Monday, September 25, 2006

MEME Monday, Getting Back Into The Gay Guru Groove, Camp Daze/Slaughter, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

These weekends go by so fast when you only have Sundays off Blogger Friends!! Hope you all had a little time to relax and enjoy with some friends or family. Yesterday was a big catch-up day for me to get a lot I needed to get done from the previous week. So here is the deal. I am consolidating my life down for awhile. The many projects my best friend Jay and I have been working on, have been put on hold. We were both spreading ourselves too thin and not getting much accomplished to tell you the truth. That brings me back to Gay Guru with as much time as I can devote to it along with my regular 45 hour job that pays the bills, and my one other side project I have left. I am really going to put some serious effort into getting this blog, the accompanying website, (which hasnt been updated in over two months due to my busyness and trying to get the updated website built,) and the visions of the future for the Gay Guru in full effect. Hopefully you will notice the changes coming a bit faster than the snails pace they have been on. As always I want to thank you blogger friends and readers for making this journey as remarkable and succesful as it is. October 7th will be the official 6 month anniversary of all of this, and for that short of a time, I feel I have made some wonderful friends, given hopefully some good advice, commentary, insight and humor, and you have enjoyed coming to stop by and say HI here, as much as I have enjoyed your company. Even with my focus been so distracted these last couple of months, readership is up to a new high of almost 900 people a day. I'll take that and again say I am humbled and honored for your friendship and readership. On the anniversary I am going to launch an ambitious project that I have been hinting about the last month or so, and I am not sure I can pull it off, but will try my best with all of your help. As I have said before, it has to do with some Eye Candy, and having YOU ALL participate. More details will be coming soon.

So have I told you about the movie "Camp Daze" as it was originally titled when it kinda tanked, but has been brought back as "Camp Slaughter"?? This teen slasher flick is pretty interesting. It's not as gay as the all gay horror film "Hellbent" that was a pretty fun/campy time, but it does feature a couple hot gay characters, and you gotta love a slasher flick that has a lot of hard bodied, shirtless boys playing basketball. Another reason to watch is because it has the hottie Matt Dallas playing Mario, one of the gay guys, which is interesting considering all of the buzz about Matt's personal sexuality. Camp Daze/Slaughter has a kinda fun and interesting twist to it, sorta like a slasher movie meets "Groundhog Day". Some of the kids in the movie and caught in a time loop, that keeps replaying as the other kids realize they are interacting with people from years before. Here is the You Tube scene with Dallas and shirtless and hot Miles Davis, as Rueben. I have to admit, I am having serious DeJaVu writing this part of the post, I looked back into my posts and cant find a title that matches this, but please let me know if I have written about this movie before, it's really tripping me out, especially since it is about time loops, LOL. Enjoy the video of Matt and Miles..........

In The News......and younger cowboys are waiting for "brokeback mountain 2" lol, Younger Indians Divided On Repeal Of Sodomy Law; another reason why I (heart) NY, Rochester To NY Legislature: Legalize Gay Marriage; and finally, in the city that I spent many a Spring Break at in the day, 500 Protest Ex-Gay Conference

I'll finish up this post with some daily eye candy I found while perusing my friends pages at MySpace. These pictures were found in the comments section over at Todd's site and I thought they were hot. Enjoy blogger friends..have a great week......GG



Only Sundays off?? ugh! I'm still getting used to the 8-5 M-F thing!! so not liking it! but glad to be reading up on the GG again! ;-) peace

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