Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie, "Brothers and Sister" One of The Best New Shows on TV, In The News, "Captured Cuties"

Happy Halloweenie blogger friends and readers!! This is the Gay Guru flying in on my broomstick to wish you all a night of fun and cheer and mischief. Any fun and funky Halloweenie parties tonight, or did you all party out this past weekend? There was a big blow-out at the local gay bar on Saturday, and it was fun, but I seriously dont recommend halloweenie sex with a green M&M, when the make-up is still on. Let's just say we were a little too eager and by the time we were done, I looked like I was slimed, LOL. Tonight is gonna be low-key, non-costume, banding the lil ghouls and goblins of my friends together, for some mass trick or treating and then a relaxing night of scary movies, ouji boards, and games for the rest of the night. They are yelling at me now to get off the 'puter, but I had a few things to the post that was written mostly this morning, then saved, lol.

Hey, not related to Halloween at all, but I wanted to talk about this yesterday and forgot, then didnt have time. Have any of you seen the new Sunday night drama on ABC, "Brothers and Sisters?" If this show is not on your gaydar for quality programming, set the TIVO. It took over Grey's Anatomy's old timeslot and I have watched it from the beginnning. It has THE BEST fleshed out gay character I have seen on TV for a long, long time. The show has a fantastic ensemble that plays off each other very well. Sally Field is the Matriarch of the brothers and sisters of the Walker family. Calista Flockhart returns to tv, and gives just a glimpse into why Harrison Ford might be smitten with her. The family is full of pretty people and seasoned actors for a great combination of eye candy and great acting. It's both dramatic and very funny. As I said, it has one of the best fleshed out featured gay characters of any show I have seen in a long time. They are not played as cartoony, or stereotypical, at least so far, and it is a real pleasure to watch the storyline play out. Kevin Walker, played by dark curly haired Welsh import Mathew Rhys, is the family's peacemaker and wave smoother. He is a practicing lawyer for other clients and for the Walker Family, an out gay man, who know's most everyone else's secret's, but is still ever cautious in falling for another man. He meets Scottie, (love the name,) played by an actor I know, but now forget his name, (dammit), an even more out gay man, who is a cater-waiter by trade. I believe you can watch all of the episodes so far this season on ABC's website I linked above and do yourself a favor, AT LEAST WATCH THE LAST TWO EPISODES IN ORDER. A major gay storyline running thru both episodes and a guy on guy kiss in each one. Wow, we have come a long way since Ellen. The beginning of the romance for "Kevin and Scottie" are so true to life and heartfelt and poignant and funny, and I just cant say enough. I am going to feature this show on the next website update, but take me up on this, you wont regret it, go check out Brothers and Sisters on ABC.com.

Lot's of stuff In The News on this wicked lil Holiday........you know what, it was kinda gay, maybe some insensitivity training, but a suspension may be harsh, ESPN Announcer Suspended Over Gay Jibe; it always seems to be the one's who are supporting equal rights that are activists, not the loonies trying to squelch them, ,font color="green">Gay Legal Group Blasts Bush Attacks On Judges; of course we cant have unwanted children being placed in homes where people actually want them, that would just be wrong, Gay Adoption Highlight Of Fla. Gubernatorial Debate; Go Judy Go, Go Judy Go, Matthew Shepard's Mom Rallies Youth Vote; why is it always one step forward, two steps back?, Gay Marriage Ban Vote Looms In Mass; and finally, it's down to the wire people, lets get out the vote on these things, Both Sides In Colorado Gay Battle Get Support From NJ Ruling.

Carve your own pumpkin at pYzam.com!

Carve your own pumpkin at pYzam.com!

Okay all you boys and ghouls, enjoy the night, dont eat too much candy, and talk to you soon. Here's a little halloweenie "captured cuties" action from blogger buddy Robguy over at his daily blog. Trick or Treat everyone.........GG

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Election Coming Soon.....VOTE, In The News, Craig Ferguson, "Captured Cuties"

Start of a new week blogger friends and readers, and I am up bright and early to go to yet another week of training......whoooopieeee!! Thanx for all the email and comments to yesterdays post, got some great feedback and appreciated all of your insight. So the mid-term elections are only one week away, and I read a scary statistic in my local paper yesterday. The paper polled over 200 people in 3 counties here in NE Ohio, and 2/3 of them refused to answer questions about the upcoming elections, or were not going to vote. One sophomore at the local university said he really doesnt pay much attention to midterm elections and he has class that day and probably wouldnt have time to vote. WHAT?? Doesnt pay much attention to midterm elections? Dude, you are 19 and a sophomore, the last midterm elections for you, you were 15, I am not surprised you didnt pay attention. And you are too busy with school?? Obviously you are not taking a government class!

In that same article, only 40% knew was running for the major state offices besides Governor and a Senator. No clue to their local House Representative, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, etc. At least they were a little more up to date on the ballot propositions, and there arent that many here in Ohio this year. They are trying to raise the state minimum wage here in Ohio from a whopping $5.15 an hour, to $6.85, and put it into our state constitution for adjustments for inflation. The opponents are saying there is a clause for them to have to disclose salaries and work history that would lose privacy and make bookkeeping harder for them. Boo Fricken Hoo!! Some of you California and western state readers may be shocked to know that Ohio is one of many states that has a "tip credit minimum wage". What does that mean? It means my best friend J, who has been a server at the local Red Lobster while going to school for his Masters and finding work after, only makes $2.13 an hour as a waiter here in ohio. $2.13!!!!! The minimum wage in California in 1979 was $2.11 cents. The only time a restaurant employer has to pay more than the 2.13 is if the average tips do not equal what the 5.15 and hour would have been. It's absolutely ridiculous!! PLEASE use this week to read up on your local issues on the ballot and who is running for what office in your state. Everyone needs to vote! That is one of the reasons our country is always said to be "going to hell", because we have lost the feeling that our vote counts and that is what sets us apart from so many other nations. Of course I am going to vote Democratic in most positions, but if you really, strongly in the Republican candidate in your area over the Democrat, please do vote for him, JUST VOTE! It is NOT a right or a priveledge, it's your DUTY.

Also In The News............Democrats Eyeing Control Of Congress Also Have High Hopes For State Races; why cant they just stick to pancake breakfast's and feeding the poor, Tennessee Church Starts Wal-Mart Boycott Over Gay Support; first a t-shirt, then a burning cross in the front yard, Anti-Gay T-Shirt Battle Heads To Supreme Court; this is definitely NOT disturbing for me, more like an act of God, Evangelical-GOP Alliance Continues To Weaken; and finally, talk about having your cake and eating it to, this is a real split decision, Support For Dueling Colorado Gay Amendments Remains High.

