Friday, September 01, 2006

FABulous Friday with BBQ, Ice Cream, HoverCrafts and Motorhomes, Rockstar Supernova Axes Ryan, VMA's, Daily Eye Candy

It's FABulous Friday Blogger Friends. Hope you all have some great and wonderful plans for the weekend, or at least a happy attitude of yardwork and laundry, lol. Since I was pleasantly getting intoxicated and skipped last Fridays FAB report, I found 4 fun items for us all to put on our wishlist, or just indulge our "money is no object" fantasies.......If you noticed throughout the summer, I have had a serious BBQ fetish on FAB Fridays, I just love to get my meat outdoors it seems, (did I say that out loud). But, the Kamado Ceramic Barbecue Grill stands apart with its artistic looks and unique concept. The Kamado grills though, doesn’t look like a traditional grill with its Victorian-styled looks and looks more like a beautiful piece of yard art. The grill excels as a charcoal grill, a gas grill, or a combination of both. The ceramic formula makes it durable enough to withstand all weather conditions, including wind forces up to 70 mph. And, its large size makes it just perfect for cooking anything. So, you can now go on cooking your huge sized turkey for the ThanksGiving! The beautiful grill is available in a range of colors to match your patio. So, add aesthetic value to your cooking and your decor for a price of around $2,000!!

If you're in NYC and really have a hankering to satisfy your sweet tooth, who doesn’t love ice creams, we all do for sure! But, not everyone of us can taste this $1,000 ice cream sundae that is obviously the world’s most expensive ice cream! The delectable sundae is The Grand Opulence Sundae from famed Serendipity of New York City. The scoops in the dessert are garnished with 23k edible gold. So, you can make-out the luxury that has gone into its making. And, if you are wondering, this might be a rare-sell for the makers then the restaurant reports, they sell approximately one a month. Ultra-expensive ice cream for the ultra-rich!!!

You have probably noticed my fascination with all things that are funky and fun in mobility in these posts, and I have found 2 more items that hit my hot button. If you love marine sports then one of the best ways to hit the tides is in your personal Hovercraft. And, the Hovpod Hovercraft will get your adrenaline pumping with its staggering ability to launch on any tide from any patch of land. Hovpod has the ability to slide on sand in the Sahara and can handle grass, packed snow and ice and have the power to ascend steep gradients and hit the waves to leave all the speedboats and quad bikes behind at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! The Hovpod hovercraft can accommodate three adults and it comes for a price of £14,995.

I have earlier told you about some luxury motorcoaches that has it all you need on your outdoor vacation from luxurious comforts of your home to the hi-tech gadgets you can’t live without! You name it and they have it! The only trouble you might face is when you want to take a round of the city or explore nearby places, you have no other option than your RV, which might not be a good idea for parking space trouble. So, how about carrying one of your car along! The German RV manufactuer Volkner Mobile is now offering a built-in garage facility along with the other luxuries in its motorcoach. The Volkner Mobil mobile home features a mobile garage situated between the front and rear axles that can stow lower cars like the BMW Z4, MINI Cooper convertible and Mercedes-Benz SLK. The slide-out platform can accomodate any vehicle up to five meters in length. The luxurious Volkner Mobil mobile home is on display at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, until September 3.

So you may have noticed I lacked "Rockstar Supernova" comments the past two days. Well, two reasons really; One, I actually had plans both Tuesday AND Wednesday night, and since I dont have TIVO yet, I missed both nights performances, and Two, I couldnt believe, after my glowing praise of Ryan Starr recently, he was the one that got the boot. I was able last night to watch all of the performances last night on You Tube, and unfortunately I am not as shocked, but am still sad to see Ryan go. He was soooo good about adapting to Supernova's comments over the past weeks, that I think it either messed with his head or went to his head a bit and this weeks performances, were waaaaay too over the top and manic for him. His vocals suffered, and he looked too gimmicky, and not right for the band. I am putting in what I think was the "turnaround" performance for Ryan, his self-accompanied piano ballad, "Losing My Religion", by REM. Enjoy......oh..I still haven't told you about my experience knowing Tommy Lee when we were younger, right before his Motley Crew days. Bwaaa, haa, will have to wait a bit longer for that...but let's just say Lee is NOT his real last happens to be the same as a newly "out" gay guy, that's had a lot of press recently. Know who it is? Leave a comment or email me and I will tell you more in future posts......

And speaking of music, did any of you watch the VMA's last night? Maybe I am just getting too old, but they seem to get worse every year. I LOVE Jack Black, but thought he was mostly flat the entire night without too many inspired moments, and his opening 'tanked' in my opinion. Justin Timberlake was an awesome choice to open the show however, and his brilliant dancing STILL amazes me. He is the total package of looks and talent. It was also fun to see the guys on the treadmills that I posted for you all waaaaaaay back HERE. And I must be getting old......when the hell did Axl Rose turn into a long-haired version of Danny Bonaduce from the Partridge family??? WTF???

Today's Eye Candy is pictures of the same person, I don't do it often, but this is from a MySpace friend, Kaleb, that is really inspiring to me. Take a moment to check out his profile and read his story about his HIV positive status. It's powerful and gives you real insight on a terrific guy with a terrific body AND mind.....Have a great weekend blogger friends...........GG



GG, thanks for posting that video of Ryan...missed that performance but OMG how HOT was that?!?!? The music, the singing, him??? Yowza! I think he'll so have a bright future, but agree he wasn't right for the band. Sorry to see him go. I think Dilana is probably the best fit for the band at this point....we'll see.


Wow, I want a Hover boat!
I caught the episode of Supernova, I havent gotten into the show but I mamnages to see this episode. Im more of a projuect runway junkie.

The VMA's this year werent that great at all, Jack Black was kinda lame. The winners were almost a big WTF?! See my review...

Happy labor day weekend!


Wow, the consensus is that the VMA's WERE TRULY kinda out of it this year. I may post my own blog on the whole damn show, I just gotta finish watching them. Agreed: Justin Timberlake opening the show was fantastic, Shakira was quite good, but Jack Black kinda sucked, as did most of the annoying show itself.

The Gay Guru

looking forward to your posts marko and wat on the VMA's truth be told, I thought they were so bad, I only skimmed them channel surfing after the first hour and a half. I agree Socal...Ryan is a cutie, and has some lungs, but not right for supernova, we need to go see him in his first solo concert Lady L....GG

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