Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Late Posting, Contest Coming; Get Those Abs Pumped, In The News, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, the day ALMOST slipped away without me posting, but how can I let you all down without a little eye candy. I almost did since in about 12 hours or less, I will be posting our expanded "HUMP"day Wednesday, eye candy, but you all deserve the treats, God knows we all have a sweet tooth for Eye Candy!! A quick comment on the upcoming October contest, I am still lining up some sponsors and prizes, but I want you to start thinking about it. It actually follows along with the Eye Candy, I dont want to tell more about the contest until it is ready, but let's just say, pictures of hot guys are going to be involved, so keep your eyes open, or pump up your own body over the next couple of weeks.

In The News......as I have already mentioned, she was a classy dame, Gays Join Mourners For Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards; Rally the "troops" in NYC as, Protest Against Military Gay Ban Set For Big Apple; hmmm, if str8 men account for 10% our number must be climbing, Study: 10% of NYC 'Straight' Men Have Gay Sex; hopefully this is true, but should you hold hands at the office xmas party?, Workplace Becoming More Gay-Friendly Survey Shows; while I salute him for coming out, he didnt conduct himself too well to keep hiding, McGreevey Opposed Same-Sex Marriage To Hide Own Sexuality; it is cause to cheer, but not cause to forget and relapse into complacency, Many AIDS Patients No Longer Dying Of AIDS-Related Illnesses; and finally, beware of shopping for the next Camry, Car Dealership Accused Of Rampant Homophobia

Eye Candy is sweet and simple from my blogger friend over at Single In The City. I enjoy checking out his blog and hearing his thoughts sexual and non sexual topics. Enjoy blogger friends, expanded candy tomorrow...........GG


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