Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Wisdom From Fulghum, Asking For Resource Help On Project, The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating, Daily Eye Candy

It's Tuesday Blogger Friends, and I think it's time to dust off another one of my favorite "Fulghum'isms". I havent used one in a while, and I was reading him a bit last night and thought it was time for another dose. This bit of wisdom handed down from Fulghum is a bit of fun philosophy about having some faith, yet not forgetting to hedge your bets a bit too......

"Always Trust Your Fellow Man....And Always Cut The Cards"

"Always Trust God....And Always Build Your House On High Ground"

"Always Love Thy Neighbor....And Always Pick A Good Neighborhood To Live In"

"The Race Is Not Always To The Swift, Nor The Battle Always To The Strong....Though It's Better To Bet That Way"

"Place Your Bet Somewhere Between 'Turning The Other Cheek' and 'Enough Is Enough Already"

"Place Your Bet Somewhere Between 'Haste Makes Waste' and 'He Who Hesitates Is Lost'

"About Winning....It Isn't Important. What Really Matters Is How You Play The Game"

"About Losing....It Isn't Important. What Really Counts Is How You Play The Game"

"About Playing The Game....Play To Win!!"

I am looking for some information Blogger Friends, and if any of you has it for me or can point me in the right direction, I would be extremely thankful. An editorial in my local paper the other day hit a cord with me, and I am wondering if there is any data out there, or any places that you know of that deal with this issue. The story was about an awesome organization that put's together and distributes care packages to foster kids at college. Basically it was telling how once foster children turn 18 and are no longer wards of the state, they are sent off to college, or jobs, or life in general, without any type of family support system as a foundation. Of course some come from some outstanding foster families that treat them as their own children and welcome them back home, but that is far from the norm. Most are at college with their peers, with no one to go visit on holidays and breaks, or to make sure they have money for incidental school supplies and what have you. This organization sends care packages to these now foster adults, to give them a sense of being. It really touched me greatly and got me to thinking about how doubly hard this must be for gay foster children. What kind of support do they have, or do they stay in the closet, or just have no support at all. So my question to you blogger friends and readers, is do you know of any organizations that contribute to gay foster kids/adults?? I would really like to find out if any exist here in the United States. It is a project I would really like to get behind as I go forward and start to concentrate on charitable works the Gay Guru can be used for in the future. I am going to google my brains out over the next couple of weeks to see what information I can find, but if you already know of any organizations, please leave a comment or email me here at the email link up to the right of the blog. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I also want to thank you for your input as to what you want to see me tackle as a weekly topic here at the blog. Of the 6 booklet ideas I told you I was writing for publication, it seems the clear favorite for me to blog about was, "The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating." Starting the second week of October, I am going to be blogging every tuesday for 5 weeks, excerpts from the booklet I am putting together. Hopefully to provide some advice, insight, commentary, and humor to the perilous road that is gay dating. Thanx again for the emails of encouragement on this ambitious project.

Todays daily eye candy comes from Drew and Pepe two of my new blogger friends over at their "he said, he said" blog. Talk about making a long distance relationship work, they have it down in spades. Enjoy the pics and the rest of the week.....GG


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