Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mario Vasquez Sings, Equality Ohio Shows You What We Are Fighting Against, In The News, Eye Candy (light)

Hello Blogger Friends!! So I am listening to my weekly top 40 with Rick Dee's this past Sunday, when he presents the new single from Mario Vasquez, called "Gallery." The name sparks a small glimmer of recognition, (remember I am a music dork with no real talent in knowing who is singing the song I am listening to,) and I really enjoyed the lyrics and beat of the song. I was actually just arriving at the restaurant to meet my bud for brunch when it started, and I stayed in my car and listened to the entire song before going in to brunch fashionably late, but more artistically relevant, having listened to the music of course, lol. Well, I am doing my usual internet browsing yesterday, when what do my wondering eyes did appear, but a link for this Mario,from a guy who is queer. Lightbulb!! He put the pieces together for me. I didn't recognize the name because I am becoming less of a geek in music, but I recognized it because I am an uber-geek of reality television!! Mario Vasquez, for those of you who arent now going to yourself "DUH GURU!", was the cute little latino hottie from American Idol last year, that was being groomed to be one of the breakout stars, but quit amidst rumors of being gay, and/or of just wanting to get his own recording contract sans the Idol commitment. I still dont know if he is gay, and really dont care, (of course his video shows him trying to get the girl, but if you listen to the lyrics, it could just as easily be about a gay watching out for his best "girlfriend"), but the boy does have the pipes. In case you are as behind the times as I am in Mario and his debut album that just dropped this last Tuesday, I have the link to the video for his first single, "Gallery." Check out the video HERE!!

Slipping in my daily dose of politics for today, this is primarily for my local Ohio blogger friends, but all would be good to watch this video link. It shows how much the religious right has been trying to take hold of Ohio, a strangle hold actually, and it's interesting the candidates that are running for office this term in ohio who pop up in the video, and on what side of the aisle. Now this is clearly propoganda video, which I am not a huge fan of, but I want you to listen to the messages being sent and not the format. The black and white footage of the bad guys and the colorful footage of the good guys, defers from the message, I think. A lot of this footage is from back in the 2004 elections where Ohio overwhelmingly voted for the anti-gay ammendment that passed and put gay relationships at more peril. Take a look at this video, and see for yourself what we are dealing with here in Ohio.

In The News, I really appreciate a candidate that can speak his mind and stay on the subject without waffling, Spitzer, Faso Clash On Gay Marriage; does this seem weird to anyone else, they debate over outlawing gay marriage in the Constitution of America, and then this, Bill Would Give Domestic Partner Benefits To Federal Workers; they are doing it again, and I love it, More Arrests As Military Gay Ban Protests Spread; more and more Europe nations are starting to get it, Italian Parliament Moves Forward On Gay Unions Bill

I am changing eye candy up a bit today, I have been building up quite a collection and may start including them from time to time, but todays eye candy are guys you will never be able to get. No, really, they are impossible to get because they are not real. There are so many hot gay cartoons and anime graphics out there now, I literally have a 'puter folder filled with them. Here are some that I found over at Boys are Ugly blog, that always seems to include some fun cartoons, gay or otherwise. Enjoy the change of pace, we will be back to our regularly scheduled "fleshy" hotness tomorrow.......GG



I am diggin the artsy pix, very cool GG!

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