Saturday, September 30, 2006

No Blog, Just Muscle......LOL...Enjoy Your Weekend

Life caught up with me again blogger friends and there will be no post today, cant even seem to find any quick funny videos to put up for you. Will leave you with a little bit of eye candy from my new MySpace friends over at the MuscleManGallery, and boy do they have them some hot muscle boys there, and return to blogging again tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend blogger friends..............GG

Friday, September 29, 2006

FABulous Fridays, Gentlemans Canine Society, Golden Rocking Horse, No Man is an Island, Stephen Colbert, Eye Candy

It's FABulous Friday Blogger Friends!! Hope you all have something fun and exciting to do this weekend, or at least a chance to veg out with yourself, family or friends. Before we get into some of the FABulous finds I have for this Friday that we just cant afford at this time, lol, let's talk about puppies. Did that get your attention?? Most gay friends I know have a soft spot for the little bow-wow's. Well, I got a message over at the Gay Guru MySpace page the other day from one of my friends there named David. He has started an awesome little blogosphere space of his own just for all of us FABulous and gay, dog lovers out there. His site is called the Gentleman's Canine Society, and is just getting started and could use your support. I promised to get the word out to all of my blogger friends, and I hope you will all do the same. Any of my readers that have blogs of their own, please take a second to add a link to this great site on your blog and maybe give it a small shout-out in one of your next posts. I am sure David will appreciate it, along with all of his canine friends. Yesterday he featured a Puppy Spa, in the hills of Malibu, California, that sounds more fun than my last couple of vacations, so please check the site out.

I was having trouble finding some FABulous finds for you this week blogger friends, so I just went for pure extravagance as opposed to something very expensive that I might really want, lol. Let's start with the spoiled brat newborn, who has everything and wont settle for just a silver spoon in their mouth, how about GOLD. Want to give your little kid a royalty treatment no less then the Japan’s newborn prince then get ready to splurge with both hands! Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka has designed a rocking horse made of 24-karat gold as a tribute to the birth of Prince Hisahito, who is line to become Japan’s emperor. The gold horse is shaped like a wooden horse and is easy to rock just like the normal wooden toy. The golden horse is carved in 30-kilogram gold and is priced just like its luxury gold figure for a staggering $1.28 million. The Japanese designer has made one golden horse, but is ready to take-up more orders.

Interested in buying an island this Christmas and don’t want to settle for anythingless then the best! Then, get ready to free millions for owning the most expensive freehold island in the world, Vatu Vara island in Fiji. The island is nicknamed Hat Island due to its unusual shape and it is said to be one of the last four freehold islands to come on to the market in Fiji. The two-mile-wide island is for sale for an asking price of $75 million.

Of course with the elections coming up closer and closer, you know I cant resist the chance to drop a little political commentary. I get todays clip from crooks and liars via Stephen Colbert on his nightly "report." Colbert is having trouble thinking of his nightly segments "word of the day". It's on the tip of the tongue, and he goes thru some of the more "serious" issues of the day that are overshadowing the word of the day. Take a look HERE, you gotta love Stephen Colbert. Him and Jon Stewart are my hero's.

Todays Eye Candy comes from blogger friend matt's blog "Debriefing the Boys", Matt I have featured on here in the past, he did a great job of coming out on his blog and you might want to check out his archives if it is something you are struggling with. He took a thinking mans perspective to the challenge and looked at all sides pretty well. Now he is pretty much "totally gay", lol, and is obsessed with hot guys and x-rated vids, so my family friendly readers might want to take caution before checking it out..........enjoy your weekend blogger friends........GG

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mario Vasquez Sings, Equality Ohio Shows You What We Are Fighting Against, In The News, Eye Candy (light)

Hello Blogger Friends!! So I am listening to my weekly top 40 with Rick Dee's this past Sunday, when he presents the new single from Mario Vasquez, called "Gallery." The name sparks a small glimmer of recognition, (remember I am a music dork with no real talent in knowing who is singing the song I am listening to,) and I really enjoyed the lyrics and beat of the song. I was actually just arriving at the restaurant to meet my bud for brunch when it started, and I stayed in my car and listened to the entire song before going in to brunch fashionably late, but more artistically relevant, having listened to the music of course, lol. Well, I am doing my usual internet browsing yesterday, when what do my wondering eyes did appear, but a link for this Mario,from a guy who is queer. Lightbulb!! He put the pieces together for me. I didn't recognize the name because I am becoming less of a geek in music, but I recognized it because I am an uber-geek of reality television!! Mario Vasquez, for those of you who arent now going to yourself "DUH GURU!", was the cute little latino hottie from American Idol last year, that was being groomed to be one of the breakout stars, but quit amidst rumors of being gay, and/or of just wanting to get his own recording contract sans the Idol commitment. I still dont know if he is gay, and really dont care, (of course his video shows him trying to get the girl, but if you listen to the lyrics, it could just as easily be about a gay watching out for his best "girlfriend"), but the boy does have the pipes. In case you are as behind the times as I am in Mario and his debut album that just dropped this last Tuesday, I have the link to the video for his first single, "Gallery." Check out the video HERE!!

