Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bittersweet Day, "Third Man Out" on DVD, Captured Cuties

So it's been a bitter sweet day blogger friends and readers. I guess I have technically "broken up" with my best friend J. The Str8 Mate is no more, and so along with him, probably his Fiance, Bi Bi Birdy. Too long and too personal of a story to get into here, it's basically over stupid stuff and who knows how it will play out. Bottom line, is he has crossed some lines, actually going into the gay name calling that I will NOT tolerate from a homophobe, let alone a supposed friend. That's not at all what this is all about, but it's the line that will probably keep me from entering back into the friendship. When you resort to personal attacks on someone else, you cant be said to be a friend anymore, or you shouldn't be allowed to.

On a lighter note, it has free'd me up to spend some more time on this blog and other projects I wanted to pursue, that I have not put full effort into for quite awhile. I am also free to help out another friend who is going thru a really tough time right now, that I had put on the back burner as well. When you stretch yourself out too thin that you let friendships dwindle and priorities get askewed, you know it's time to re-evaluate yourself a bit. I am looking forward to diving into some things I have wanted to pursue on my own, but just didnt make or find the time for these past few months.

Hey, coinciding with my post earlier today, I decided to show this clip I found on my daily You Tube search about the HERE! TV adapted drama, "Third Man Out: A Donald Strachey Mystery". If you havent heard about it, it premiered last year, and has had a follow up on a second Strachey Mystery this year. Both films star Chad Allen, one of my future husbands that just doesnt know it yet. One of the premises of Third Man Out is about outing, which I asked you all your comments about earlier, (some great responses by the way, thanx for the comments and emails.) If you havent checked out either of these movies, they are available at in DVD or book form, or I am sure you can find them thru Netflix.

Although it was hard to find pictures toned down enough to be suitable for this blog, I found a couple Captured Cuties here from Fratmen TV website. Who can resist some cutie frat guys eh?? Hope your weekend is going well for you all, I will be back tomorrow for a rant on what's been on "My Last Gay Nerve," this week........enjoy blogger friends..........GG


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