Saturday, September 16, 2006

Busy Day, Look For an Audio Blog Later, Eye Candy, Haunting Video

It's going to be a busy Saturday blogger friends. I am going to try to eek out an audio post later today. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Check back for an audio blog or will write a bit more later if I can. Until then, here's a video I came across on my You Tube viewing and it was both very scary and haunting, and mesmorizing at the same time, tell me what you think. Also some Eye Candy from my friends at Best Gay Blogs........i'm out.........GG



Dark video, I liked it!

I think i had those 4 guys on my site a while ago, way to spread the hotness!

The Gay Guru

thanx marko, I think you are right, I think its just a matter of who finds the hot guy pic first, then we all feed off each other, I havent found an original in a while, LOL, but I love the guys on other sites too much to not steal em, LOL. Take care blogger friend...GG


Welcome to GMR. Ummmm, nice tongue candy on your front page.

The Gay Guru

Thanx horsemen, appreciate, hope to post something there one or two times a week as I can. Stop on by anytime, I feature Eye Candy Daily, and an expanded version on Wednesdays..........GG

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