Slipping in my daily dose of politics for today, this is primarily for my local Ohio blogger friends, but all would be good to watch this video link. It shows how much the religious right has been trying to take hold of Ohio, a strangle hold actually, and it's interesting the candidates that are running for office this term in ohio who pop up in the video, and on what side of the aisle. Now this is clearly propoganda video, which I am not a huge fan of, but I want you to listen to the messages being sent and not the format. The black and white footage of the bad guys and the colorful footage of the good guys, defers from the message, I think. A lot of this footage is from back in the 2004 elections where Ohio overwhelmingly voted for the anti-gay ammendment that passed and put gay relationships at more peril. Take a look at this video, and see for yourself what we are dealing with here in Ohio.

In The News, I really appreciate a candidate that can speak his mind and stay on the subject without waffling, Spitzer, Faso Clash On Gay Marriage; does this seem weird to anyone else, they debate over outlawing gay marriage in the Constitution of America, and then this, Bill Would Give Domestic Partner Benefits To Federal Workers; they are doing it again, and I love it, More Arrests As Military Gay Ban Protests Spread; more and more Europe nations are starting to get it, Italian Parliament Moves Forward On Gay Unions Bill

I am changing eye candy up a bit today, I have been building up quite a collection and may start including them from time to time, but todays eye candy are guys you will never be able to get. No, really, they are impossible to get because they are not real. There are so many hot gay cartoons and anime graphics out there now, I literally have a 'puter folder filled with them. Here are some that I found over at Boys are Ugly blog, that always seems to include some fun cartoons, gay or otherwise. Enjoy the change of pace, we will be back to our regularly scheduled "fleshy" hotness tomorrow.......GG

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, A Little Politics, Scissor Sisters Blacklisted, In The News, Expanded Eye Candy

Half way thru another week blogger friends, yes, we have made it to "HUMP"day Wednesday. The weather is turning to Fall here in the great NE, and I have a couple pictures I took yesterday that I will download and post later this week. It is nice to watch and feel the change in the seasons here, about the only thing I would miss about here if I moved back to Cali, lol. Since "HUMP"day always brings us our expanded edition of eye candy, I think I am going to throw in some political stuff in between, so those upset by my left-wing, commie liberal views might just want to skip down to the pretty boys.

For those of you left, lol, just a couple things I wanted to talk about. First I want to show you a clip of Tim Ryan, US Congressman representing my area here in NE Ohio. Now the video is just filler, although I do agree with what he is saying. I just wanted to highlight him, because he is what this country needs in Congress; young, vibrant, and not afraid to speak his mind on his beliefs. Believe it or not, he is not a huge supporter of gay rights, which obviously is a big issue with me, and should show how much I admire him, that I am willing to profile him. The important thing about Tim, and I can call him Tim, as we have met on several occassions and he and his staff have an office by my old restaurant I used to own and operate and were generous patrons, Tim will sit and listen to your point of view as long as it takes for you to make it. He may not be able to agree with it, but he will be interested and attentive to all of your points. At 33 years old, he is Democrat that can shape the future of the party. He would never knock you for who you are or what you believe, but he will legislate what he thinks is right for the community and country.

Next I want to talk about Clinton's interview on the Fox News Show with Chris Wallace this past Sunday. Jon Stewart, as usual, has provided commentary on his show, on his take of the whole situation, which I agree with 100 percent. With the Replubicans mastery of subterfuge, all that most people have gotten out of this debate between Clinton and Wallace, was that Clinton was acting "crazed" or something to that effect. Interesting how that is all that has been making the headlines, and not the factual points that Clinton made. Clinton tried and failed to get Osama Bin Laden, but at least he tried. According to the 911 Report, and Richard Clark, the national security advisor under Reagan, G Bush I, Clinton, and G Bush 2 until he fired him, Clinton did try to go after Bin Laden, and was thwarted by the FBI and CIA not certifying him to be responsible for the attack on the Cole, until late in December 2000, a month before Bush was to take office and Clinton was basically a very lame duck. Bushie 2 did practically nothing in the months leading up to 9./11 his first 9 months in office. Anyway, check out Jon Stewarts, Daily Show report of the fuzzy obscuring of the Clinton message HERE

Moving off state politics and going over to entertainment politics, my new favorite band, the Scissor Sisters, have for all intents and purposes, been blacklisted by a music conglomerate here in the States. Despite the fact that their album debuted at number 1 in the UK, bumping Justin Timberlake to number 2 there, and selling over 288,000 thousand copies it's first week there, all music stores owned by the Trans World Entertainment company of New York, has banned their stores from selling the latest cd Ta-Daa. Read the article HERE, and enjoy an older video from the "Sisters", here, to remind you of their kewl, disco inspired, funkadelic beats.

