Friday, September 22, 2006

FABulous Friday, A Damn Kewl Camera, Jackie Beat Cosmetics, Baby Suri's Late Shower Gift, Jon Stewart and Gays In The Military, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! It's FABulous Friday again, time to find some more kewl stuff that most of us cant afford, but want just the same....You know that Christmas is just around the corner, (how do i know this you ask? well Walgreens Drug Store has christmas wrap and bows on display now, i kid you not, jeeeeesh!), and if you are looking to find something for that 'hard to buy for guru', I can suggest this hot new camera that every electronic, computer geek is just gonna have to have......If you are still drooling over the diamond and gold cameras, I told you about earlier, then hold your breath, I have got a bigger surprise then that, Seitz’s 160 megapixel camera! The behemoth camera creates a 6×17 digital image with 160 million pixels. The device is a computer in itself with most advanced characteristics in processing, disk space and memory. And, contrary to its hi-fi specs, the camera features a user-friendly interface and has a 640×480 color touchscreen display on its backside. The awesome snapper comes with 16mb of flash memory for a price of $36,266 for the mobile version and $33,715 for the studio version. And, this most advanced camera will be available not earlier than 2007.

And for the inner drag queen in all of us, and for the Marvy Jackie Beat who deserves this......If “bling” is the word for you, then this luxury couture will be the taste of your royal wardrobe! H. Couture Beauty sells makeup that comes in bejeweled cases studded with gold, swarovski and real diamonds. The luxury cosmetic company have sold the world’s most expensive mascara and lipstick for $14 million. The company’s mascara generally retails for $589 and the lip color retails for $150. The high-priced makeup comes with luxury concierge service, 24/7 customer service and complimentary lip and lash refills for a year. Like, the company retails a lip plumper for $348 which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill. So, if you don’t want to shell-out millions for bejeweled cosmetic cases, but still want one in your luxury vanity then you can opt for the less pricey versions or can even get yourself a case specially designed for you!

And finally, if you still haven't found the perfect gift you want to send to baby Tomkat 'Suri'?? If you have a thing for retro stuff then this 1950’s Italian baby carriage is the one for your little toddler! The cool retro carriage is designed by Giordani Bambino and it sells for an expensive price tag of $2,200. And, in case you are anywhere like the celebrity parents, this covered carriage will keep your baby protected from all those prying eyes, you want to evade!!

You all know how much I LOVE Jon Stewart, and his skewering of all things that just dont make sense. Check out this video.....thanx Jon and You Tube....

Your daily Eye Candy today comes from my future husband, gorgeous porn star, and all around great guy Benjamin Bradley's MySpace page, in the comments section no less. Hope you all have an excellent weekend..........Enjoy.........GG



I SOOO love the last pic, I have seen it somewhere b4.

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