Friday, September 08, 2006

FABulous Friday, The Advocate and Ex-Gay Television, The Hammock Tub, Reversable Entertainment Center, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

We made it to FABulous Friday Blogger Friends. Hope you have big plans this weekend, even if they include doing nothing!! If I havent told you all, my new shift at work is now 130-10 m/t/w/f and 9-530 on saturdays. Yea, I know it sux, but I should be writing my own schedule again shortly I hope. I want to start with a quick note on what I mentioned in yesterdays blog about PETA and the gay sheep. I told you that it was recently emailed to me, but was not sure how long ago the article was written. I guess it is pretty recent, because to my surprise yesterday, I found the exact same article mentioned in the Sept. 12th issue of The Advocate, one of our national GLBT publications. I am still on the fence of the article though, thanx for your emails yesterday and this morning on your thoughts, keep em coming.

Speaking of The Advocate, here is a link to their online article about the new ex-gay tv show, debuting on Christian television stations this month. The show called "Pure Passions", will debut on 2 Christian networks starting September 18th. As it should, The airing of "Pure Passion" has sparked anger from groups who denounce the "ex-gay" movement as damaging, self-hating, cruel, and simply a myth. The show is being hosted by the president of the "ex-gay" group Exodus, Alan Chambers. I will be researching this more and getting back to you. Just what we need, more political grandstanding by the Religious Right.

On a lighter note, lets move in to my FAB Fridays finds for those of us with just too much money burning a hole in our pocket and nowhere to spend it. Love to curl-up in your hammock in those lazy days, but, the summer is slipping away from you? Then this hammock-styled bathtub is just for you! Doesn’t seems like a bathtub at first glance, but it is actually one! The floating concept is made of polyurethane and steel. But, don’t worry it is not hard and rigid, but, soft and bendable. It’s soft polyurethane shell deforms to accommodate the contours of the body. The suspended hammock-tub is held by a tension ring suspended between two stainless steel poles, that also takes care of the water-supply and has even extended space for keeping your towel, soaps and oils! This is absolutely, revolutionary bathtub design!!

And how about after the tub and you want to relax in the den and enjoy a great movie. Remember playing the child-age “Hide-and-Seek” game? Then, how about, doing it grown-up way in a new style like getting this Reversible Media Center in your living room, whose articulating mechanism allows you to smoothly swivel your wide-screen panel from behind the bookshelves. The media center features a mounting panel to accommodate your flat-screen display. Beides, you can nicely also store your stuff into the storage rack below. The reversible cabinet shines in merlot finish and the cherry veneer hardwoods complement the traditional styling. The only hitch might arise, if you have a TV set bigger then 50″, otherwise it can easily accommodate most 42″ to 50″ LCD/ plasma TVs. But, the hefty price tag $7,000 might be a setback too!!

For those of you into cars, I have a couple FAB Friday finds from the latest concept cars recently spotted at a couple auto-shows, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for them.

In The least one Republican has some honor, No Endorsement From Retiring Republican After Sleazy Anti-Gay Campaign; i hope they can stand up to the pressure, School Refuses To Give In To Demand 'Laramie Project' Be Canceled; Schwarzenneger remains 4 for 14 in signing pro-gay legislations PASSED by the state legislature, Schwarzenegger Vetoes Bias-Free School Bill; and finally, in a "sorta" win for gay adoptions, Arkansas Gay Foster Care Ruling Not To Be Appealed

Eye Candy today is from one of my MySpace friends, Kyle Jarvis. He is such a hottie, and has a great site, you should check it out!!


Marco Valente

Those silly ex-gay ppl! They really should stop fooling themselves!


I was glad to see you weren't taking the PETA story at face value. In fact, they are making up the part about the research being intended to cure homosexuality. I wrote about it here and have been following how different blogs have picked up the story, out of curiosity to see just how gullible the blogs as a whole are. You're one of the only sites I've seen that questioned it up front and had something thoughtful to say about animal research.

To me, no matter where one is on the issue of animal research, lying about science and exploiting gay rights just to push an (unrelated) political agenda -- which is why PETA made up this story -- is pretty sleazy.

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