In The News so far this week........another reason why I love those crazy Canadians, Canadian Lawmaker Wants Gay Rights Tied To Foreign Policy; not just good coffee, but good candidates too, Gay Man Finally Wins Dem. Nomination In Seattle; in a slippery slope that never the less I want an answer to, Scientists Hunt For Gay Gene; and instead of being helped by God, I think they have struck deals with the Devil, Phelps Clan Wins Initial Anti-Gay Speech Battle; and finally, showing that there really is a God, Once Powerful Gay Foe Fading Into Oblivion

And for your beautiful viewing enjoyment, from blogger friend at Beautiful Blog, here are som hotties from around the globe. He sure knows how to find them. For those of you that skipped down here, shame on you for not taking a stand on politics, LOL, or at least for the politics affecting the Scissor Sisters....enjoy blogger friends..GG

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Wisdom From Fulghum, Asking For Resource Help On Project, The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating, Daily Eye Candy

It's Tuesday Blogger Friends, and I think it's time to dust off another one of my favorite "Fulghum'isms". I havent used one in a while, and I was reading him a bit last night and thought it was time for another dose. This bit of wisdom handed down from Fulghum is a bit of fun philosophy about having some faith, yet not forgetting to hedge your bets a bit too......

"Always Trust Your Fellow Man....And Always Cut The Cards"

"Always Trust God....And Always Build Your House On High Ground"

"Always Love Thy Neighbor....And Always Pick A Good Neighborhood To Live In"

"The Race Is Not Always To The Swift, Nor The Battle Always To The Strong....Though It's Better To Bet That Way"

"Place Your Bet Somewhere Between 'Turning The Other Cheek' and 'Enough Is Enough Already"

"Place Your Bet Somewhere Between 'Haste Makes Waste' and 'He Who Hesitates Is Lost'

"About Winning....It Isn't Important. What Really Matters Is How You Play The Game"

"About Losing....It Isn't Important. What Really Counts Is How You Play The Game"

"About Playing The Game....Play To Win!!"

I am looking for some information Blogger Friends, and if any of you has it for me or can point me in the right direction, I would be extremely thankful. An editorial in my local paper the other day hit a cord with me, and I am wondering if there is any data out there, or any places that you know of that deal with this issue. The story was about an awesome organization that put's together and distributes care packages to foster kids at college. Basically it was telling how once foster children turn 18 and are no longer wards of the state, they are sent off to college, or jobs, or life in general, without any type of family support system as a foundation. Of course some come from some outstanding foster families that treat them as their own children and welcome them back home, but that is far from the norm. Most are at college with their peers, with no one to go visit on holidays and breaks, or to make sure they have money for incidental school supplies and what have you. This organization sends care packages to these now foster adults, to give them a sense of being. It really touched me greatly and got me to thinking about how doubly hard this must be for gay foster children. What kind of support do they have, or do they stay in the closet, or just have no support at all. So my question to you blogger friends and readers, is do you know of any organizations that contribute to gay foster kids/adults?? I would really like to find out if any exist here in the United States. It is a project I would really like to get behind as I go forward and start to concentrate on charitable works the Gay Guru can be used for in the future. I am going to google my brains out over the next couple of weeks to see what information I can find, but if you already know of any organizations, please leave a comment or email me here at the email link up to the right of the blog. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I also want to thank you for your input as to what you want to see me tackle as a weekly topic here at the blog. Of the 6 booklet ideas I told you I was writing for publication, it seems the clear favorite for me to blog about was, "The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating." Starting the second week of October, I am going to be blogging every tuesday for 5 weeks, excerpts from the booklet I am putting together. Hopefully to provide some advice, insight, commentary, and humor to the perilous road that is gay dating. Thanx again for the emails of encouragement on this ambitious project.

