Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Rosie's Premier on The View, The Ohio Governor Debate, Contest Sponsors Needed, In The News, Hollywood Eye Candy

We made it to "HUMP"day Wednesday blogger friends, always a little easier with a three day weekend kick-start. My morning went well yesterday with my tv viewing of "The View" with Rosie, and the Governor debates here in Ohio. It was like a blast from the past having Rosie O'Donnell back on daytime yesterday. The same funny asides, the same "made for television" hair that she cracked on good yesterday. Sure, there were some first day jitters and a little too much "painted on fake smile" mugging for the camera, but you got to ease in to a new show a bit, and I see Rosie hitting her stride very quickly. Joy looked like she is going to have some fun sparring and trading comic jabs with RO, Elisabeth looks like she knows whats coming, but is enjoying the revival of the shows "feel good" atmosphere, and Barbara looks like she knows what she has gotten into, but has no idea where it might go, lol. Of course if any of you were regular watchers of The Rosie O'Donnell Show, you know that she was big on giving out freebies to the studio audience, and amping them up a bit with milk and drakes cakes before each show. Some things are not forgotten, there was snacks given to audience members outside as they waited to get in, and 10 minutes into the show, everyone in the audience recieved a complimentary 2 day cruise on one of Royal Carribeans newest ships, for a test run, along with Jessica Simpson's latest CD. Barbara said it was the first time the View had given anything away to the audience, just contests for home viewers in the past. I was never a big "View" watcher in the past, but I do look forward to it a bit now with my schedule working nights as it is, so in the words of hottie Ty Pennington from another ABC show, "Extreme Home Makeover," Welcome Home Rosie O'Donnell, welcome home.

The first of four debates for our candidates for Governor here in Ohio, was held yesterday, and I attended the taping. As I said yesterday, I am rooting for the Democratic nominee Ted Strickland. I thought it was a good debate with both Strickland, and his Republican opponent, Kenneth Blackwell, making some good points. I do have to award the winner to Ted Strickland though for his composure, and ability to get his points across very well. While I dont think that Blackwell made any huge fumbles, he was clearly not as polished in his remarks and he started and ended each statement he made with a really "fake" smile, that reminded me of the court clerk from "Night Court", back in the day, played by Charles Robinson, who always had a silly smile when he was being sarcastic. Currently Ted Strickland is about 20 points ahead of Blackwell, and I am hoping the Democrats can reclaim the Governor's mansion after a long 8 years away.

Hey Blogger Friends, I need your help if possible. I am gearing up for a contest this September and I need some prizes for the winners. If you are a reader of this blog and have any large or small fun prize that might be interesting or kewl for my GLBT readers, please send me an email HERE, and let me know what you can do. I will fill you in on the details of the contest after you contact me and we can see what we can do together. I will make sure your sponsorship is mentioned often on this blog, the website, and anywhere that I promote the next contest. I do appreciate any help blogger friends, any type of prizes will be great, thank you for your support.

In The News today.............If someone does ask/does tell over the Atlantic, it could be costly to the military, UK Military Pays $1.6M To Settle Gay Bias Claims; and at my neighbors to the North, Gay Man Poised To Be Premier Of Quebec; a loss in the creative world, 'Voguing' Dancer Willi Ninja Dead At 45; and finally, hoping to make it the second state available, NJ Gays Anxiously Await Marriage Ruling

For a little twist in our expanded Eye Candy this "HUMP"day Wednesday, and in honor of the upcoming tv and movie fall season, the EC today will have a little more clothes on than usual and will be pics of various entertainment personalities, courtesy of one of my favorite celeb blogs, Out in Hollywood. I hope you enjoy this little different mix of pics..enjoy.............GG

Leslie Jordan, "Will and Grace"

Jim Verraros, Singer, "Eating Out 2"

Kerr Smith, "Justice"

Darryl Stephens, "Noah's Arc"

Sean Maguire, "The Class"

Van Hansis, "As The World Turns"

Dean Shelton, Daniel Letterle, Diego Serrano
"The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green"



I think Rosie is just what they need for that show. I hated watching it before but now I could see myself tuning in, only because of her.

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