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"Coffee Date" Movie Review, Transgender Storyline Hits Soap Opera, Secret Santa Catching On, Captured Cuties

5 whole days of work this week, that sucks!! LOL Today I am going to my good friend Chip's office to help him organize some things and plan his next 3 year plan for his media production business. I have to use my business sense work somewhere, lol, and Chip is so talented and I think his business is about to really take off. He just wrangled thru a hostile take-over and is now in charge of his own destiny again. With his and his employee's talents and hopefully with a little nudge from me, the next three years should see some real growth and prosperity. He is still looking hard for new clients however, and if you have any media production jobs that you need help with like commercial making and editing, website design, music video production, business training seminars, etc., please let me know if we can be of help.

So on my date this weekend, we screened the movie, "Coffee Date", that was mailed to me by the writer and director, Steward Wade. I wish I had found another movie buff to review this, since Bruce doesnt have the time anymore, I am still looking for a media reviewer, and Bruce was just so good at it. I really did like the movie, but I am known for being a bit too brutally honest and as the namesake of the blog, dont want to incurr future wrath or aprehension by up and coming filmakers.

Coffee Date started out as a short film about 5 years ago, and went on to win several awards, by both professional peers and the festival's Audience Awards. After the encouraging response, writer and director Stewart Wade, re-works the script to feature length and over a lengthy process signs on some incredible talented actors to take on the project. Straight man Todd, ends up on a blind date with Kelly, a gay man, as the result of a practical joke played upon Todd by his brother, Barry. After some initial akwardness, Todd and Kelly strike up a friendship, and decide to take revenge on brother Barry, by walking by him and into Todd's room, holding hands. Unfortunately for Todd, the joke works too well, and soon Barry is freaking out and calls their mother to fill her in on the news. Mom immediately takes the next plane to show her support and understanding of her gay son. Todd tries repeatedly to assure everyone he is straight, all the while making a bigger and bigger case to his family, friends and co-workers that he must be gay. The comedy shifts gears nicely from a comedy to its dramatic moments that explore the boundries of a gay/straight friendship.

Jonathan Bray gives a fantastic performance as Todd, with the correct blend of shyness, openess and frustration, to convey his confilicted emotions as a straight man, learning a little more about the gay world. Wilson Cruz as Kelly, shows again why he was so wonderful on TV in the hit show, "My So-Called Life", and portrays him as both a self-assured, yet not so confident gay man looking for the perfect relationship. Jonathan Silverman as brother Barry, brings his comic chops mixed with casual manicness in his performance. Bringing her star power as a golden globe winner and acadamy award nominee, Sally Kirkland portrays the boys mom as loving of her boys, although not exactly ready to fully embrace this new lifestyle, despite bringing in the PFLAG President to help her come to terms. Personal favorite Elaine Hendrix, is perfect as Kelly's straight best friend and roomate, who pulls no punches and says and does what she feels is right in the situation. Openly gay comic, Jason Stuart, brings his dry wit to the role as a co-worker of Todd's that brings all of Todd's gay drama into the workplace.

I definitely recommend seeing "Coffee Date" when it releases to a theatre near you, or you can look for it on DVD later down the road, and I will defintitely be letting you know when it is available. This is a great movie to take your str8 BFF too, you will both find funny moments to relate to. My date and I overall really enjoyed the movie as light and fun comedy with just the right amount of drama thrown in. We both did kind of question some of the gay stereotypes brought in to play, like Kelly being a hairdresser, (to which smartly he owns the salon,) and of a gay man thinking he can turn or confirm that a straight man is gay. Even the scene at the airport as the brothers see their mom off home is a bit over the top. However, that is very possibly the goal of the whole movie, which is why I suck as a movie reviewer, LOL. So thanks to writer/director Stewart for sending me over this advance copy of the film before it is in wider release, I hope you all look for it in your local theatre or video store.

Soap To Feature Transgender Character
by The Associated Press

In a story unusual even for a soap opera and believed to be a television first, ABC's "All My Children" this week will introduce a transgender character who is beginning to make the transition from a man into a woman. The character, a flamboyant rock star known as Zarf, kisses the lesbian character Bianca and much drama ensues. The storyline begins with Thursday's episode of the daytime drama. "All My Children" was looking for something new, and knows its audience is always interested in anything to do with sexuality, said Julie Hanan Carruthers, the show's executive producer. The show wasn't interested in doing something just to be sensational, she said. GLAAD and some transgenders were brought in as consultants in shaping the character, teaching the producers when it is appropriate to call a character "she" even before surgery, she said. Damon Romine, a spokesman for GLAAD, said he hasn't seen the show yet but feels people involved were genuinely interested in telling the story with dignity. Emotions are so close to the surface in soap operas, and this story can serve a purpose by showing what transgenders go through, he said. "I think it's groundbreaking and breakthrough television for daytime to put a spotlight on transgender people and tell their story," he said. Actor Jeffrey Carlson (pictured) portrays Zarf, an American who nonetheless speaks in an exaggerated British accent. He was on the show for one day last summer and was surprised to get a call pitching him the new story. Carlson said it can be intimidating feeling that he is representing the entire transgender community. "I worry about missing something, but I guess that would be the same with any character," he said. "I want the `All My Children' audience to go along. It's not for shock value. It's just another person who's story is being told in Pine Valley." "She talks about peace so much," Carlson said of his character. "I hope that she finds some peace."

I am old enough to remember hot as hell Ryan Phillipe, being one of the first gay recurring characters on a soap, when he was on, "One Life To Live". It was a great storyline and Ryan played it so damn well. Also, with World AIDS Day coming upon us this Friday, I am sure "General Hospital" will have some storyline dedicated to it on that day. General Hospital has been great every year in portraying the HIV epidemic as a fan favorite character, Robin Scorpio, contracted the disease from her lover Stone, who later died form the illness. Her character has made some moving speeches and been at the center of a great storyline each year at World Aids Day. Maybe sometimes living your life as soap opera isn't always a horrible thing.

I have had almost 10 people respond to wanting to take part in our Blogosphere Secret Santa exchange so far. I will be sending everyone interested a confirmation email out by Thursday to make sure you do want to participate. Be sure to tell your blogger friends and readers about it, and send them here to express interest, so I can add them to the list. Even if there's only 8-15 of is, it is shaping up to sound pretty fun. Todays Captured Cuties, come from blogger friend Ace, over at Gayer Mechanic Wales. He always has some cuties on there for his Friday Flicker. Hope your week starts out great blogger friends and readers and just keeps getting better from there..........GG



Hope your holiday weekend was awesome, mine was very busy but fun.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your article on BGB, it was a great read and you are very derserving of that nodd.
I have never been mentioned, maybe Im not gay enough, lol! I enjoyed your spot, it was very cool!

You are an amazing writer and this site is great, keep it up!

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