Todays daily eye candy comes from Drew and Pepe two of my new blogger friends over at their "he said, he said" blog. Talk about making a long distance relationship work, they have it down in spades. Enjoy the pics and the rest of the week.....GG

Monday, September 25, 2006

MEME Monday, Getting Back Into The Gay Guru Groove, Camp Daze/Slaughter, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

These weekends go by so fast when you only have Sundays off Blogger Friends!! Hope you all had a little time to relax and enjoy with some friends or family. Yesterday was a big catch-up day for me to get a lot I needed to get done from the previous week. So here is the deal. I am consolidating my life down for awhile. The many projects my best friend Jay and I have been working on, have been put on hold. We were both spreading ourselves too thin and not getting much accomplished to tell you the truth. That brings me back to Gay Guru with as much time as I can devote to it along with my regular 45 hour job that pays the bills, and my one other side project I have left. I am really going to put some serious effort into getting this blog, the accompanying website, (which hasnt been updated in over two months due to my busyness and trying to get the updated website built,) and the visions of the future for the Gay Guru in full effect. Hopefully you will notice the changes coming a bit faster than the snails pace they have been on. As always I want to thank you blogger friends and readers for making this journey as remarkable and succesful as it is. October 7th will be the official 6 month anniversary of all of this, and for that short of a time, I feel I have made some wonderful friends, given hopefully some good advice, commentary, insight and humor, and you have enjoyed coming to stop by and say HI here, as much as I have enjoyed your company. Even with my focus been so distracted these last couple of months, readership is up to a new high of almost 900 people a day. I'll take that and again say I am humbled and honored for your friendship and readership. On the anniversary I am going to launch an ambitious project that I have been hinting about the last month or so, and I am not sure I can pull it off, but will try my best with all of your help. As I have said before, it has to do with some Eye Candy, and having YOU ALL participate. More details will be coming soon.

So have I told you about the movie "Camp Daze" as it was originally titled when it kinda tanked, but has been brought back as "Camp Slaughter"?? This teen slasher flick is pretty interesting. It's not as gay as the all gay horror film "Hellbent" that was a pretty fun/campy time, but it does feature a couple hot gay characters, and you gotta love a slasher flick that has a lot of hard bodied, shirtless boys playing basketball. Another reason to watch is because it has the hottie Matt Dallas playing Mario, one of the gay guys, which is interesting considering all of the buzz about Matt's personal sexuality. Camp Daze/Slaughter has a kinda fun and interesting twist to it, sorta like a slasher movie meets "Groundhog Day". Some of the kids in the movie and caught in a time loop, that keeps replaying as the other kids realize they are interacting with people from years before. Here is the You Tube scene with Dallas and shirtless and hot Miles Davis, as Rueben. I have to admit, I am having serious DeJaVu writing this part of the post, I looked back into my posts and cant find a title that matches this, but please let me know if I have written about this movie before, it's really tripping me out, especially since it is about time loops, LOL. Enjoy the video of Matt and Miles..........

In The News......and younger cowboys are waiting for "brokeback mountain 2" lol, Younger Indians Divided On Repeal Of Sodomy Law; another reason why I (heart) NY, Rochester To NY Legislature: Legalize Gay Marriage; and finally, in the city that I spent many a Spring Break at in the day, 500 Protest Ex-Gay Conference

I'll finish up this post with some daily eye candy I found while perusing my friends pages at MySpace. These pictures were found in the comments section over at Todd's site and I thought they were hot. Enjoy blogger friends..have a great week......GG

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"On My Last Gay Nerve" Sunday, The Religous Right(??), Daily Eye Candy

It's Sunday Blogger Friends. For some of us a time to worship and go to church, for some others of us, not so much. What a slippery slope religion is to us being gay. How do we wrap our minds around an institution that with it's left hand tells us that homosexuality is wrong, a sin, an abomination; and with it's right hand is telling us how we are all of sin, and how god so loved us, he sent his only Son to die for our sins, and his Son's greatest commandment above all else is to love one another. I have to lay the facts our straight, I am not a church going guy at this point in my life. I have in the past, and loved it, and hated it all at the same time. I feel I am very spiritual, but not very religious, and I thank God for it.

