Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Little More Political Commentary, Off To Do Some Website Updating, Funny You Tube Videos

Happy Thursday blogger friends and readers!! So as I finished writing yesterdays election wrap-up, I was feeling good. I don't think I was too smug or gloating in the Dems taking back the House and sweeping my great state of Ohio. I even went on to say how the closely watched two last Senate seats would really be not that big of a deal after capturing the House. Well, as we come to find out both those close races for Senate went to the Democrats, all I can say is, I LIED!!! Yes it does matter, haha, when I said, "no matter the outcome, they were all good, hard fought races", I lied like President Bush did about Rumsfield a week earlier, the outcome DID matter and now we have control of the ENTIRE congress. I just hope that the Dem's keep to their promise of bi-partisanship, (really, I do,) and get to work on their agenda they set out for themselves and our country. As I alluded to, after Bushie said just last week that his good buddy Rummy would be staying on as Defense Secretary until the end of his term, we find out that he was lying, (big surprise from him,) and that it has been in the works for Rummy to resign, and indeed he did yesterday. Robert Gates is off for confirmation to the Senate, and from what I remember, he withdrew his nomination for a cabinet position once before, because of some taint of the Iran Contra Scandal in the Reagan years. I will research that more and comment if necessary. Okay, gloating is now done, time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. People, congressmen, (and of course women, thank you miss speaker,) President, and all need to change the course, redeploy the troops for the REAL fight on terrorism, and bring the middle class economy into line with the rich people of our country. We need real jobs at a real wage and health care to take care of our sick and elderly that should be the model for the world, not the laughing stock of it. Time for Bushie to be that uniter he talked about all those many years ago and not the divider he became. History can still be kind to our President, if he see's the error of his unilateral ways and starts working with Congress and the people to get things moving again in the right direction this time. Good luck and God Bless America!!!!

I am going to make this a short post now, and add some Captured Cuties and some more things in a post later this evening. I have the day off, and I want to work on the website a bit. As you have all noticed, the design is still the same, and my webmaster who was spearheading the change has dropped the ball. It is time for me to start anew with the redesign of the Gay Guru Website. I am going to update a few of the pages today, and maybe go to the library today to get some books on maybe trying to do some redesign myself, but I am just not too good in web design 2.0. I will also be posting a need for writers for the website. Look for that later this evening as well. Also, as I posted a week or so back, I have inherited a video camera that I need to find some ideas on how to use it. What are your suggestions? What would you like to see on this site in the form of video? Also any of your suggestions for the website upgrade would be greatly appreciated. One thing I know for sure I want to do is make things a little more interactive, like a quick poll in some of these posts, and some interactivity on the website. You all have some amazing ideas out there, and I would like some direction. What would you like to see from a Gay Guru website and blog. More news? More resources? More review and commentary? Help be the driving force behind this new direction in the coming months. Thanx for all of your support. Now for a little fun, I will find a You Tube video to provide some laughs. Talk to you tonight blogger friends...........GG

I hate to pick on religion more after the election but.....

And how about a few funny commercials.....


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