And just for fun, a little more Craig Ferguson humor, as he ponders what to call the gay marriage rights in New Jersey........the leather boys are loving it, LOL.

Since I am off around 6:30 tonight, I may post some more stuff later, but if not, here is some more of our hot, "Captured Cuties", brought to us today by a hottie friend at MySpace, who is all about teaching bodybuilding to beginners, and he has the body to prove it works. Hope you all have a great week blogger friends and readers.......enjoy..........GG

"On My Last Gay Nerve", Gay Culture, "Captured Cuties"

Hey blogger friends and readers, it's Sunday and we all made it thru another week. Sorry for the late post yesterday, crazy day, but I hope you took the time to watch that video I found over at my blogger friend, jeremy's blog. Kinda Cirque de Soleil and Captured Cuties rolled into one, lol.

So until the whole apartment fiasco took over my life, I had been using Sundays as a chance to vent out my frustrations of the week, to clean my mind of bad thoughts and start Monday with a renewed sense of purpose. I am going to get back to that today with my latest installment of Sunday's "On My Last Gay Nerve"!! I originally was going to focus on the fact that I wish I was a model too, but as the week progressed, it has become about how we really need to be models to feel "in" anymore.

Earlier in the week, I was jealous I guess, of fellow blogger Ethan, over at Bratboy School. I like reading his blog, and although I rarely agree with his politics, he does offer interesting points that a lot of people agree with, and gives me a good balance of stories I read. Ethan is very good looking, and one of his blog's goals, is to further his modeling career, (I am secretly hoping it is an adult modeling career, but that post is over at Gay Guru After Dark, lol). This past week, he held an auction for just a couple days on just a couple of items, to raise money for his blog and a road trip to California. He raised over $540 dollars on just 3 items, and I cant help but believe that besides his charming personality and political views, it was due to him being such a hottie. Not to put Ethan down, but it really got me to thinking on what value we place on beauty STILL in society.

Another example of this was posted this week by another daily read of mine, the guys at Queerty. They had a blurb on perhaps another political gay romp and/or scandal, it seems Tory MP Greg Barker, may have had an extra-marital affair on his wife with his interior decorator, famed William Banks-Blaney. Where it brings me to the point of my rant today, is this paragraph that Queerty put into the story, "What we don't understand is why Banks-Blaney, who by all accounts is a wealthy, attractive, young gay man, would shack up with Barker. We don't mean to be cruel, but he's neither attractive, nor young." More perpetuating of the fact you have to young and cute to be worthy of being in a relationship with another young and cute man.

Finally, I want to tie all this in to see if this is a matter of "culture". A fellow contributor to the bloggers group I belong to over at "Gay Men Rule", had a very interesting discussion point as to what is "gay culture", if there is a culture at all. Where does beauty and muscle fit into our culture? Are they defining points, or are they merely inclusion points? If you do not fit the mold with movie star looks and the ultimate jock body, are you accepted into the culture as readily, or are you a subculture on the outside? I have to admit, I play into the factor by including two pictures of what I have called "eye candy" on this blog every day. I have admitted many a time throughout this blog's history that I am merely an average guy with an overweight body, yet I use endorsement pictures from friends on my MySpace page, with the homepage picture being of a shirtless friend with a rocking body. Luckily, I have a loud personality coupled with a healthy sense of humor and carefree attitude, that can help shape the opinion of me, both good and bad, to compensate for my "average/overweight" factor. I have however, definitely felt the discrimination of not being a pretty boy in room. I know firsthand that I can get the hottie on occassion, but have had to learn the hard way, that it takes a lot more than a pretty face and body to be in this Guru's life, full time.

Anyway, thats what's "On My Last Gay Nerve" this week, and I welcome any thoughts or comments and emails on to your opinions of beauty in the gay culture. I hope you take a second to get all the heavy thoughts and negative feelings of your past week out of your system before we head into the new week tomorrow. If you ever have anything on YOUR "Last Gay Nerve" and you want to talk about it, I would be more than happy to feature you on this site, in this segment, just drop me an email. I am doing a one week training next week for a new system being implemented in my work, so I will be working 10-630pm next week. Blog posts may be a little later each night. Have a great week blogger friends........enjoy...........GG

Oh and of course, a couple "Captured Cuties" from one of my favorite blogger friends Marko over at Marks Planet, to just blow the hell out of everything I just talked about up above, LOL...........cya..............

Saturday, October 28, 2006

VERY Late post, stealing from blogger friend and favorite gay blog Jeremy at StarrF*cker

Hey Blogger friends, its about as close to Sunday as a saturday post can get, and the time is even moving back an hour later. Sorry about the late post, but I had to work all day and have been busy all night. I am going to sooooooo totally cheat on this post and just copy one of my favorite blogger friends, and hot porn cameraman extraordiannaire.....Jeremy over at Starrf*cker blog....it is pretty much for the gay audience only, sorry all our str8 blogger friends and relatives. He posted this hot video from YouTube today about these sexy twins and I was mesmorized. IF ANYBODY COULD TRANSLATE THE INTERVIEW AT THE END OF THE VIDEO I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL, I DONT KNOW IF THAT IS GERMAN, SWEDISH, DUTCH, FRENCH, OR WHAT, BUT I WANT TO HEAR THE INTERVIEWERS QUESTIONS AND THOSE HOT BOYS ANSWERS!! Hope you all have a great weekend, I will have a post at a more reasonable time tomorrow, at least before 8pm, LOL. Take care and talk soon..............GG

and why stop there at hot twins, here's another mini video.........enjoy

Friday, October 27, 2006

FABulous Friday Returns, In The News, SoCalMuchacha Talk Show Tour, "Captured Cuties"

Wow blogger friends and readers, seems like it has been forever since we have had a FABulous Friday posting and seen some kewl stuff that is waaaaaay too expensive but just fun and we have to have it none the less, lol. First, in honor of the new RED revolution for AIDS relief in Africa, the iPod-craze has not even faded a little bit. And, so months after the iPod-friendly clothing line hit the market including Levis DLX jeans, iPod jackets and Pink’s iPod-friendly commuter tie, the manufacturers are still rolling out more options like this Ermenegildo Zegna’s iPod-ready iJacket. This smart jacket controls the iPod with a subtle control pad on the left sleeve. Besides, it looks more fashionable and elegant, all for $750. And, if you have already decided to get yourself Apple’s newly-released red nano, than color yourself red too, for this is the season of Christmas!!