As I have been doing the past few Sunday's, let me tell you what's been getting on "My Last Gay Nerve" this week. Many religious people in my eyes, sure arent very spiritual. I define spiritual as being filled with the spirit of compassion, caring, love for our fellow man, (and woman,) and true agape love. In my years, I have studied a lot of "religions", and have found good and bad in most of them, however sometimes the bad just overshadows the good. The Religious Right are getting on my last gay nerve!! I am soooooo looking forward to THIS DOCUMENTARY. Please click on the link and check out this documentary titled, "God and Gays". The trailer alone tells a story, and I have to learn more. The theocratic United States of America we are seeing, is precicely why the founding fathers built a separation of church and state into our Constitution. You do not believe our current administration is leading us into a theocracy? Not entirely sure you believe the religious right and the Conservatives do not have the Republican Party in the palm of their hands? Well, then you must not have heard of a little gathering that was held this weekend in Washington, DC. It was called the "2006 Voters Value Summit." Who were the sponsors of this summit you ask? Just an old friend of the "family" of us gays, the "Family Research Council." You can't really recall what the goals of the Family Research Council are?? Well, in their own words, here is their "about us" page content......

FRC Action (formerly American Renewal), the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of Family Research Council, was founded in 1992 to educate the general public and cultural leaders about traditional American values and to promote the philosophy of the Founding Fathers concerning the nature of ordered liberty.

FRC Action is a 501(c)(4), non-profit education and lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C. FRC Action is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena.

FRC Action has underwritten the costs of video campaigns on public policy issues, supported advocacy advertising on these issues, and provided the nation's political parties with information on traditional American values.

FRC Action seeks to fortify the traditional foundations of civil society through efforts to educate, inform and influence elected officials in support of the country's historic ideals of equality under the law, and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on which the nation was founded.

Still believe in separation of church and state?? Still believe the Republicans want separation of church and state and are not in the religious right's back pocket? Let's look at some of the "Speakers and Entertainment" scheduled for the summit....Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Ann Coulter, Jerry Falwell, Kathryn Harris, Rick Santorum, and many more. Many of these people have tried to thwart gay rights at any chance they have gotten. Mitt Romney, current Governor of Massachussettes and presidential hopeful, disbanded the gay youth task force in Boston, and is working to repeal gay marriage in the state; Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, has worked hard to challenge any gay rights in his state; Ann Coulter, OMG Ann Coulter as a speaker, who says Bill Clinton is probably gay; what kind of nutwings are they running at this "summit??"

It's election time boys and girls, and the Republicans are bringing out their secret militia the christian right, to once again rally their base and keep control of the Congress in November. I have said this before, and I will say it again, as a gay man, I am afraid to keep the current administration in office any longer. Afraid for my rights, afraid for the rights and feelings of worthlessness thrown upon young and scared gay youth. Being pushed back into the closet or so scared their secret will come out, they take roads like suicide and violence to numb out the pain. I need to start the week with a better outlook, thanx for letting me do my weekly vent. I am sure I will have something else on "My Last Gay Nerve," next week. Please take the time to comment or email me with your opinions, disagreements, etc. I welcome open dialogue and all points of view, with the right not to change mine.

Time to get to bed blogger friends, another late post, but a long list of things to do on my day off today were accomplished. Have a great week, and enjoy some parting Eye Candy today from the beautiful boys at Beautiful Boy blog. I am trying to get this blog and website and other things in high gear here these next couple weeks, wish me luck..............GG

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lite Saturday Posting, Comedian Lewis Black, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! Hope you all have had a good start to the weekend and get to enjoy another day off tomorrow. Lot's going on today, so a light blogging day. I'll start off with a couple videos from my favorite You Tube. I am highlighting stand-up comedian and political commentator Lewis Black. I like him because he is funny, and also more liberal leaning, although he does skirt the line on homophobia a bit too close. You have to listen to him entirely in context to understand that he really is not a homophobe, and I agree with a lot of what he has to say on other political matters. He does work a little blue, so those who dont like bad language may wanna skip down to the eye Enjoy blogger friends...............

In The News the past few days.......this is why I only smoke ham, Study Suggests Smokers At Higher Risk For HIV; Me Me agree's with Him Him, Tutu Supports Gay Priests; go bock to de islands mon, LA Concert By Anti-Gay Performer Cancelled; and finally, dont even get me started about this summit, may be my rant for tomorrow, Gay Foes Rally 'Values Voters' In 4 Day Summit

How can you NOT like Eye Candy from a blog called The Pretty Boys Club?? I found these photo's out of many and will be dipping in this well again! I will have another weekly rant tomorrow for my Sunday Post, "On My Gay Last Nerve,"...enjoy what's left of the weekend blogger friends............GG

