Friday, September 15, 2006

FABulous Friday, Ann Richards Passes; A Great Woman, FAB Friday Finds, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

Welcome to FABulous Friday blogger friends!! Before we jump into the fray of some FAB finds that you and me cant afford, let me take just a sec to honor a former First Lady of Texas, and a classy, outspoken woman with a heart of gold, Former Governor Ann Richards. It is going to very hard for me not get political in this blog as the mid-term elections draw closer. How does politics mesh with being a Gay Guru you ask?? Well, if you havent figured out that the current Republican administration does not care one bit about the rights of us in the GLBT community, and that the Democratic party, while far from perfect on their commitment to our rights, definitley cares more about our rights as a community. We need to win this country back, and Ann Richards was a great torch bearer of equal rights. The 73yo Grand Dame of Texas politics passed away yesterday after her fight with cancer, and she will be sorely missed by Texans and Democrats, and compassionate people alike. Governor Richards was not afraid to speak her mind, and speak for the little guy, straight, gay, rich, poor, anyone who felt discriminated against. If you want to hear one of the best speach'es ever given at a Democratic National Convention, I implore you to go HERE and listen to Ann Richards words, or read the transcript. It is JUST as true TODAY as it was back in 1988 when we were just getting stuck with George Bush the first. It amazes me to this day how we even ended up with Bush the first, if we could have dealt with that then, we might not have been stuck with what we have now. Let me share with you just a few stanza's of her speech, that came on the end of President Reagans term, and just before the term of George Bush the First. The similarities with the old Republican Order, and the current one is as shocking as it is scary.

"Well, no wonder. No wonder we can’t figure it out. Because the leadership of this nation is telling us one thing on TV and doing something entirely different. They tell us -- They tell us that they're fighting a war against terrorists. And then we find out that the White House is selling arms to the Ayatollah. They -- They tell us that they’re fighting a war on drugs and then people come on TV and testify that the CIA and the DEA and the FBI knew they were flying drugs into America all along. And they’re negotiating with a dictator who is shoveling cocaine into this country like crazy. I guess that’s their Central American strategy.

Now they tell us that employment rates are great, and that they’re for equal opportunity. But we know it takes two paychecks to make ends meet today, when it used to take one. And the opportunity they’re so proud of is low-wage, dead-end jobs. And there is no major city in America where you cannot see homeless men sitting in parking lots holding signs that say, “I will work for food.”

Now my friends, we really are at a crucial point in American history. Under this Administration we have devoted our resources into making this country a military colossus. But we’ve let our economic lines of defense fall into disrepair. The debt of this nation is greater than it has ever been in our history. We fought a world war on less debt than the Republicans have built up in the last eight years. You know, it’s kind of like that brother-in-law who drives a flashy new car, but he’s always borrowing money from you to make the payments."......Ann Richards excerpt

With her shocking white hair, Ann Richards was considered "shocking" by the Republicans, a true Southern woman, who could see through their bluffs, and call them on thier lies and false accusations. Governor Richards will be missed, not just as a strong leader in the Democratic party, not just as a champion for individual rights, but as a compassionate, strong, and fair minded woman, that deserves her justified place in history.....Rest in Peace!!!

My first fun find for FAB Friday, is perfect as the weather starts to change. Winters are approaching and so the search for a nice fireplace might be one of the top priorities for those who are looking for a new fireplace for their home. So, even after getting more than decent options, we provided you with including plasma screen fireplace, wall-mounted fireplaces, eco-friendly Igloo fireplaces and many other, if you have got a craving for something out-of-this-world, then we have got just that for you with Revolving Fireplace titled “Berlin”. The artistic fireplace is finished with utmost detail with high-quality materials, like the samtig working glossy finished glass cover, the unpolished glass shelves and a chimney, which stands-out like a part of the design itself! The MaxBlank fireplace adorns sexy curves decked with radiant silver color and is prepared from borosil glass to withstand heat perfectly. And, yes…if you are thinking, I said, “revolving” just because of its circular curves, then let me tell you, the Berlin fireplace can revolve around 360° on its axes. So, finally a master-fireplace option to match your 360 degree Home Theatre Screen!!

And to help me get back into the exercise mode that I have shrugged off lately, (a chubby guru is a happy guru I guess, yea right!) If you are too lazy to put-in desired hours in your excise routine then instead of shrugging-it off completely, you need to equip your personal gym with something like this Luxury Hypoxi Exercise Bike With Bed! “Hypoxi L250 is the pioneering active inch loss therapy that targets fat burn from the lower body whilst the client gently trains in a comfortable reclined position.” The lounger is integrated with a unique vacuum chamber, that helps you loose your extra-flab in combination with alternating vacuum therapies. Besides inch loss and increased lymphatic drainage from the lower body, the L250 gives skin a rejuvenated appearance too! Now, that’s the spa-type of exercise we all would love to do….right folks!! And, guess what, this is the guided-secret of the toned-physique of pop singer Robbie Williams too!!

And finally, with those lovely Brit's ever working on perfercting their "futbal" game, they have created this....Want to kick the ball like Beckham or want to score the goals like Ronaldo, then practicing daily is a must. So, fancy a personal football stadium..! No Kidding…! The Ball Master Arcade Game is not a run-of-the-mill arcade machine. It’s an eight feet cubed metal box in which a player stands inside (totally enclosed) and kicks a ball at targets as they light up on the walls. And, if he hits the targets he scores points based on accuracy of shot, speed of reaction and power. So, you can do away without a coach too! But, a personal football stadium’s luxury will set you back for £16,999.99 that too at discounted price. Personally it doesnt look 8 feet in the pic and even 8 feet, if you kick that damn ball hard enough, dont you risk it bouncing off the wall and smashing back into yourself??

In The News before the weekend...........This Brit company needs to clean up it's act, literally, Company Faces Large Payout Over Anti-Gay Graffiti; and of course getting desparate as the polls loom closer, Conservatives Say Religion Under Attack By Gays; yet another reason for me to start walking, New Zealand Bumper Stickers Declare 'Gays Are A Cancer'; and surprise, surprise, by a conservative legal group, Suit Filed To End NYS Gay Benefits; hmmmm, bigger and better than this?, West Hollywood Gay Pride Weekend Passé; and finally because the REALLY dont want us to be parents in Florida, Denied Fertility Service For Being Gay

Hope you all enjoy your weekend blogger friends. I will leave you with a little eye candy today, found over at blogger friend Ace's, Gayer Mechanic Wales killer blog, where I always look forward to Flickr Friday, which makes FABulous Friday here at The Gay Guru, a bit more FABulous.... Enjoy....GG



Um, what I read was "a bed that sucks your fat and gives you good skin?" right? who do I send my CC# to??! ;-) peace


That was a wonderful tribute to Ann Richards, you did her justice. Man, she was a cool lady!

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