For my animal loving best gal, the SoCalMuchacha, when you hit the lotto babe, you need to get this luxury pet spa and other luxury-stuff meant for your pampered fido, but, if you want to gift your pet an out-of-this-world luxury this Christmas, then get ready to spend like crazy too! Elite Pet Havens are custom designed state-of-the-art health and luxury havens for your cherished pet that features a unique private environment for your pet in the comforts of your home. The unit comprises of visual simulation systems, which provides virtual interactive outdoor environment in your home. The unit comes integrated with high-tech design that features multitude of luxuries including climate-control systems, remote real-time interactive capability of pets with their pet friends, other pets, virtual pets, trainers, vets, breeders, & other personal and professional contacts, as well as owners with their pets, the treadmill & moving pool components to play games such as “fetch.” You can even get your pets exercise program physiologically monitored by experts, remotely. The luxurious pet havens will cost you dearly for the models flaunt a price range as unique as its concept ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 and even above.

And finally, you REALLY wanna make an impression as you ponder what to do at one of the first marriage or civil union ceremonies in New Jersey?? I have earlier told you about million dollar cakes that were decked-up with diamond icing and made-up with the finest of ingredients, but the $20 million wedding cake has made its debut in Beverly Hills. The diamond cake is the most expensive diamond wedding cake ever and is created by Mimi So Jewellers and cake designer Nahid La Patisserie Artistique. The edible opulence is the star attraction of the Luxury Brands Bridal Show held at Rodeo Drive. The confection includes diamonds that are priceless in value and exclusive in application and the design is created expressly for this occasion. So, if by any chance, you have still not made-it-out, then let me tell you folks,this luxurious cake is not meant for eating.

In The News..........with less than 2 weeks before the election, Republicans are getting desperate and downright dirty, GOP Ad: Democratic Win Would Mean Homosexual Control Of House; is it too little, too late for the insensitive slurs? I believe in second chances, but hope there arent anymore, Grey's Anatomy Star Apologizes For Homophobic Outburst; one step forward in New Jersey, one step back in Washington state, Washington Supreme Court Declines To Reconsider Gay Marriage Ruling; it's kind of a black eye on the gay rights organization, but at least they acted appropriately as soon as they found out, unlike the Republican leadership, Foley Email Leak Linked To HRC Employee; but yet, we never hear too much about these activist Senators and their denying "A Bushie appointee", Judicial Nominee Says She Did Nothing Wrong Attending Lesbian Wedding; this is the first time that workers "going postal" is a good thing, Canadian Postal Workers Walk Out Over Mail Seen As Homophobic; C'mon my next door neighbor Indiana residents, stop the madness, and dont follow our Ohio's legislatures bad moves, Indiana GOP Vows New Push For Gay Marriage Ban; and finally, no, I really mean FINALLY, she actually may be getting it, Clinton Says She's 'Evolved' On Gay Marriage.

So I got the bestest workday surprise yesterday on my lunch break. The oft mentioned, yet never doted on enough, SoCalMuchacha, was in L.A. yesterday on a whirlwind talk show tour it seems. She left a hilarious voice mail about it and that cowinkydinky with my lil Craig Ferguson clip I showed yesterday, she was heading to a taping of Ferguson last night. (I can't wait for the Ellen story!!) She told me to be on the sound-out for some mischief making in the audience last night, but I missed it. I hope she was able to do something devlishly dirty there and not get kicked out, LOL. I will call you back this weekend Lady L, hope you had a blast and here is another Ferguson clip, just because............

I hope you enjoy your weekend blogger friends and readers. From one of my favorite titled blogger friends, "One Gay at a Time", we have our Fridays "Captured Cuties". I wanna go to that beautiful beach where the guy on the rocks is.....enjoy.....GG

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger Friends Eloquence on Michael J. Fox Story, New Jersey: Not Marriage But I Like It, Craig Ferguson Snippet, "Captured Cuties"

Hey there blogger friends and readers, a Thursday, and I dont get the day off as usual, have to go in to cover for a friend who is going in for surgery today. I want to start out with a little follow up to my post the other day about Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michael J. Fox, for "acting" or "purposefully being off his meds", in a recent campaign ad for a democrat who supports stem cell research. Fellow blogger friend, over at his blog, "The Lost Find", has his own post on the matter, which is really well written and heartfelt, unfortunately because it comes with first hand experiences with Parkinsons. I hope you will take a couple minutes to pop over to his site and read his thoughts on the matter.

Of course I have to talk about the big "In The News" story out of New Jersey yesterday. The state supreme court there found in a 4-3 ruling, that the state of New Jersey must afford all of the same rights and priveledges of marriage equally to same sex couples as they do to "traditional couples." They stopped short of ordering gay marriage, and left the semantics and the terminology to the state legislature, giving them 180 days to draft the new rules and decide to label it marriage or civil unions. What made New Jersey a lynchpin in the fight for gay marriage rights equality, is that there is no law there that would prevent a union there to not be recongnized in any other state, unlike Massachussett's that has gay marriage, but also a law that makes it legal ONLY in Mass. The positive ruling for gay marriage there would mean that couples could get married in New Jersey, and then have a better legal leg to stand on in their own state by suing for their union to be legal in their home state.

Some gay rights advocates are disappointed in the ruling not explicitely saying that "gay marriage" should be legal. Personally, I dislike the symantics game and prefer that we be given the unique status of "civil unions", and here is why.... Of course this is only my opinion, but marriage to me is and always has been a religious term and ceremony. I was the best man at my best friends marriage in the baptist ceremony, and again when they renewed their vows in a catholic ceremony, after they had converted. I have been to marriage ceremonies for both jewish and mormon friends. We use the term "marriage" to implicate the act, but really all it is, is the joining of two people's lives in a legally binding way, and affording them rights, priveledges, and expectations under the law. Their uniting together, or their "union's" are relatively all the same under the law. What is different to me is the way they were "married" or the ceremony that was performed. As a gay man, I do not need to be called "married", as long as I am given all the rights and priveledges and expectations, equally to my heterosexual counterparts. In fact, having the style and uniqueness we have, I sorta prefer our own special unique name to our coming together legally under the law, and a "civil union" is just fine by me. Is there any reason I cannot call my spouse my "husband" or my "wife" after a civil union? Is that the problem, the semantics of what to call my partner in life? Believe me I have seen nelly queens call their boyfriends of 2 months their "husband" and I have seen straight friends call their married spouse their "significant other", what difference does it make?

