP" of the election and the "HUMP" of the week.........Enjoy blogger friends..GG



Well you know this diehard Democrat is VERY happy, GG! :) Thrilled with the outcome in the House and am still hoping for the last two seats in the Senate, but we'll just have to wait and see on those. As for California, voted for Phil Angelides, but there was no way he'd fly past Ahhhhnold. Have to say that Arnold's speech last night did give me some hope, but not holding my breath. Was happy with him a couple months ago, though, when he passed legislation making tougher penalties on those morons who leave their animals in cars on hot Cali days (I say we leave THOSE idiots in the cars with the windows up in 110 degree weather...ARGH!), and he also signed into law penalties against those who leave dogs chained for more than 3 hours. While Repubs got Governor and Insurance Commissioner, the other main offices went to the Dems...woo-hoo! Three of the propositions I wanted went the way I voted, but am disappointed Californians did NOT pass 86 (smoking tax) and 87 (clean air/fighting big oil). THANKFULLY Californians saw right through the blatant attempt to chip away at Roe-vs-Wade and voted NO on 85 (parental notification act).

Have to do a quick shout-out to Arizona for not only rejecting the Gay Marriage Ban Amendment, but for also passing Prop. 204, the Humane Treatment for Farm Animals Act. Along those lines, kudos to Michigan voters for continuing to protect their bird of peace, Mourning Doves, by NOT passing Proposal 3.

All in all, a pretty darn good day for those of us desperately craving change in our country. :)


Im glad it went our way, now I hope the change will come. We all spoke our minds and voted for change, I think its great!

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