Monday, September 18, 2006

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It's MEME Monday blogger friends, have you taken a silly MEME quiz today? LOL! Hope you all had a fun and/or productive weekend. I spent yesterday with Mama and Papa Guru, as they are set to leave today on a geneology expedition today. Any of you out there into that geneology/family tree stuff? Mama Guru has been into it for about 5 years now, bless her heart, and she has gone back all the way to 1600's on a couple names. She has her work cut out for her as she is tracing 3 family lineages (?), including my dad's last name, her last name, and my true last name, (I am my mothers biological son, and my dad adopted me when they married when I was 3, there are some amusing stories to that another time.) So anyway, they are off today library and cemetary crawling, oooh what fun, lol, NOT!! It's funny that I have never really asked, and she has never really said if she found any traces of gay ancestry in her or my biological dads family tree. That will be a fun scavenger hunt for her!!

I feel I havent been Guru'ish enough for you lately and I have been researching and writing out some options for you. I would like to do a 4-5 part series, starting in the next few weeks, and stretch it out once a week over the course of the month on like Tuesdays or Thursdays. Here are topics I have been writing about for myself and researching lately; would you be more interested in a series on...."The Gay Guru's Guide to Dating?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Romance on a Budget?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Gay Travel?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Making Your Commitment Legal?" "The Gay Guru's Guide to Coming Out?" or "The Gay Guru's Guide to GLBT Community Activism?" As I said, I have actually been researching all of the above topics, as I have decided to actually make those guides available to the community. My goal is to have at least a couple of the guides ready for publication and sale by the 1st of the year. The plan is now, to self publish, make them around 100-150 pages, paperback, with as cheap a retail price as I can make them, probably around 5-10 bucks a piece. I would really like to test out some of my material thru this site, and so I am asking what you might like to see first. I will probably continue to do them on each subject here, as brief overviews over the 4 part series, but was wondering if any of you had a preference in the order of the topics I will cover. Let me know some feedback on this idea in general, and what you would like to see covered here first.

Hopefully a lot of you blogger friends are reading more than just this little ol' blog here. There are a lot of really great blogs written by gay, straight and albino , (well maybe,) writers out there that are pretty terrific. A while back, I came across and was invited to participate in a community blog called, "Gay Men Rule." It is compiled by a list of some of my favorite blog writers and a few of my blogger friends. It is being moderated now by Joshua, the brother of a long-time blogger and excellent wordsmith, Marc, who was taken from us way too soon last month. I will be adding reprints of posts from this site, and some original posts from time to time. But if you want some good reading blogger friends, and have not come across this site yet, I highly recommend it, and a lot of the bloggers who contribute to it...enjoy.

Okay, how appropriate is this....Whenever a new television season begins and I see promo's for shows like "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", or cool L.A. based drama's, or even commercials that remind me, I want to be back living in California, and leave this banishment in exile in Ohio. So when I was looking for a fun MEME to add to todays blog, I came across this "Where Does Your Inner Californian Belong?". I swear this is not manipulated, I have no ideas what other cities will pop up for you guys that take this quiz. But how bloody gay is it that it assigns me San Francisco, LMAO, just too funny for mere words........enjoy

You Belong in San Francisco

You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC.

You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best.

People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich!

Today's eye candy comes from Drake, who has one of my favorite MySpace pages. Hope you all have a great week blogger friends, enjoy!!...........GG



Hmmm..The Gay Guru's guide to dating...sooo need to read that! I saw the season premiere for Studio 60 and it was actually quite good...I laugh I cried...I got goosebumps...ok it wasn't a Laura Ingalls novel..but I thought it was good! ;-) peace


What? Because I'm an old man I'm now the moderator? LOL You guys can consider 'Mother Hen' if you want LOL. But every contributor of that multi-authored blog has full reign as administrator meaning they can add their own personal touch to the blog design - offer stories - and invite new members. I do think that I've taken on a more active role simply because I'm trying to take on all the background work my brother did. But realistically, I'm probably one of the least experienced bloggers and computer gurus LOL

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