Please, let's not get bogged down in the semantics to prevent a celebration of another victory in our equal rights to our heterosexual counterparts in entering into a legally binding relationship. I truly believe we would move our cause farther and faster if we would drop the "marriage" label altogether and just concentrate on getting equal protection rights under the law for our committed relationships, then go out and have a ceremonial "marriage" or "civil union" in any church, backyard, beach, mountaintop, townhall you wish and celebrate your joining together in our own unique styles. Thank you New Jersey Supreme Court, Thank You!!!!

So I have something bugging me, and maybe it's just jealousy, but I have already found my topic for "On My Last Gay Nerve," for this Sundays post. Unless something else really fires me up between now and Sunday, the topic will be subtitled, "I wish I were a model", and it will be a serious rant on a pet peeve of mine and a sour taste I have in my mouth of a certain fellow blogger, model. Why am i posting this now, haha, I dont know, guess I am still jealous and mad and need to vent a bit after my daily web surfing this morning. Anyway, wanna know what has me so hot and bothered? Tune in Sunday to find out........I am such a tease, maybe I am a model on the inside, LMAO.

And recently, I have been staying up late, and have caught Craig Ferguson's show on CBS, and he is much funnier than I thought he was. I really didnt know much about him besides the few times I saw the "Drew Carey Show". Anyway, just for a bit of giggles today, here is a clip from one of his recent monologues.

Todays "Captured Cuties" were found over at those Male and Beautiful Blog, and they have some hotties flickered there. Weekend is almost here blogger friends...enjoy..GG

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, In The News, Captured Cuties

It's "HUMP"day Wednesday blogger friends, and I still dont have enough "Original Sin" pictures to post yet. Get your shy self on the receiving end of a camera flash and start sending in those self pics!! It's half-way thru the week, and I still dont have a thing to wear for Halloween. There is a big costume party at the local gay bar this Saturday, and some friends and I are in a costume funk. Every idea we come up with seems either boring or so yesterday, lol. I dont dress to impress at these things, I just dont want to be the only one wearing a sweater and chino's while everyone else is dracula, a roll of charmin, or something equally silly and fun. So what's your thoughts blogger friends? How about sending me in pics of you in your Halloween costumes next week for Original Sin? And how about sending me in some ideas now on what a cute but chubby Guru should be wearing this year, haha.

Here's what's interesting to me In The News...........we may find out today if Atlantic City and New Jersey will have the next drive thru chapels for gay weddings, Vegas is jealous, lol, Positive NJ Ruling Would Open Door To Gay Couples Nationwide; The Christian Right is at it again, but Walmart? we have to wear dark glasses and a hat to shop in their anyway, if they really want to hurt us gays, boycott Crate and Barrel or William Sonoma, lol, AFA: Avoid Gay Friendly Wal-Mart; the nerd with the big wallet is out helping again, THANK YOU, Gates Fund To Help Indian Health Authorities; selective memory is a beautiful thing if you are a Congressman, let's hope his constiuents forget to vote, Hastert Testifies At Pageboy Probe; Governor Arnold could learn a few things from this man, Virginia Governor Speaks Out About Anti-Gay Amendment; of course the school board doesnt look at it as a hate crime, maybe just a seriously dislike crime, jeeesh, Police Probe Gay Bashing At HS Football Game; and finally, there's nothing worse than holes in condoms, GAO Pokes Holes In Bush Condom Advice.

Oh, and actually one more thing, not really "newsy" but I thought it was interesting. Some magazine called "Old Trout", has put out a list of the 13 Scariest Americans, just in time for Halloween. I read thru the article and some of the people featured were quite amazing in their zealousness to keep other Americans down. In case you want to read over the piece, you can go HERE.

And with a short post today, it brings us to "Captured Cuties" on this "HUMP"day Wednesday, with hot pics found over at the Pretty Boys Club. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week...........GG

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Michael J. Fox, Discrimination Is Alive and Well In Houston Landscaping, Shut Up and Sing, "Captured Cuties - Smiles"

Hey blogger friends and readers. I gotta couple of 'In The News' things I would like to talk about today. First, as we wind down to the final two weeks before the midterm elections, it seems as though the Republicans are going to have to resort to just going all out nasty, to try to retain their seats in Congress. Now Dem's are never innocent in all of this, and when they feel they are on the losing end, they will pull out the negative ads and comments, with as much ferocity. The point is, it makes either side look foolish at best, and mean spirited and bitter politico's at worst. Michael J. Fox, beloved Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties and Marty from Back to the Future, has endorsed a political candidate, Claire McGaskill in Missouri. He made a television ad, talking about his dedication to eradicate Parkinson's Disease, and was going thru noticable symptoms of the disease in the ad. Rush Limbaugh, who I agree with Al Franken is a "big fat idiot" according to his book's title, has used his radio station to condemn the ad, saying that Mr. Fox was either off his medications for the disease for dramatic affect, or was in fact "acting the part." Listen to his recording HERE. This is truly just down and dirty even for Limbaugh and the Republicans. Forget the message about stem cell research has potential for finding a myriad of cures, but shoot the messenger. Mr. Limbaugh should be ashamed. Here is the video that he is referring to.

Secondly, I have been following this story ever since blogger friends at Queerty, blogged about it last week. It seems a gay couple in Houston, tried to enlist the services of a landscaping service, from a company called, The Garden Guy, Inc. After a conversation with one of the company's owners, who repeatedly inferred to the couple as him and his wife, which he eventually had to tell her it was actually his "partner", Mr. Lord received an email from the company, stating that they would not be able to work for the couple because they were homosexuals. As you would expect, this email, with it's blatant discrimination, quickly made it's rounds on the Internet and blogosphere. I actually sat on this piece for a bit, to gauge it's reaction, and after getting slammed in a comment by Ethan, at BratBoySchool, I felt the need to write about it today. It seems Ethan thinks that I am calling people "closet homophobes", to anyone that does not agree with me that this is blatant discrimination. As I thought I pointed out in my comment, and I have a second comment pending there, what I said, was I cant understand how this would not stick in someone's craw that we are being blatantly discriminated against, and the option chosen by Ethan and others is to "just find a gay friendly landscaper, because the company said on it's website it doesnt believe in gay couples." Now there was talk of a boycott on his post, and I do think that is probably silly because of local nature of his business, but none the less, his discrimination needs to be called out to as big a forum as possible. As I stated in my comments to the Brat Boy post, what if he decided that he was going to discriminate against doing work for black people? If a black couple was denied the service due to their race, should they just find a black friendly landscaper and let the situation lie? Hell no, their community would be outraged, and rightly so. So should our gay community be outraged at this and call it for what it is, bias and discrimination. Here's a copy of the email as posted on Queerty.

