Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, YOU Will Soon Be The New Eye Candy, Bill Maher on Free Speech, Keith Olbermann: A Twist on the Same, and Expanded Eye Candy

Welcome to Wednesday blogger friends. It's "HUMP"day, which means expanded eye candy of hot fantasy guys. As this blog continues to grow and get more readers, I will eventually be turning the eye candy over to you. My goal is for you all to send me hot eye candy pictures of yourself, your friends, or any hot guy you can find, but there is a catch. In order for me to use your pictures, you have to sign an email release with them, for me to put on the blog, that you have permission, and are giving me permission to use the pictures. Thats still a couple of months off, but when we get to that stage, I will still be including two eye candy pics from you every day I post, and the expanded "HUMP"day eye candy will be either a tribute to a favorite persons picture you have seen contributed, or by some more of my hot finds around the web. Just something to look forward to.

You have heard me talk about my love for Bill Maher and how I think he is someone that although he leans definitely left, "gets it." Bill does a lot of research from many sources on his show, and is a pretty well informed commentator I believe. As I noted recently, he even had Pat Robertson on his show and made him sound credible and supported some of his opinions. Maher recently talked a moment about the new "Free Speech" segment on Katie Couric's CBS Evening News. The segment was offered up as a way for speakers from across the board to offer their comments, uncensored free speech opinion on a specific topic. Maher skewered that segment on his HBO show, by saying how he was invited on the program as a commentator. When asked what he wanted to speak about, Maher said "religion", and was promptly told by CBS News that the subject was a deal breaker and sent him over "APPROVED TOPICS TO TALK ABOUT ON CBS FREE SPEECH SEGMENT"!! Doesnt that sully the point a bit on free speech? Talk about Irony. Well I found this clip of Bill Maher on the Scarbarough Country and I thought I would share it with you, take a look. Do you think CBS would let an out GAY speak in their free speech segment?? Wouldnt you love to see Harvey Fierstein or another person be able to talk freely about gay rights? Now THAT would be good television.

Click here to view in Quicktime

And while I am dipping into the waters of politics here yet again. Did any of you watch the Presidents news conference last Friday afternoon? It was of an angry man unleashed. Spurred by the seeming revolt of three well respected Republican Senators who actually disagree with this President. It sent him on a tirade. He turned his back on General Colin Powell, and refused to even entertain the idea of what would be his position if other countries made their own interprative laws on interrogation on American soldiers and operatives. Four words of that press conference caught Keith Olbermann's attention at MSNBC. Is Olbermann usually partisan towards the Democrats, yes, but he is usually very fair in his assesments as well. Here is what he had to say about President Bushie's speech last Friday.......

Click here to watch in Quicktime

Our "HUMP"day Expanded Eye Candy comes to us today from the hot gallery section of Best Gay Blogs. I want to thank BGB for letting me be a contributing writer, and have my first blog interview being sent in this weekend. You're half way thru the week blogger friends.....enjoy the view...........GG



Damnn these boys are cute...

San Jose

Tara & Wendy

Hey. I just surfed in from your myspace page. Wow. Tons of info here. I like your mission. Would love for you to take a look at our site - a campaign we've launched to show the world that We Are Family Too!

I'll be back. I like your take on life. And the guys aren't bad either ... this coming from a lesbian *gasp* ;-)



Great pix, dayyyum!

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