Friday, September 29, 2006

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It's FABulous Friday Blogger Friends!! Hope you all have something fun and exciting to do this weekend, or at least a chance to veg out with yourself, family or friends. Before we get into some of the FABulous finds I have for this Friday that we just cant afford at this time, lol, let's talk about puppies. Did that get your attention?? Most gay friends I know have a soft spot for the little bow-wow's. Well, I got a message over at the Gay Guru MySpace page the other day from one of my friends there named David. He has started an awesome little blogosphere space of his own just for all of us FABulous and gay, dog lovers out there. His site is called the Gentleman's Canine Society, and is just getting started and could use your support. I promised to get the word out to all of my blogger friends, and I hope you will all do the same. Any of my readers that have blogs of their own, please take a second to add a link to this great site on your blog and maybe give it a small shout-out in one of your next posts. I am sure David will appreciate it, along with all of his canine friends. Yesterday he featured a Puppy Spa, in the hills of Malibu, California, that sounds more fun than my last couple of vacations, so please check the site out.

I was having trouble finding some FABulous finds for you this week blogger friends, so I just went for pure extravagance as opposed to something very expensive that I might really want, lol. Let's start with the spoiled brat newborn, who has everything and wont settle for just a silver spoon in their mouth, how about GOLD. Want to give your little kid a royalty treatment no less then the Japan’s newborn prince then get ready to splurge with both hands! Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka has designed a rocking horse made of 24-karat gold as a tribute to the birth of Prince Hisahito, who is line to become Japan’s emperor. The gold horse is shaped like a wooden horse and is easy to rock just like the normal wooden toy. The golden horse is carved in 30-kilogram gold and is priced just like its luxury gold figure for a staggering $1.28 million. The Japanese designer has made one golden horse, but is ready to take-up more orders.

Interested in buying an island this Christmas and don’t want to settle for anythingless then the best! Then, get ready to free millions for owning the most expensive freehold island in the world, Vatu Vara island in Fiji. The island is nicknamed Hat Island due to its unusual shape and it is said to be one of the last four freehold islands to come on to the market in Fiji. The two-mile-wide island is for sale for an asking price of $75 million.

Of course with the elections coming up closer and closer, you know I cant resist the chance to drop a little political commentary. I get todays clip from crooks and liars via Stephen Colbert on his nightly "report." Colbert is having trouble thinking of his nightly segments "word of the day". It's on the tip of the tongue, and he goes thru some of the more "serious" issues of the day that are overshadowing the word of the day. Take a look HERE, you gotta love Stephen Colbert. Him and Jon Stewart are my hero's.

Todays Eye Candy comes from blogger friend matt's blog "Debriefing the Boys", Matt I have featured on here in the past, he did a great job of coming out on his blog and you might want to check out his archives if it is something you are struggling with. He took a thinking mans perspective to the challenge and looked at all sides pretty well. Now he is pretty much "totally gay", lol, and is obsessed with hot guys and x-rated vids, so my family friendly readers might want to take caution before checking it out..........enjoy your weekend blogger friends........GG



Oooh, picture #1...oooh! I checked out the Gentlemans Canine Society and loved it! Hmmm, straight female...but do have dogs and a history of working with them...does that count? :) Hope life is calming down a bit for ya, GG. :)


Good Job! :)

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