From: Garden Guy Inc
Date: October 18, 2006 9:08:36 AM CDT
To: [xxxxxx]@houston.rr.com
Subject: Cancel Appt -Garden Guy

Dear Mr. [X],

I am appreciative of your time on the phone today and glad you
contacted us. I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to
work for homosexuals.

Best of luck in finding someone else to fill your landscaping needs.

All my best,


Todd and Sabrina Farber
Owners, Garden Guy, Inc.

And since I appear to be a foot taller today, standing on my soapbox, I will give you a little clip of the new politically charge movie about the Dixie Chicks, and their comment literally heard around the world. I am not a country fan by any means, and I really couldnt tell you a Dixie Chicks song title if you paid me, but it is an interesting phenominon about how their comment about the President, halted their career. This documentary/movie is called "Shut Up and Sing" and it really is something that I will probably go out and see. Check out the trailer for yourself HERE.

"Captured Cuties" today, goes in for a close-up on that eye catching beauty, the awesome smile. Blogger friend and hot Aussie, this head shots with the million dollar smiles comes from Shaney. Have a great day blogger friends...........GG

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's MEME Monday Again, Any Thoughts on Upcoming VIdeos?, National Make a Difference Day, Laptops Anyone?, "Captured Cuties"

It's our first full week of being back to as normal as the Gay Guru can get, lol. We'll have a fun little MEME later, for MEME Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, all in all, mine was pretty good. So here's the deal, I was given a video camera over the weekend, and I am all tech'ed up and nowhere to go. I am not really sure what I should be taking videos of for you all blogger friends and readers. You have any ideas of what you would like to see? Should I keep em light and funny? Should I make them into video blogs? What would you all like to see? I will be looking for hints and suggestions in the comments and emails.......thanx in advance.

So have you all heard about "National Make a Difference Day"?? I have been involved in this project for quite a while, usually in a civic setting as an officer in the downtown business association for the city where I owned my restaurant. National Make a Difference Day is usually held on the 4th Saturday of October, and this year it falls on October 28th. It was created by "USA Magazine", as a day for people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors. Projects have been big and small and all it takes is to decide to do something on that day that will make a difference for someone else or a group. You can submit forms into USA Magazine to make sure your group is counted among the volunteers and participants, and they even give out awards for participation. As I said, as an officer in my local business association, we usually used the day to beautify the city, picking up trash, planting tree's/bushes/flowers, painting building sides or park benches, etc. This year, I am no longer owning my business and not on the association board anymore, so I am looking for a personal project to do. I have looked into my options of visiting some AIDS patients and bringing in books and games to spend a day with them, or to volunteer stuffing envelopes for my local HRC chapter for their next mailing, or going down to the local rescue mission and serving meals or helping clean there, whatever is needed. Are YOU free this Saturday to "Make a Difference?" Go by yourself, or get a group of friends together, and go out and make some sort of small difference in someone's or some organization's lives this Saturday. If you have never been a volunteer for a cause, you will be amazed on how good it makes you feel. Drop me a note and share what you are planning on doing, or what you did. I can see my best blogger friend SoCalMuchacha doing something at an animal shelter as we speak, (no pressure cutie, lol). Go out there blogger friends and readers and celebrate "Make a Difference Day" in your community.

So I was looking for fun little MEME's today and because the 'man of the moment' and I had ordered pizza last night, I thought this one would work. However I am surprised that I am that bland. A Cheese Pizza?? WTF. I am a works kinda pizza eater, but I guess my personality is more bland than I thought, lol. I do like what being a cheese pizza says about me though, so I can deal with it. So blogger friends and readers, what type of pizza are you?? I want you to put your thinking caps on for next Mondays MEME. I am going to ask you about your favorite books. You do read dont you, lol. With my no tv and internet over the past two weeks, I caught up on some reading and thought I would share some books with you next week.

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.

You focus on living a quality life.

You're not easily impressed with novelty.

Yet, you easily impress others.

WANTED: Any of you blogger friends or readers have a laptop you are not using anymore. Have you upgraded to a new one, or are planning on upgrading to a new one soon? The Gay Guru is looking for an cheap or free laptop to help me in my ever increasing cyberworld. I just cant afford one right now, and wonder if any of you have one just lying around collecting dust. If you have a laptop you are not using, or know someone who does, please tell them about me and I would gladly pay for shipping or a small price for one. Thanx again everyone!!

Our "Captured Cuties" off the web today, came from new MySpace friend tony, he definitely has an eye for all things hot and spicy. Enjoy your week blogger friends and readers..........GG

Sunday, October 22, 2006

MySpace Is Actually Working For Me Again, In The News, Bill Maher's New Rules, U2 It's A Beautiful Day, "Captured Cuties"

Things are actually starting to be looking up blogger friends!! I got gas back on in the apartment on Tuesday, I got Internet restored on Wednesday, I got the Gay Guru Website updated on Friday, and now today, Sunday, I actually have my MySpace page working again. It's been almost 2 months since my MySpace page has worked correctly. I have not been able to send or reply to private messages. I have not been able to recieve some or send any comments. My friends list would grow and dissappear at random. I couldnt send friend requests out usually. Finally, today, MySpace was able to fix it, but it required stripping everything out of my profile and cleaning up whatever code was bungling everything all up. The bad news is I will have to rebuild the page so it is halfway presentable. I stuck up a quick Halloweenie theme and will work on that a little more later in the week. The good news is I was able to keep my over 1900 friends that were able to add with me, and my page view didnt start over, am still at over 38,000 views. Thank you so much all of my MySpace friends out there who have stood by me while we kept trying to fix the problem. I wish they would have done this a long time ago, but they were very weary about it. Those of you MySpacer's who are regular blogger friends and readers, head on over and request me as a friend, I will actually be able to respond now!!

So much good news this week, that I dont even really have a Sunday rant to get on about what's been on, "My Last Gay Nerve." I am sure I will find something this week, and I still am not sure if I am keeping the apartment yet or not, depends what kind of a lease they come up with. So next week I will be back with what's on "My Last Gay Nerve," segment, and today I will just give you things I found In The News.... in a church deeply divided, Turmoil Continues In Episcopal Church Over Gay Issues; in keeping with the season, what started out as a treat, turned into a trick in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Schools Nix Gay Bullying Rule; now I gotta go out and buy me some lemon scented Pledge for my Fall dusting, Pharma Company Gives $200,000 To Gay Help Line; and finally, a Kennedy that has us even more perplexed than even Uncle Teddy, Justice Kennedy, The Man In The Middle.

