Thursday, September 21, 2006

That's Soooo Gay, And So Is Clay Aiken - Maybe, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

THAT IS SOOOOO GAY!! Hellow Blogger Friends. So that's what I heard as I walked by one of the cubicles at work yesterday. The door was open, and it was not one of my office friends, so I couldnt casually walk back by or in to see what part of the conversation I had missed, but I was dying to know the rest of the day what I missed that was sooooo gay. Those words seem so over-used these days, that they have become cliche and pretty much a non-issue to straights and gays alike. I think it has been used past the point of being offensive, at least it has to me. But after reading Uncle Zoloft's post over at "Gay Men Rule" this morning, it has got me thinking. Uncle Zoloft ended his post this morning asking which gay men do we think rule or ruled and why. So now as I ponder that overheard snippet yesterday, I am asking, what is that we have now, "That is sooo gay?" Is there anything that is exclusively gay anymore, or did the Metrosexuals go and mess all that up? Now I am not talking about the obvious sexually charged areas that are of course gay, but does our culture still have things that are sooo gay? What are your thoughts on this? Can you come up with a list of things that are gay but are not sexually gay? I am going to think about this and compile my own list today, I will post some things I think of on the comments later. Let me know what's on your list either in comments or emails.

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And speaking of what is gay, with Clay Aiken's new cd out this week, the rumor mill is ramping up the "is he or isn't he, or duh!" With the success Lance Bass has had of coming out, and the obvious happiness that he has found in living an out, creative life in the public eye, you think this would be a no-brainer for Aiken. It just goes to show how much homophobia can get deep rooted into your own psyche that you cant see the forest thru the tree's. Aiken says he cant understand why people continue to want to know or talk about it. What he cant seem to realize, is it's because of his own ambivilence on the subject. If he is gay, and the general consensus again is that he definitely is, he could stop all of the speculation and innuendo, and just start posing for some pics while having fun like Lance and Reichen can now afford. Granted, Clay is a good singer, but he really does not seem to me like he is too interesting of a person, and once he came out, the "thirst for knowledge of all things Clay," would dry up quicker than a Sahara mirage. Do I wish for the day that being gay is a non-issue?? Of Course! Am I naive enough to think it is happening anytime in the very near future? NO! My unsolicited advice to Mr. Aiken is, come out already, the water is fine. Then you better make some really good music or date someone as hot as Lance is to me, or the public will forget you as fast as you can say, "claymate's what?" Here is Mr. Ambivelance's final segment with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America." By the way, how does Diane get all of that gay interview scoops?? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm. Plus her husband is a "broadway producer/director", hmmmmm....LOL.........just kidding Diane.........

Watch Clay Aiken and Diane Sawyer on GMA HERE

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In The's better to get sick in Massachussett's, Boston To House Nation's Biggest Gay Health Complex; in an interesting lesser point of keeping religion, (I didnt say Faith,) out all facets of gay lives, Doctors Cannot Discriminate Against Gays Because Of Religion High Court Told; and speaking of wacky religious zealot's, Phelps Clan Seeks Dismissal Of Gay Protest Charges; and despite the controversy, AIDS Bill Advances Despite Complaints; and finally, in case the Pope hasn't offended enough people this week, Vatican Gay Probe Of US Seminaries Finishes

Today's daily eye candy, comes from one of my new favorite Myspace pages out of Virginia. Hope you all are gearing up for a great weekend blogger friends.....enjoy the day.........GG



I really cant stand Clay Aiken, but that pic is fun. Who cares if hes gay, he just needs to come out.

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