Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lite Saturday Posting, Comedian Lewis Black, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! Hope you all have had a good start to the weekend and get to enjoy another day off tomorrow. Lot's going on today, so a light blogging day. I'll start off with a couple videos from my favorite You Tube. I am highlighting stand-up comedian and political commentator Lewis Black. I like him because he is funny, and also more liberal leaning, although he does skirt the line on homophobia a bit too close. You have to listen to him entirely in context to understand that he really is not a homophobe, and I agree with a lot of what he has to say on other political matters. He does work a little blue, so those who dont like bad language may wanna skip down to the eye Enjoy blogger friends...............

In The News the past few days.......this is why I only smoke ham, Study Suggests Smokers At Higher Risk For HIV; Me Me agree's with Him Him, Tutu Supports Gay Priests; go bock to de islands mon, LA Concert By Anti-Gay Performer Cancelled; and finally, dont even get me started about this summit, may be my rant for tomorrow, Gay Foes Rally 'Values Voters' In 4 Day Summit

How can you NOT like Eye Candy from a blog called The Pretty Boys Club?? I found these photo's out of many and will be dipping in this well again! I will have another weekly rant tomorrow for my Sunday Post, "On My Gay Last Nerve,"...enjoy what's left of the weekend blogger friends............GG




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