Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bit's and Pieces on a Sunday Afternoon, with Captured Cuties

The long Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. is over blogger friends, and we are either exhausted from shopping and the tryptophan in the turkey, or are just realizing that we have less than a month before the Christmas holiday is upon us. I am having a rushed Sunday as well, and am going to give you just a few recaps of my weekend and the week ahead.......

My date this weekend was a definite success and my date movie, "Coffee Date", starring Wilson Cruz was also a success. I will be posting a full review on the movie in the next day or so.

Seems like Secret Santa is catching on with a few if my emails are any indication, that will be definitely decided on within the next few days. Let's hear what you have to say blogger friends and readers, do you want to have a Secret Santa Gift exchange across the blogosphere?? Let me know in comments and emails the next couple of days and I will email those if we get enough to have some fun participation.

I broke down and bought my first christmas gift today at Best Buy. I am not saying for whom it is for, or what it is, but it's something I just HAD to get.

In The News over the weekend............even some evangelicals are getting sick of the all gay, all abortion, all the time routine, New Christian Coalition Leader Quits In Dispute Over, Gays, Abortion; i lived in Portland, Oregon for 4 years and always thought it was a progressive state, Oregon Expected To Approve Civil Unions In '07; i didnt even know we had a gay mega church, lol, Gay Mega Church Boosts United Church Of Christ Membership In The South; our very own pink version of the guardian angels, Gay Street Patrols Guard The Castro; and finally, just so you dont think that Mitt Romney is the only wacko Repub that's looking for 2008 run for the White House, Brownback Continues Probe Of Judge Over Lesbian Wedding .

Todays Captured Cuties, comes from blogger friend, Single in the City, who I always love to read and see whats going on in his mind down under.....Have a Great Week blogger friends........Enjoy......GG



ooooh I love secret Santa! what's the limit? I like presents!


Secret Santa Baby! yes yes yes

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