Friday, September 22, 2006

FABulous Friday, A Damn Kewl Camera, Jackie Beat Cosmetics, Baby Suri's Late Shower Gift, Jon Stewart and Gays In The Military, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! It's FABulous Friday again, time to find some more kewl stuff that most of us cant afford, but want just the same....You know that Christmas is just around the corner, (how do i know this you ask? well Walgreens Drug Store has christmas wrap and bows on display now, i kid you not, jeeeeesh!), and if you are looking to find something for that 'hard to buy for guru', I can suggest this hot new camera that every electronic, computer geek is just gonna have to have......If you are still drooling over the diamond and gold cameras, I told you about earlier, then hold your breath, I have got a bigger surprise then that, Seitz’s 160 megapixel camera! The behemoth camera creates a 6×17 digital image with 160 million pixels. The device is a computer in itself with most advanced characteristics in processing, disk space and memory. And, contrary to its hi-fi specs, the camera features a user-friendly interface and has a 640×480 color touchscreen display on its backside. The awesome snapper comes with 16mb of flash memory for a price of $36,266 for the mobile version and $33,715 for the studio version. And, this most advanced camera will be available not earlier than 2007.

And for the inner drag queen in all of us, and for the Marvy Jackie Beat who deserves this......If “bling” is the word for you, then this luxury couture will be the taste of your royal wardrobe! H. Couture Beauty sells makeup that comes in bejeweled cases studded with gold, swarovski and real diamonds. The luxury cosmetic company have sold the world’s most expensive mascara and lipstick for $14 million. The company’s mascara generally retails for $589 and the lip color retails for $150. The high-priced makeup comes with luxury concierge service, 24/7 customer service and complimentary lip and lash refills for a year. Like, the company retails a lip plumper for $348 which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill. So, if you don’t want to shell-out millions for bejeweled cosmetic cases, but still want one in your luxury vanity then you can opt for the less pricey versions or can even get yourself a case specially designed for you!

And finally, if you still haven't found the perfect gift you want to send to baby Tomkat 'Suri'?? If you have a thing for retro stuff then this 1950’s Italian baby carriage is the one for your little toddler! The cool retro carriage is designed by Giordani Bambino and it sells for an expensive price tag of $2,200. And, in case you are anywhere like the celebrity parents, this covered carriage will keep your baby protected from all those prying eyes, you want to evade!!

You all know how much I LOVE Jon Stewart, and his skewering of all things that just dont make sense. Check out this video.....thanx Jon and You Tube....

Your daily Eye Candy today comes from my future husband, gorgeous porn star, and all around great guy Benjamin Bradley's MySpace page, in the comments section no less. Hope you all have an excellent weekend..........Enjoy.........GG

Thursday, September 21, 2006

That's Soooo Gay, And So Is Clay Aiken - Maybe, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

THAT IS SOOOOO GAY!! Hellow Blogger Friends. So that's what I heard as I walked by one of the cubicles at work yesterday. The door was open, and it was not one of my office friends, so I couldnt casually walk back by or in to see what part of the conversation I had missed, but I was dying to know the rest of the day what I missed that was sooooo gay. Those words seem so over-used these days, that they have become cliche and pretty much a non-issue to straights and gays alike. I think it has been used past the point of being offensive, at least it has to me. But after reading Uncle Zoloft's post over at "Gay Men Rule" this morning, it has got me thinking. Uncle Zoloft ended his post this morning asking which gay men do we think rule or ruled and why. So now as I ponder that overheard snippet yesterday, I am asking, what is that we have now, "That is sooo gay?" Is there anything that is exclusively gay anymore, or did the Metrosexuals go and mess all that up? Now I am not talking about the obvious sexually charged areas that are of course gay, but does our culture still have things that are sooo gay? What are your thoughts on this? Can you come up with a list of things that are gay but are not sexually gay? I am going to think about this and compile my own list today, I will post some things I think of on the comments later. Let me know what's on your list either in comments or emails.

courtesy of

And speaking of what is gay, with Clay Aiken's new cd out this week, the rumor mill is ramping up the "is he or isn't he, or duh!" With the success Lance Bass has had of coming out, and the obvious happiness that he has found in living an out, creative life in the public eye, you think this would be a no-brainer for Aiken. It just goes to show how much homophobia can get deep rooted into your own psyche that you cant see the forest thru the tree's. Aiken says he cant understand why people continue to want to know or talk about it. What he cant seem to realize, is it's because of his own ambivilence on the subject. If he is gay, and the general consensus again is that he definitely is, he could stop all of the speculation and innuendo, and just start posing for some pics while having fun like Lance and Reichen can now afford. Granted, Clay is a good singer, but he really does not seem to me like he is too interesting of a person, and once he came out, the "thirst for knowledge of all things Clay," would dry up quicker than a Sahara mirage. Do I wish for the day that being gay is a non-issue?? Of Course! Am I naive enough to think it is happening anytime in the very near future? NO! My unsolicited advice to Mr. Aiken is, come out already, the water is fine. Then you better make some really good music or date someone as hot as Lance is to me, or the public will forget you as fast as you can say, "claymate's what?" Here is Mr. Ambivelance's final segment with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America." By the way, how does Diane get all of that gay interview scoops?? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm. Plus her husband is a "broadway producer/director", hmmmmm....LOL.........just kidding Diane.........

