Thursday, September 07, 2006

There's No Storm Brewin' in Supernova, An Interesting Letter From(??) Peta, Funky Gay Novelties, Eye Candy

Good afternoon blogger friends!! Thursday is here, and it's finally sunny again back here in NE Ohio. I dont mind the colder temperatures as fall and winter approach, I just like to see's me some sunshine!! Sometimes it's sad to be right, but as I predicted, Storm Large, (a name made for rocker porn if ever I have heard one,) was told she gets to go home to sleep in her own bed. She is the next contestant to leave Rockstar Supernova. A big thanx to blogger buddy SoCalGal, (I may take you up on that VCR thing, lol,) for letting me know the performances were on the rockstar website. I have tried watching scenes there before but it never worked in my Firefox browser. Last night I tried my regular Internet Explorer browser and they came up fine. I have to admit, I had a glimmer of hope for Storm when she rocked her original tune, which I thought was the best of the evening and Toby had a pretty lame cover song, in my opinion. I do think that Storm's farewell was definitely one of the classiest exits of the show, and she was really heartfelt in enjoying the opportunity and though wanting it really bad, was not as bitter as some of the other contestants who have left. I am getting really worried at the bands, especially Tommy's, reactions to Lukas' performances. They really seem to enjoy him, and I am sure they like his rocker/punker "look", but it would be a very big mistake in my opinion to pick him over Dilana or Magni. I am sticking to my prediction of those two for the final two, with Toby being let go next week and "hopefully", Lukas after that. Now all I have to find is the You Tube of whoever fronted the Supernova song last night.

Okay, although I agree with some of their goals, I am not a big fan of PETA's extremism. I have no idea how recent or old this article is, but I was sent an email the other day linking to a PETA website with THIS STORY. Because of the extremism of the group, I am not really sure what I think about it yet, and would like to hear some of your opinions in comments and/or emails. To take the story at face value, I am definitely appalled by the notion that they are looking for a "cure" for homosexuality. (This is a little too XMEN III deja vu'ish for me really!) But I have to also take into account PETA's motivation for the story. Is it factual? There is the possibility that the research is going on to prove that homosexuality is a natural, God given scientific fact, and it is NOT a chosen lifestyle. I am honestly undecided where I come down on animal testing. I am for stem cell research, as I dont believe in true cognitive life happening immediately after conception. And I do believe that man is master of the beasts of burden, so using animals for research isn't totally taboo for me. However, I do NOT believe in cruel and unusual punishment for animals in the name of science. Breeding for scientific purposes I believe is okay in my opinion as long as there is not pain and suffering included for the animal in the testing. Again, what are your thoughts on all of this?

Also in my mailbag over the last week or so, is this invitation from It seem's like a pretty kewl little novelty site, owned and operated by a couple gay guys for the GLBT community, who like silly and sexy novelties. One of the owners, Tim, was nice enough to let any of my readers who put in the discount coupon code "gayguru", at checkout, recieve a 20% discount on your total order. I am looking into purchasing a couple things myself for some fun gag gifts. Check the site out and let me know what you think about it.

Eye Candy today, is from one of my favorite sites, \\ot Men, today features dreamy Justin Timberlake..did you see him on Ellen?? And Ryan Phillipe, my future husband number 327. Enjoy blogger friends....GG


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