I was searching You Tube for this, but was not able to find it, so you are going to have to click on THIS QuickTime LINK, to see funnyman Bill Mahers, "New Rules" on Washington DC think tanks. It's so funny it's sad, because it is pretty much true. All of these great NeoCon think tanks that used to be quasi-non partisan, have not got much right at all over the course of this war. Check out the clip and you can watch Bill Maher if you have HBO on Friday nights live at 11pm. And since I couldnt post it directly here, and since I have been having a great week and a great day with MySpace, and in honor of the Red Project I talked about on the website, here is Bono and U2, one of my favorite bands, I have seen 4 times in concert.....

I am still waiting for you to send in original pictures of yourselves to be posted here on "Original Sin", so here is some more "Captured Cuties", from blogger friends over at, Magmozine. Hope you all have a great week....laterz.........GG

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gay Guru Website Update, Send Your Pictures In For "Original Sin", In The News, Halloweenie, "Captured Cuties"

Welcome to the weekend blogger friends. Hope you are all having a great one. Now that Internet and gas is back on at the apartment, as long as I dont get evicted when rent comes due next week, all should be terrific. Judging by my inbox and emails, it seems you like that the website got updated and liked even more the new feature "Original Sin" with hot pics of my blogger friend Tim. Let's start with the website. I felt accomplished that I at least put some new content up for you since it has been neglected for so long. I really thought the new web design would be up and running by then, but I should have figured. Redesigning a website is a little like remodeling a house and we all have heard those horror stories about time and budget delays. The reviews up on the Media Review page, were unfortunately, special correspondent Bruce, from Senseless blog's, last reviews for a while. He too has had his life kicked into high gear lately and between his new work commitments, his husband and life in general, he has barely been able to find time to write in his own blog, let alone commiting to these site updates. I wanna thank Bruce for the great media reviews these past few updates, he has a real eye for new and emerging talent and oldies we may not have heard of. If any of you think you have what it takes to replace Bruce and be the new Gay Guru Media Review Correspondent, drop me an email up at the top right link. I was told by my designer to hopefully have the new site up by the end of October. I will believe it when I see it...(no offense babe). As always, I am looking for those who want to contribute to the Gay Guru website. If you are a writer or artist, or have something that you think would be great to be included in future website updates, drop me an email. The website should soon be back to a twice a month update schedule, and I would love for people to help write about health/fitness, grooming/fashion, food/drink, gardening, interior design, travel, original cartoons, or any other topic you think would be appropriate for the Gay Gur website. I am always open to new writers and ideas.

As for the new feature, Original Sin, I really want to thank blogger friend Tim in Akron, Ohio for sending in his self pictures. The goal of Original Sin, is to feature guys from around the world that are recent, fresh and new of yourself and/or your friends. They can be rated G, PG, PG13, or R, just suitable for an adult, but gay and straight friendly audience. I can be as discreet, or as out there as you want in identifying the photo's. If you want to use an alias name, if you want your name ommitted, if you want your town or state listed or not, or if you want me to shout it all from the rooftops and hopefully send you some new blogger friends, just let me know. All you have to do is send 2 or more photo's of yourself or you and your friends, to OriginalSin@thegayguru.net. In the subject of the email just write "Original Sin." All pictures sent, you have to be the copyright holder of. I would like you to write a quick sentence at the top of your email before you attach your pictures saying, "I hold the copyright to these pictures and give the Gay Guru permission to use them on his blog" Hope I get some people interested in this, it should be fun. Until I get people I will still be offering "Captured Cuties", pics of guys I like, that I have found around the net and captured them for your viewing pleasure.

In The News today............let's back the bus up, Bus Company Admits Mistake On Gay Ad Dispute; g'day mate, at least you are on a walkabout in the right direction, Report: Australian PM To Ease Restrictions On Gay Couples; it's looking better and better to keep the gay marriage laws up North, Support For Canada's Conservatives Deteriorating; and finally, the Turk's are trying to bring a happy Thanksgiving overseas, N. Cyprus To Abolish Sodomy Law.

I want to thank fellow MEGA blogger Perez Hilton, who I read daily for my daily gossip, for pointing me towards Pink's new video for her single, "Nobody Knows." I have been a huge Pink fan like forever, and she just gets better. She has the crystal clarity of Christina Aguillera's voice, but with the style, toughness and boldness that is all her own.....if you havent seen it...check it out!

This is the last weekend to pick out the PERFECT Halloween outfit, are you getting yours? Now I know there is still next weekend before the holiday actually hits, but please, any gay with an ounce of sense know you will be stuck being a hobo or something else trashy with all the slim pickin's that will be left by next weekend. As it is now, all the good stuff is planned and taken. But we are queer, we have that lil something extra in our genes to pull out a winning outfit if you plan it out and get it together this weekend. Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas, and that's just around the corner as well, and THATS a scary thought.

Todays "Captured Cuties", were found over at blogger friends, "A Gay Athlete's Life, and of course are mighty yummy. That second picture gives a whole new meaning to liking to break open a 6 pack eh? Hope you enjoy your weekend....talk soon...GG

Friday, October 20, 2006

OMG The Website Has Been Updated, Lance Bass Spikes Kool Aid in Hollyweird - Two More Come Out, In The News, "Original Sin"

Okay Blogger Friends and fellow readers, a minor miracle has occurred. The Gay Guru Website has been updated!!!! Three months later after promise from my web designer of an up and running new design, I had to put up something before I felt like a total failure. The website update is still on the table, and hopefully being worked on, but until then, I am going back to the old-fashioned updating at least once a month, and hopefully more often. Because this has been so time consuming the past couple days since I got my Internet back on and today, I am just going to give this small post now, and a bit larger one later. I hope you will all take the time to go check out the update. I will talk more about it tomorrow, but it is in a Fall theme and there is a great recipe for my Gay Guru special Pumpkin Cake on the Food and Drink page, Some of my latest advice answers on Ask The Guru, Some new political rants from me and a challenge to anyone as we go into the last two weeks of campaigning on the Leaning Left page, and some more fun stuff. The last thing I will be updating is the music, and that should be by tonight or tomorrow morning.