Watch Clay Aiken and Diane Sawyer on GMA HERE

She's as shocked as I am!! courtesy of

In The's better to get sick in Massachussett's, Boston To House Nation's Biggest Gay Health Complex; in an interesting lesser point of keeping religion, (I didnt say Faith,) out all facets of gay lives, Doctors Cannot Discriminate Against Gays Because Of Religion High Court Told; and speaking of wacky religious zealot's, Phelps Clan Seeks Dismissal Of Gay Protest Charges; and despite the controversy, AIDS Bill Advances Despite Complaints; and finally, in case the Pope hasn't offended enough people this week, Vatican Gay Probe Of US Seminaries Finishes

Today's daily eye candy, comes from one of my new favorite Myspace pages out of Virginia. Hope you all are gearing up for a great weekend blogger friends.....enjoy the day.........GG

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, YOU Will Soon Be The New Eye Candy, Bill Maher on Free Speech, Keith Olbermann: A Twist on the Same, and Expanded Eye Candy

Welcome to Wednesday blogger friends. It's "HUMP"day, which means expanded eye candy of hot fantasy guys. As this blog continues to grow and get more readers, I will eventually be turning the eye candy over to you. My goal is for you all to send me hot eye candy pictures of yourself, your friends, or any hot guy you can find, but there is a catch. In order for me to use your pictures, you have to sign an email release with them, for me to put on the blog, that you have permission, and are giving me permission to use the pictures. Thats still a couple of months off, but when we get to that stage, I will still be including two eye candy pics from you every day I post, and the expanded "HUMP"day eye candy will be either a tribute to a favorite persons picture you have seen contributed, or by some more of my hot finds around the web. Just something to look forward to.

You have heard me talk about my love for Bill Maher and how I think he is someone that although he leans definitely left, "gets it." Bill does a lot of research from many sources on his show, and is a pretty well informed commentator I believe. As I noted recently, he even had Pat Robertson on his show and made him sound credible and supported some of his opinions. Maher recently talked a moment about the new "Free Speech" segment on Katie Couric's CBS Evening News. The segment was offered up as a way for speakers from across the board to offer their comments, uncensored free speech opinion on a specific topic. Maher skewered that segment on his HBO show, by saying how he was invited on the program as a commentator. When asked what he wanted to speak about, Maher said "religion", and was promptly told by CBS News that the subject was a deal breaker and sent him over "APPROVED TOPICS TO TALK ABOUT ON CBS FREE SPEECH SEGMENT"!! Doesnt that sully the point a bit on free speech? Talk about Irony. Well I found this clip of Bill Maher on the Scarbarough Country and I thought I would share it with you, take a look. Do you think CBS would let an out GAY speak in their free speech segment?? Wouldnt you love to see Harvey Fierstein or another person be able to talk freely about gay rights? Now THAT would be good television.

Click here to view in Quicktime

And while I am dipping into the waters of politics here yet again. Did any of you watch the Presidents news conference last Friday afternoon? It was of an angry man unleashed. Spurred by the seeming revolt of three well respected Republican Senators who actually disagree with this President. It sent him on a tirade. He turned his back on General Colin Powell, and refused to even entertain the idea of what would be his position if other countries made their own interprative laws on interrogation on American soldiers and operatives. Four words of that press conference caught Keith Olbermann's attention at MSNBC. Is Olbermann usually partisan towards the Democrats, yes, but he is usually very fair in his assesments as well. Here is what he had to say about President Bushie's speech last Friday.......

Click here to watch in Quicktime

Our "HUMP"day Expanded Eye Candy comes to us today from the hot gallery section of Best Gay Blogs. I want to thank BGB for letting me be a contributing writer, and have my first blog interview being sent in this weekend. You're half way thru the week blogger friends.....enjoy the view...........GG

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Late Posting, Contest Coming; Get Those Abs Pumped, In The News, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, the day ALMOST slipped away without me posting, but how can I let you all down without a little eye candy. I almost did since in about 12 hours or less, I will be posting our expanded "HUMP"day Wednesday, eye candy, but you all deserve the treats, God knows we all have a sweet tooth for Eye Candy!! A quick comment on the upcoming October contest, I am still lining up some sponsors and prizes, but I want you to start thinking about it. It actually follows along with the Eye Candy, I dont want to tell more about the contest until it is ready, but let's just say, pictures of hot guys are going to be involved, so keep your eyes open, or pump up your own body over the next couple of weeks.

