Sunday, September 17, 2006

"On My Last Gay Nerve: Text Messaging", Weekend In The News, Shoot Me: I Am Agreeing with Pat Robertson A Bit, Eye Candy

It's Sunday blogger friends, and time to get off our chest's whatever has been bothering us this week, so we can start the new week off fresh tomorrow.........

You know what get's on "My Last Gay Nerve??" The "new wave of technology," that is making text messaging one of the fastest growing means of communications, especially in the early teen years. I have a very good friend, who shall be nameless, that is enthralled with technology and thinks that text messaging is the next best thing to sliced bread. WRONG!!! Now I am not totally against text messaging. For short questions and answers, it does cut thru a lot of the red tape if someone is working on something, or you know they are in a meeting and you want to confirm a meeting or let them know of a sudden change or cancellation in the plans. However, whenever you are talking about generalities or subject that someone is passionate about in anyway. USE THE PHONE!!!! It is actually the same device in your hand that you are using to type your message and you only have to type 2-10 keys depending on your speed dialing system on your phone, not a bajillion characters on keys so small that an average size pinky finger can hit 3 buttons at once. You can also have an actual conversation with someone in a fraction of the time that it takes you type out those exact same things via text. WTF?? You are not being lazy, because there is more work involved. Are you just being stupid, or you just need the mindless time spent typing? Are you afraid to "look the other person in the eye, so to speak, over the phone, and have to resort to text to say what you are afraid to say in person? I actually read in a celeb magazine the other day that a certain musician texted his "dear Jane" note to an ex as he was hooking up with a new girl, and both parties confirmed it as true...jeeeesh. Here's the deal, texting is on okay form of communication, but with the shorthand used to type things like "hi, c u soon, r u okay" and a host of many other abbreviations people just make up on their own now. But texting is just words on a screen. There is no emotion behind a text message, and the same words can have very different meanings depending on the emotions behind it that are inflected thru speech patterns and tone of your voice. Are you saying that because you are happy, sad, being sarcastic, having a bad day, need someone to vent with, are pissed off, WHAT?? I more than anyone, know that cell phone uses and usage is just going to continue to explode in the future, but can we show some common courtesy and respect? If you care about me, and know that I am probably not doing anything, give me a call, DONT text me. If I dont answer, or am busy, then leave the text. Is it so hard to do? That's all. That's my lil' rant for this week, I was going to get political, because am still a bit lit up over a couple events of this week and would love to comment about Bushie going postal at his press conference on Friday, but I did enough politics this week.

In The News over the a small victory this week, Illinois Anti-Gay Group Ends Ballot Fight; good news from two states in the same week, wow, Colorado Church Groups Support Gay Partner Registry; it's getting bumpier for South Africa, but if they could whip Apartheid, Thousands Protest Against South African Gay Marriage Bill; Ghandi's country moving forward yet again, India Notables Condemn Sodomy Law; and finally, under the heading of DUH!!!!!, Former GOP Senator: Republican Party Taken Over By Christian Right

By the way, I can't believe I am actually saying this, and I may need my mouth washed out with soap, but I found myself actually agreeing with Pat Buchanan, and believing some of the rhetoric that was coming out of his mouth recently. Of all people to have him on their show, Bill Maher, who I think is one of the greatest skewers of the conservative and religious bigots around, invited Buchanan as a guest on his show this past Friday night. He was talking about Buchanan's new book, "State of Emergency; The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America." Pat actually got some quite a few applauses from the usually quite liberal audience of Maher's show, which surprised everyone, including Bill Maher. As much as I think our Congress has screwed up immigration reform, and as much as I was pretty much touting that this should be a cut and dry case for what should be done, Buchanan brought out a lot of the gray in the debate and caused me to pause and listen. Of course I think he is still a nut job on most topics, I am going to skim his new book, and re-evaluate some of my feelings on immigration and reform, I will post more as I become better informed.

Finally, some eye candy found while checking out one of my favorite blogs to read, Scott-O-Rama, I love his customization of his site, (mine is futuristic,) and he always has some great posts and you can find a definite hottie or two or 5 on his links........Have a great week blogger friends.........enjoy......GG



I totally agree with the texting gripe... we are nice enough to have my brother a part of our cell plan and he and his live in girlfriend rack up about 500 text messages a month on the cell bill... 100 are free the others are 10 cents... I continuously tell them, write it down... when you get about 10, call each other... save some money...ughh... it pisses me off... happy monday!

The Gay Guru

thanx kelly, i hear that, not that I am cheap, but I HATE to text, so I have no text plan on my phone, so every time my one friend decides to text me, another 10 cents please!! LOL..have a great week.


when will one of these guys text message me



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