Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, A Little Politics, Scissor Sisters Blacklisted, In The News, Expanded Eye Candy

Half way thru another week blogger friends, yes, we have made it to "HUMP"day Wednesday. The weather is turning to Fall here in the great NE, and I have a couple pictures I took yesterday that I will download and post later this week. It is nice to watch and feel the change in the seasons here, about the only thing I would miss about here if I moved back to Cali, lol. Since "HUMP"day always brings us our expanded edition of eye candy, I think I am going to throw in some political stuff in between, so those upset by my left-wing, commie liberal views might just want to skip down to the pretty boys.

For those of you left, lol, just a couple things I wanted to talk about. First I want to show you a clip of Tim Ryan, US Congressman representing my area here in NE Ohio. Now the video is just filler, although I do agree with what he is saying. I just wanted to highlight him, because he is what this country needs in Congress; young, vibrant, and not afraid to speak his mind on his beliefs. Believe it or not, he is not a huge supporter of gay rights, which obviously is a big issue with me, and should show how much I admire him, that I am willing to profile him. The important thing about Tim, and I can call him Tim, as we have met on several occassions and he and his staff have an office by my old restaurant I used to own and operate and were generous patrons, Tim will sit and listen to your point of view as long as it takes for you to make it. He may not be able to agree with it, but he will be interested and attentive to all of your points. At 33 years old, he is Democrat that can shape the future of the party. He would never knock you for who you are or what you believe, but he will legislate what he thinks is right for the community and country.

Next I want to talk about Clinton's interview on the Fox News Show with Chris Wallace this past Sunday. Jon Stewart, as usual, has provided commentary on his show, on his take of the whole situation, which I agree with 100 percent. With the Replubicans mastery of subterfuge, all that most people have gotten out of this debate between Clinton and Wallace, was that Clinton was acting "crazed" or something to that effect. Interesting how that is all that has been making the headlines, and not the factual points that Clinton made. Clinton tried and failed to get Osama Bin Laden, but at least he tried. According to the 911 Report, and Richard Clark, the national security advisor under Reagan, G Bush I, Clinton, and G Bush 2 until he fired him, Clinton did try to go after Bin Laden, and was thwarted by the FBI and CIA not certifying him to be responsible for the attack on the Cole, until late in December 2000, a month before Bush was to take office and Clinton was basically a very lame duck. Bushie 2 did practically nothing in the months leading up to 9./11 his first 9 months in office. Anyway, check out Jon Stewarts, Daily Show report of the fuzzy obscuring of the Clinton message HERE

Moving off state politics and going over to entertainment politics, my new favorite band, the Scissor Sisters, have for all intents and purposes, been blacklisted by a music conglomerate here in the States. Despite the fact that their album debuted at number 1 in the UK, bumping Justin Timberlake to number 2 there, and selling over 288,000 thousand copies it's first week there, all music stores owned by the Trans World Entertainment company of New York, has banned their stores from selling the latest cd Ta-Daa. Read the article HERE, and enjoy an older video from the "Sisters", here, to remind you of their kewl, disco inspired, funkadelic beats.

In The News so far this week........another reason why I love those crazy Canadians, Canadian Lawmaker Wants Gay Rights Tied To Foreign Policy; not just good coffee, but good candidates too, Gay Man Finally Wins Dem. Nomination In Seattle; in a slippery slope that never the less I want an answer to, Scientists Hunt For Gay Gene; and instead of being helped by God, I think they have struck deals with the Devil, Phelps Clan Wins Initial Anti-Gay Speech Battle; and finally, showing that there really is a God, Once Powerful Gay Foe Fading Into Oblivion

And for your beautiful viewing enjoyment, from blogger friend at Beautiful Blog, here are som hotties from around the globe. He sure knows how to find them. For those of you that skipped down here, shame on you for not taking a stand on politics, LOL, or at least for the politics affecting the Scissor Sisters....enjoy blogger friends..GG



That the Scissor Sisters have been blacklisted in this manner is absolutely appalling!

WHY?! LAME! I love them, and find nothing wrong with the comments made by the lead singer regarding the price of CD's.

Face it kids, downloading is here, and hardly anyone is buying these things anymore, record companies better get with it and realize the truth, even if it hurts.


well lets be Honest its a CORPORATE world we live in, free speech democracy,is becoming a joke.
I remeber the grotesqueness of the dixie chicks fiasco over their comments on Bush.

Great empries collapse from within..

The Gay Guru

I totally agree WAT, the music business has been in trouble for quite a while now and has not addressed any of the big issues it faces. The comments about the price of CD's wasnt out of line at all, and even the artists say they barely make any money from a CD, their money is in touring and merchandising. And right on Mik, free speech isn't free at all, I wrote about that a few posts back with Bill Maher given a "list of appropriate topics" to talk about in CBS news' free speech segment....hmmm...approved lists for free speech????........GG


Great vid of the Scissors! They are huge in the UK. I think its pretty silly that some stores have banned them over that, ridiculous!!!

Hot pix as always GG!

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