Sunday, September 03, 2006

Three Day Weekend?? "My Last Gay Nerve", Daily Eye Candy

Do you all get to enjoy a three-day weekend blogger friends? I hope so, but I get to work both yesterday, and Monday, woo-wee, glad I am trained to do all this extra work now, LOL. No matter what, I hope your weekend is enjoyable. Str8 Mate Jay, is back from his cruise and despite the drive home from the airport last night, we havent had a chance to talk about it much, but he looks tan and seems to have had a good time. Today is my new day to blog about what gripes at me throughout the week. It seems that you like to read it, and I have had a few great emails on your weekly gripes as well. It feels good to get all that off your chest and start a new week, relatively stress free, right? If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it, if not, I hope your week starts out well, mine will be spent at work as well.

You know what really gets on "My Last Gay Nerve??" SPAM!!!! Until I started this lil' old blog and website, I rarely received any spam, but the occasional, "you may have won something", variety. On busy days I would get maybe that and some new obscure drug to help me with my erection, (I dont need any help, thank you very much!!) Well now that I have multiple email addresses for my Gay Guru sites, blogs, etc., I am inundated with stupid sh*t, SPAM. Some days, I have 50-100 pieces to deal with. The good thing is that they generally go to my spam folder, with only 3-5 a day sneaking into my main mailbox. I can delete 25 messages at a time in my spam folder, but because an occasional "real" email gets mistakenly put in my spam folder, I have to be very careful and read each headline before I delete them. This is totally unneccesary and drives me up a tree. (As a side point, people, please have a decent, descriptive subject line in your email so I know whether to save it or not and if it has any relevance to me.)

And for you spammers, I appreciate the fact that maybe you are trying to point out you are spam by sending me THE SAME FRICKIN SPAM MAIL 5-10 TIMES, but really people, can't you spam the same message just ONCE to the jillion people you send it out to instead of 10 times to each of us? Does that help you sell your service to your advertisers, by running up your email numbers falsely? Doesnt surprise me, you are lousy spammers, of course you are going to be scamming people on each end, the consumers and the people paying you to spam.

There was a big controversy a while back about yahoo, or one of the major email providers thinking about charging to "send" mail only, not recieve. They hoped this measure would possibly stop the spammers. Of course all the legitimate email senders out in cyberland jumped on this as an unfair practice, costing them money too. Some days I look in my spam folder and think that could have been a good idea, but then again, like Papa Guru, I am a cheapskate and would probably pitch quite a b*tch!!

I dont have any solutions to the spam problem, I am not tech savvy enough to even understand how they get it out so quick to so many emails all the time. I do appreciate the chance to vent about it here today with you. What's your spamming horror stories? Got any good ones to share, or any way you have combatted spamming? Until we figure out a way to stop it, I will just keep deleting these pesky things and be thankful that it's not like the junkmail I get in my snailmailbox. At least this is not hurting the enviroment, just my sanity. What's got you upset this week blogger friends? Take a sec to vent about it before the new week, you will feel better. I always do!! Enjoy blogger friends..and of course, some Eye Candy, today found at one of my fave sites, aussielicious.........enjoy.........GG


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