It's all over the blogosphere and television and print, but in case you have been out in the woods the last couple of days, (you naughty bears you,) it seems to be raining men in the entertainment industry again. Looks like T.R. Knight, the nerdy intern with a heart of gold over at Gray's Anatomy, has come out of the closet to People magazine after a much publicized fight between show stars Dr. McDreamy and Dr. Burke. Seems that in an all out vengeful spit of homophobia, Isaiah Washington who portrays Burke, called Dempsey out about his not being Dempsey's "little faggot", referring to Knight. This could possibly result in the termination of Dr. Burke from Seattle's Grace hospital. Hard to believe this stuff still goes on in Hollyweird of all places. Congrats to T.R.'s statement that, "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me." That's an awesome quote and good for him!!

Also coming out yesterday, was R.J. Helton. WHO, you ask?? RJ was 5th place runner up in the original season of American Idol with the million dollar smile. While being interviewed on a Sirius radio program, (why be on a gay radio show and not plan on coming out,I have no idea,) Helton says he spontaneously came out, and that it felt good to say it. He says being gay is one of the reasons he quit recording spiritual music. RJ's only claim to fame, post Idol, was an Inspirational Disk, that sold a mere 20,000 copies, (horrible numbers, but much more than me and my karaoke mouth could do.) So now we have two new boys out and proud for the team. Maybe Lance Bass started a trend. I for one would like to see it continue.

In The News that interests me...........in the state about 12 miles outside my window, New Bid To Pass LGBT Civil Rights Law In Pennsylvania; looks like a Rockie Mountain court got it right, Colorado Appeals Court Rules For Gay Partner In Will Dispute; is there anyone left that doesnt think that the Catholic church is just a mockery anymore, Archdiocese Of Miami Bars Priest Linked To Foley Affair; and finally, sad but true, it just doesn't pay to be in the log cabin these days, Will Foley Scandal Hurt Gay Politicians?.

I will have more updates this weekend, am loving being back to bloggin again boys and girls. Please be sure to check out the website, I will have more info on that tomorrow, but take a bit to stop by and check out the new stuff. Now I am proud to present the first set of pictures for the new Gay Guru blog feature, "Original Sin". These are pictures of friends and readers and other guys, that you wont find all over the Internet, I hope!! These are original pictures taken for me to be put on this site. If you would like to be featured in "Original Sin", send me at least 2 pictures, anywhere from G, PG, PG13 or R rated pictures will work. Sorry no X pictures at this time, this is for the entire community AND our friends and families. The first blogger friend being featured is Tim, real close to the Gay Guru over in Akron, Ohio. Tim is a hottie and has some mean dance steps. Thanx Tim for being the virgin sacrifice to my "Original Sin" photo assignment......Enjoy your weekend blogger friends.....GG

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Papa Guru, A Note To My MySpace Friends, "Captured Cuties"

WOW, 3 posts yesterday and 2 today, you can tell I missed my online blogger friends and readers eh? Actually, I got interrupted today by a couple of things. First it's Papa Guru's birthday today, Happy Pirthday Pops!! I went out this morning and hung out with him and mama guru and gave him his card and presents and it was all good. Then I went out with my best friend Jay for a while as we discuss our project that is finally getting off the ground very soon. So I am putting out an open call to all of you web and blog building Guru's out there, the Gay Guru needs help!!! I have been waiting now for about 2 and a half months for my website update from one friend, but it looks like that may never happen, he is just too busy and has not set enough time aside for it. I also have some update plans for this blog that I need help with. These first 6 months of this blog and website was all me all the time. I did all the website design, as sucky as it is, and blog design, ditto. Now I am ready to move on to the next step, yet I am a poor Guru with not really any funds to support paying someone for the help, just for the regular hosting and bandwith that I use now. Anyone feel like taking on a charity case like me? I have some ideas of what I would like to see done, and just dont know how to do it. I tried to teach myself PSP and MySQL and just havent figured it out yet. If you wanna be in on the next phase of the Gay Guru daily blog and website, please email me here at Scott@thegayguru.net.

Happy Birthday Papa Guru

I need to take a couple moments to address all the Gay Guru MySpace friends out there. For the past month or so, my account has been all messed up. I can get your messages and comments and friend add requests, but I cannot reply back to you, it just shows up blank, like I never wrote anything. It has been frustrating the heck out of me and I have been in touch with MySpace tech support twice, and they cant figure it out, why it is not working. If you have been adding me as a friend, or sending me messages, and it seems like I am ignoring you, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!! The MySpace team is looking into it one final time. If it is not resolved by tomorrow, I am going to have to create a new account. All of you that subscribe to the daily blog, I have wanted to send you all special messages and comments, but they are just not working. I appreciate your readership, and I hope you will come on over to the new site and subscribe again if it comes to that. I have amassed over 1,940 MySpace friends, and have had over 37,000 people visit my MySpace page. I want to thank all of your for your support and emails and if I need to create a new page, I hope you all will follow me over there.

So you all read yesterday?? You know I am not calling it Eye Candy anymore right?? Well today I am featuring some "Captured Cuties." Since the Eye Candy phrase is soooo overused at most blogs and websites, I am going to call it like it is. Most eye candy is taken from other hot sites and blogs that we enjoy and 'capture' the pics from. So I have started "Captured Cuties," to let you know that it is in fact found on someone elses site, but I found it interesting, or hot, or whatever and wanted to share some it with you. I hold no copyrights to anything under "Captured Cuties," so if you own the copyright and want it removed, send me an email and it will come down immediately. I WILL try to credit it to at least the site that I found it on. You will also see, what I hope will be a more regular feature here in the daily eye candy spot, that I am calling "Original Sin." These will be original content that I received from blogger friends and readers directly that are pictures of them that they are willing to share. Anyone interested in being featured one day in "Original Sin," please email me your pics along with a quick okay for me to use them on the Gay Guru sites. Tomorrow will be our first ever "Original Sin" pictures. For today, enjoy a new take on "Captured Cuties." Video cuties that I found on You Tube. The titles of the vids on You Tube said these hot boys flexing for you are from "Guys With Cams." Enjoy blogger friends....the weekend starts tomorrow....GG

John Cameron Mitchell's Short Bus, In The News

Wooo-Hooo able to post 2 days in a row from my bedroom, you gotta love that, lol. So thanx for all of the welcome back emails I got yesterday, and SoCalMuchacha, dont think I wont be using your wisdom for some things if you have a little downtime. Unforuntately, I do some of my best work with str8 women, LMAO. So have you been hearing all the hype about John Cameron Mitchell's new movie, "Short Bus"?? I am not sure where you are going to be able to find this movie in your friendly neighborhood Blockbuster or Family Video, except for behind the naughty curtain. It has frank and graphic nudity and looks amazing. Mitchell is truly a unique and unafraid filmaker and actor with a keen eye for observation and story telling. If you havent seen "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," what the heck have you been waiting for? Here is a trailer for the new movie, courtesy of IFC, enjoy.

