Thursday, October 05, 2006

Very Busy Day Today, LOST Was Great, Dedicating The Day To Justin Hartley and the Green Arrow

Hey Blogger Friends. Did you see the premiere of LOST last night?? OMG, looks like it could be a fun season, look at the others little "community" as the plane was falling, looks like something out of Wisteria Lane with an ocean view. I am really looking forward to this series again this year!!

Okay, I know I was all about superheroes yesterday, but I have one more fix to get out of my system, and I have a lot to do today, so I am going to leave it at one last extended superhero entry. Smallville is another show that seems to have a strong gay following due to the superhero aspect, and of course hottie Tom Welling. Unfortunately I have not been able to watch Smallville for quite a few years since going to Satellite Dish, the WB and now CW are only on cable. I am having my friends with cable and can get the new CW to check out Smallville tonight however. Not because of the regular characters, but because of a new semi-recurring character,(he has a 7 episode arc this season.) My future husband, (if he ever decides to leave his current wife, an NBC Passions co-star,) Justin Hartley is going to be portraying The Green Arrow. Justin used to be on Passions as well, but left to pursue other projects including a pilot that was NOT picked up by the CW, playing the title role as Aquaman. Have you been acquainted with the hotness that is Justin Hartley?? Well, today is your lucky day, because I am dedicating this post to him, pictures of his hotness, and THIS LINK to see just a glimpse of him in action in the directors cut clip from tonight's Smallville.

I am off to get some stuff done for the website and some personal errands, I hope you guys have a great day. Eye Candy today is dedicated to my future husband Justin, I dare you not to fall in lust with him as well. Thanx goes to for some of these pictures, as well as the Justin Hartley website, and a special thanx to my daily read over at Trent's Pink is the New Blog, that reminded me about this today.....enjoy....GG



He is a complete hottie!


ooooooh...he's purty.

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