Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lukas Rossi Wins Rockstar Supernova, A Goodbye Video From Dilana, How I Knew Tommy Lee, Eye Candy

SHOCKED AND APPALLED!!! Good morning blogger friends. That's how just one of my many emails started out about Dilana not winning "Rockstar Supernova", (or whatever they are going to call themselves now that there is a temporary injunction against them using the name from some obscure California band called Supernova.) They tactfully danced around that fact last night as they called the TV show Rockstar Supernova, which is allowed, but referred to the band, only by the guys names. First off, I actually just took some time off work last night to see the finale, as lame as that might be, I had invested some emotion into this show and wanted to see how it came out. I was feeling pretty confident for the first half. As I predicted yesterday, Magni was the first to get the boot, followed by Toby. Well two out of three ain't bad I guess. What I have been hoping against all summer reared it's ugly head and Lukas won Rockstar. I dont want to take away from Lukas's talent, he is good, and if you read THIS article, was supposed to win it all along. I just did not really like his look for the band and thought that Dilana was much more talented vocally and would be a hot front for the band. They teased us and brought some confusion last night as Tommy said, "we have to listen to the fans and pick who they have decided with their votes last night." It made you think Dilana was going to win because she was the only one of the four NOT in the bottom three during voting. But as they worded it, just because Lukas was "at sometime during the night in the bottom three," that doesnt mean he didnt have a rally and end up getting the most votes for the night. It IS suprising to me though, considering the live audience sounded clearly in Dilana's favor. I am going to stick with my assumption I lightly brushed over yesterday about the band being afraid of having a hot woman like Dilana on the tour bus. None of the boys have had a female in their bands, and were probably a little nervous about what the dynamics could be. Tommy still likes his womanizing, and the others dont want their commitments rattled by a new female presence. Just the fact that Gilby offered to help write and produce tracks for Dilana shows how much they like her sound, but just couldnt make the mental leap to include her in their everyday tour world. I think Lukas gave them visions of their former selves with the dark, goth appearance and the rebel act. If I was not pretty sure he wasnt, it would be pretty great for Lukas to turn out to be gay, and see how the boys handled THAT on the road, LOL. So anyway, SHOCKED, yes, APPALLED, not really, the boys have to do what's right for them, just because I disagree, I can make my feelings known by not attending a show, (like that's going to happen, Columbus, Ohio, February 2nd, here I come,) but the guys had to pick who they wanted to live with on tour, and I think that was as big a factor as talent, so it was their decision to make. It was a good show this summer, I will hopefully be following some sort of career paths from my favorites, Dilana, Magni, Toby, and Ryan and Storm, in the near future, and of course Supernova, (or whatever, lol). Here's one last look at my favorite, Dilana with her "back-up boys", haha!

I have never really been into Motley Crue, which is probably one of the biggest reasons I think I never tried to use my brief friendship with Tommy Lee, to impose upon his life before. Sure it was awesome that he married Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, that could have been a fun dinner party to go to, lol, but by then too much time had passed. I knew "Tom Bass", when I was 15/16, living in Covina, California, where I grew up my first 18 years. I had joined a masonic youth group called "Demolay", and that is where I met Tom, (not too many people called him tommy then.) It's funny to think of the man everyone know's as Tommy Lee, was my friend in a youth service club for guys that had as our chief tenents; filial love, reverence for sacred things, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity, cleanliness, and patriotism. I hung with Tom Bass, at least two times a month in our shirt and ties, believe it or not. Of course, that was just for chapter meetings, we all had our own lifes, and outside Demolay, Tom was still a long hair rocker in a hot local band called "US101". Most weekends, we would have dances or hang with the girls youth groups, called "Jobs Daughters" and "Rainbow Girls". (It's kinda funny now with my sexual orientation, that I was named club mascot, or "rainbow beau", twice for our local girls youth group, LOL) That's probably what kept Tom coming to the group and the meetings, was the girls and the dances on Saturday nights, where he would rock out with his band and then have his pick of the girls throughout the night. Tom was in the group before I got there, and he had really good friendships, with friends who I ended up making really good friendships with, which is how we started hanging around. Dennis, Keith, Zoe Ann, Diana, Tom and I would hang out outside of the youth group. Diana and Tom were really good friends and though they would never admit it, I am sure with "benefits". Anyway, I wont bore you with stories of things we did back then, but there was some fun and crazy times we all took part in, with Tommy being the lead crazy out of all of us. When he was offered Motley Crue, we were all very excited for him, but lost touch quickly, there were so busy practicing and performing all over. Diane lived real close to Tom and the Bass family, so she would fill us in on what was going on, but soon when they started hitting it big, Tom bought his parents a real nice house closer to L.A., which we all thought was cool as hell of him, but was pretty much the end of us hearing what was going on in his life except what we read in the magazines. So that's my story of me and Tommy Lee. Would Tommy remember me from 16 years old to now? Probably, he would definitely remember some of the crazy stuff I remember us all as a group doing. He would remember the fun times of his band US101. He would laugh about how he was in such a straight and narrow club like we were in back then. I dont think I could ever be presumptios enough to try to crash in on our old friendship, but I may just drop him a letter and let him know an old friend watched him over the summer and is looking forward to seeing his new band when they get to Ohio!!

It's a day off, but I got lot's of little things to do, so I will try to post again later.......until then, some hot black and white eye candy from cruising over at my blogger friend, Stephen, who is Looking Out From a Southern Closet.....Enjoy blogger friends...........GG


SoCalMuchacha (no more gal ;))

Thanks for the heads up on the Lukas article, GG...very interesting. A friend of mine went to one of the tapings of Rock Star a little over a week ago and she said that she just KNEW Lukas would win, and that there was some editing done, for sure, that fit in with who the show wanted to promote as 'the audience grabber' for the week. She said extended applause was left in for the gals, not for Lukas, and so on. I think those of us watching in TVLand don't get the full impact of the live in-house performance because there have been times when whoever sang got such RAVE reviews by Supernova and the audience, when I personally thought s/he sucked.

Did have a soft spot for Magni so would love to have seen him win, but as you said, he didn't really give it his all on Tuesday night. I loved seeing him be such a team player playing guitar for Tobey, back-up for Dilana, and guitar again when the 'new' Supernova with Lukas performed. Unfortunately I do believe the only two that could have really fit in with Supernova were Dilana and Lukas...and I agree with you that it seems such a testosterone-laden band isn't about to have a powerhouse gal front least not yet. And DAMN I liked that video you posted yesterday (sorry, behind on reading!)...hottie guy in it, to boot! ;)

And reading your stories about Tom(my) back in the day, was fun...thanks for sharing, kiddo! :)

The Gay Guru

seems we are of the same mindset yet again muchacha, "sisters" forever, LOL. Thanx for the perspective of an audience member, when I lived in La La Land, I used to go to a lot of the show tapings, and of course you are right, they are edited very much to the producers vision. Love ya lady........GG

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