Sunday, November 19, 2006

Last Post About "The Girls" Adrienne and Dee

Well, the weekend's about over blogger friends and readers, so that means my chauffer days are coming to an end. Yesterday turned from dinner into coffee and dessert at a local coffee house I told you about and some more great stories and conversation. We never seemed able to get rid of Chris for too long of periods, so I decided against asking for the whole interview thing. I am not dissappointed, I heard and learned enough, just in our regular conversations to give lot's of insights, so it was fun for me and we will leave it at that. I did figure out the "queer quotient" of Adrienne was VERY high, so I did come out to her, and she was very sweet about it, I just didnt mention wanting an interview for it and I admitted I did gush a bit on it, and she thought it was cute.

Here's a couple of fun or interesting factoids about Dee and Adrienne and will drop the subject, dont want to bore you all too much. Adrienne's mentor when she started in entertainment, and led to quite a few pivotal moments in her life, was a gay man named Richard. They were friends, mentor/student, co-dependants and co-enablers, and at times even lovers, though he always went back to men. I told you about Adrienne's having twin boys, William and Walker, at the age of 51 and they are now 9 years old. Their pictures are cute and they are currently rehearsing for their school "band". Adrienne had stories about a 9 year old with a drum set at home, and about their upcoming performance. Too Cute!! She also gave me some inside scoop on the book she is writing, "Vampyres of Hollywood". She is writing it with a co-author, and the process has slowed down a bit because he has a book coming out soon that the publisher Random House thinks may be as big as Harry Potter. Keep your ears open for a new book by author Michael Scott.

Dee started as a dancer, but is an actor's actor. She loves the business and is a bit disappointed she is not working more than she is. She absolutely loved doing the recent "without a trace" episode, and is thinking of putting her hat in to the ring for some more episodic television. Her biggest goal of the weekend was to get out of here on time Monday morning. Monday is her daughters 18th birthday and she has been planning a party for weeks, and is doing all the final preparations by phone this weekend and needs to be back in time for her daughter and 30 guests Monday evening. One of the most interesting conversations we had, was that Steven Spielberg was NOT her favorite director ever to work with and I will save myself and her some trouble by not going into that. Dee is evaluating with her management company what she wants to pursue and has a couple kewl little projects coming up, and possibly one big one. Dee actually gave me her cell phone number if I ever visit L.A. Tomorrow ends the weekend as I bring them back to the airport for an 8:30am flight, and I have some awesome memories and am ready to move back to California again, now more than ever!!


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