Interesting to me In The News today............I still don't buy the alcoholic thing, but at least Mark Foley has some collaboration, Report: Priest Admits Relationship With Foley; be carefuly you dont get whiplash from this story where he nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Wednesday that they are developing new guidelines for ministry to gays, reaffirming church opposition to same-gender marriage and adoption by the couples, while condemning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, Bishops Consider New Regulations On Dealings With Gays; a big thank-you for trying to help, Good Samaritan Knifed Trying To Stop Gay Attack; and finally, in another step forward, Clinical Trial Of HIV/AIDS Vaccine Gains Backing.

More to come later today, including some Captured Cuties!! Enjoy the day..GG

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3rd and Final Post For the Day, Where Do We Go From Here, Jacob and Joshua; Nemesis Rising, In The News, "Calendar For A Cause"

Back again blogger friends. Can you tell I am excited about my new Internet connection. I have broken down a very long post into two short and now one long post, lol. So here are my thoughts on this forced break from blogging; I have been at this for 6 months now, what is my direction and what are my goals? Readership has been increasing but v e r y s l o w l y, and what can I do to increase readership, yet not just fill this blog with puff pieces and filler? How is the overall look of the blog and is this the aesthetics that I want to present or is there something different or more I want to offer? I have a very faithful core of readers who regularly leave emails and sometimes leave comments, but the comments are very sporadic, if and when used. Is lack of comments due to lack of time by my readership and blogger friends, or that the posts are simply not comment-worthy, not that they are bad, but just not really neccesary to be commented on, or thought provoking? I started out reading LOTS of blogs and commenting regularly on those myself, and now I rarely comment on others anymore. How can I prioritize my time to give others the feedback to their blogs that I am hoping for in mine? When I started the blog and website, the website was a major component, and because I was hoping for an update, and also just too busy to do both, I let the website slide. Is the website still relevant and how can I assure that it is updated the way I feel it needs to be. This is obviously a labor of love, but I also need to make a living and arrange other outside priorities around this blog. How much of my life should be dedicated to keeping this blog and the website up and running, and how can I monetarily make it work so I can spend a little less time at work and concentrate more on this site that I love. That my blogger friends and readers, is what I have been thinking about the last week and a half. I have been pondering it all intensely, and I have some answers for some of it, and still thinking and considering options on other parts of it. Here is a good time for some comments and emails from you all on what your thoughts are on this blog and website. Any tips, suggestions, comments or constructive criticisms?? Anyone have time and energy to donate to the cause that is The Gay Guru and get some stuff up and going with me in partnership? Of course since we are still in the starting stages and infancy really, that means no pay and probably not a lot of recognition except from me and the responses from readers and blogger friends you help elicit. I am looking forward to sharing with you new ideas, and hearing and starting ideas that you have suggested or have offered to help with.

As I said, I still dont have cable or satellite television yet, so I missed the premiere 2 days ago of LOGO Televisions new reality series, "Nemisis Rising". I have posted about it before, a singing duo made up of identical twins, who are gay, and trying to get their recording career to the next level. Well, I just caught the first episode on LogoOnline.com and have to say that it is going to be an interesting show. I recommend you all take a second to go check it out. First, there is no question about the talent of the boys, as a famous gay plumber once said, "Dem boys have pretty pipes!" (What??, third post, i am getting giddy, lol) I think if they are marketed correctly, they have a chance for some nice sales of their music. As for the drama the show brings, I believe it is a good mix of seriousness and the banal. The coming out to their parents issue, is very real and raw and is important to be seen by a national, albeit cable/satellite audience. I also think it will be a nice glimpse into the music business or just an expose on what it takes to be famous these days. Is the gay marketing a hook, or refreshing honesty? After 4 years languishing locally in Nashville, do they have what it takes to go national? Are you able to keep a boyfriend of 6 years once your fame starts rising? I think I will keep my eye on this show and keep you posted on anything I find fun or relevant. Good luck Jacob and Joshua, and even Nick, hope Nemesis can continue to rise for you both, and Nick can keep you both grounded.

I haven't linked to some good "In The News" for a while, and I wanted to start out with this story. Studds' Husband Denied Congressional Pension. Now I write with compassion for Dean Hara, whose life has had to have been dripping with irony and sadness these past couple of weeks. First the Republicans are using his husbands 30 year old indiscretion in Congress, (which I am by NO means dismissing as frivilous,) to push off some of the Mark Foley stink, and then his husband, Gerry Studds passes away from a blood clot in his lung. Now, rubbing salt in the wounds, Hara is being denied spousal survivors benefits from Studd's House Pension Fund, because they were gay and DOMA, another law that Clinton never should have signed, disqualifies him. Never mind that Hara and Studd's were in a long term relationship, and were LEGALLY married in the State of Massachussett's, DOMA will deny him the benefits any female spouse would have recieved. To put it in perspective, Congressman Bob Ney, from my state of exile here in Ohio, has just pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy charges WILL STILL BE ABLE to collect his congressional pension of about $29,000 a year for life, INCLUDING, while he is in prison. Also in the news.......taking experimental research for the team, AIDS Activist Jeff Getty Dies; this from a presidential candidate hopeful and Governor of the only state where Gay Marriage is legal and is proving it does not bring down society, Gay Marriage 'Threat To Religious Freedom'; reminding us to keep ever vigil that Mathew Sheppards life was not in vain, FBI: Gays Third Largest Hate Crimes Victim Group; come on, you dont see me refusing to train Republicans in my classes because they are an affront to my religious freedom do you, Driver Wins Right To Refuse Work On Bus With Gay Ads; and finally, more glimmers of hope in the upcoming elections, Defeat Of Virginia Amendment Depends On Voter Knowledge.

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I am going to try tomorrow, to get the updated website online and to see if there is still time to launch the Gay Guru's Calendar For A Cause. It was pushing it as it was, trying to launch the calendar project two weeks ago, but when the apartment thing blew up my internet plans, I am not sure if it is recoverable. It is all up to YOU my blogger friends and readers. If YOU decide to submit your photo's for the contest and cause to raise money for AIDS, and if YOU merchant friends come forth with some kewl prizes to give the entrants, we might be able to pull this off. I will give it a huge push from now until November 1st and let you know then if it is possible or not. Last post of today blogger friends, thanx again for being there for me in my weeks of need, lets get up, dust ourselves off, and try to get at it again full steam ahead............Enjoy.............GG

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