Saturday, September 02, 2006

Working and Off to the Airport Tonight, You Tube Video Fave's, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends!! Not much of a post today, had to work all day and picking up Jay from the airport, as he returns from his week long cruise, (Yea!! no more back-up chinchilla sitting.) Hope your weekends are all coming along okay. We are getting brushed, I guess, from Ernesto, as our supposed weekend of sunshine has transpired into a gloomy, rainy Saturday. Tomorrow is not supposed to be much better, with the exception that I am off work.....YEA!! I will be back tomorrow with my newest segment, "On My Last Gay Nerve," which most of you seem to enjoy. Here's a couple fun vid clips off You Tube for the heck of it to watch and of course.......Eye Candy.....enjoy.....GG

Eye Candy today was found over at one of my fave's, Bent Blog......laterz


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