In The I have already mentioned, she was a classy dame, Gays Join Mourners For Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards; Rally the "troops" in NYC as, Protest Against Military Gay Ban Set For Big Apple; hmmm, if str8 men account for 10% our number must be climbing, Study: 10% of NYC 'Straight' Men Have Gay Sex; hopefully this is true, but should you hold hands at the office xmas party?, Workplace Becoming More Gay-Friendly Survey Shows; while I salute him for coming out, he didnt conduct himself too well to keep hiding, McGreevey Opposed Same-Sex Marriage To Hide Own Sexuality; it is cause to cheer, but not cause to forget and relapse into complacency, Many AIDS Patients No Longer Dying Of AIDS-Related Illnesses; and finally, beware of shopping for the next Camry, Car Dealership Accused Of Rampant Homophobia

Eye Candy is sweet and simple from my blogger friend over at Single In The City. I enjoy checking out his blog and hearing his thoughts sexual and non sexual topics. Enjoy blogger friends, expanded candy tomorrow...........GG

Monday, September 18, 2006

MEME Monday, The Gay Guru's Guide To......., Gay Men Rule Blog, My Inner Californian, Daily Eye Candy

It's MEME Monday blogger friends, have you taken a silly MEME quiz today? LOL! Hope you all had a fun and/or productive weekend. I spent yesterday with Mama and Papa Guru, as they are set to leave today on a geneology expedition today. Any of you out there into that geneology/family tree stuff? Mama Guru has been into it for about 5 years now, bless her heart, and she has gone back all the way to 1600's on a couple names. She has her work cut out for her as she is tracing 3 family lineages (?), including my dad's last name, her last name, and my true last name, (I am my mothers biological son, and my dad adopted me when they married when I was 3, there are some amusing stories to that another time.) So anyway, they are off today library and cemetary crawling, oooh what fun, lol, NOT!! It's funny that I have never really asked, and she has never really said if she found any traces of gay ancestry in her or my biological dads family tree. That will be a fun scavenger hunt for her!!

I feel I havent been Guru'ish enough for you lately and I have been researching and writing out some options for you. I would like to do a 4-5 part series, starting in the next few weeks, and stretch it out once a week over the course of the month on like Tuesdays or Thursdays. Here are topics I have been writing about for myself and researching lately; would you be more interested in a series on...."The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Romance on a Budget?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Gay Travel?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Making Your Commitment Legal?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Coming Out?" or "The Gay Guru's Guide to GLBT Community Activism?" As I said, I have actually been researching all of the above topics, as I have decided to actually make those guides available to the community. My goal is to have at least a couple of the guides ready for publication and sale by the 1st of the year. The plan is now, to self publish, make them around 100-150 pages, paperback, with as cheap a retail price as I can make them, probably around 5-10 bucks a piece. I would really like to test out some of my material thru this site, and so I am asking what you might like to see first. I will probably continue to do them on each subject here, as brief overviews over the 4 part series, but was wondering if any of you had a preference in the order of the topics I will cover. Let me know some feedback on this idea in general, and what you would like to see covered here first.

Hopefully a lot of you blogger friends are reading more than just this little ol' blog here. There are a lot of really great blogs written by gay, straight and albino , (well maybe,) writers out there that are pretty terrific. A while back, I came across and was invited to participate in a community blog called, "Gay Men Rule." It is compiled by a list of some of my favorite blog writers and a few of my blogger friends. It is being moderated now by Joshua, the brother of a long-time blogger and excellent wordsmith, Marc, who was taken from us way too soon last month. I will be adding reprints of posts from this site, and some original posts from time to time. But if you want some good reading blogger friends, and have not come across this site yet, I highly recommend it, and a lot of the bloggers who contribute to it...enjoy.

Okay, how appropriate is this....Whenever a new television season begins and I see promo's for shows like "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", or cool L.A. based drama's, or even commercials that remind me, I want to be back living in California, and leave this banishment in exile in Ohio. So when I was looking for a fun MEME to add to todays blog, I came across this "Where Does Your Inner Californian Belong?". I swear this is not manipulated, I have no ideas what other cities will pop up for you guys that take this quiz. But how bloody gay is it that it assigns me San Francisco, LMAO, just too funny for mere words........enjoy

You Belong in San Francisco

You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC.

You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best.

People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich!

Today's eye candy comes from Drake, who has one of my favorite MySpace pages. Hope you all have a great week blogger friends, enjoy!!...........GG

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