Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Sunday; Time for What's "On My Last Gay Nerve", and of course some Eye Candy

Happy Sunday Blogger Friends. Did you have a good week everyone? Mine was okay, as usual, some ups and some downs, but overal just a week in the life. Of course as has been the last few Sundays, I still have something to talk about that got on "My Last Gay Nerve," this week. Have you been trying this yet, just getting out your frustrations on the last day of the week so you can start fresh again next week. Now a little caveat to this that I emailed back to a blogger friend who wrote me about last week's rant, this is a personal time to get it out of your system!!! Don't go kicking that cat and slamming the doors on all of your loved ones in your life. Take a little time out of your day each Sunday to reflect on your week, what really pissed you off, and get it off your chest. Either say it out loud, write it down, punch it away in a pillow, or lol, blog about it. It definitely makes me feel better when I get it out of my system and I am ready to tackle a new week, good and bad.

On "My Last Gay Nerve" this week, is all the hub-bub about the Philadelphia School Board, listing October as 'Gay and Lesbian History Month.' This past Wednesday, the story broke as to the Philadelphia School District having declared October "Gay and Lesbian History Month" on its 2006-07 school calendar, touching off a wave of protest from parents who say homosexuality conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Of course the usual nutwings chimed in; Peter LaBarbera, president of the conservative group Americans for Truth, said, "If you have a gay history month, you're basically saying, 'This is a wonderful part of American history -- homosexual history -- let's celebrate it and let's teach the kids that this is like civil rights. Are they going to teach the role that homosexual behavior had in the onset of HIV and AIDS? Is that going to be part of the history?" Excuse me, the role our behavior had in the onset of HIV and AIDS?? I believe our "role", once this dreaded disease started spreading, was to be at the frontlines for education and funding, and trying to promote safer sex, and lobbying Congress to get their heads out of the sand and do something about it!! And 'Like Civil Rights??' it IS about civil rights, the rights of anyone who is an American to be treated equally under the law. Not denied benefits given freely to one set of Americans over another. Not special rights, but equal rights!!

One parent, Senita Watson, said she plans on homeschooling her second-grade daughter during October. She visited the school district offices Sept. 27 and has called on other parents to boycott as well. "How can you celebrate gay and lesbian month? What are you going to teach my daughter?" Watson asked, according to The Inquirer. "They need to have a nonviolence month, not a gay and lesbian month.... Our children have enough to worry about with drugs." I agree, we need to have a non-violence month as well, however I am not sure the reaction of the NRA to that one. What are we going to teach her daughter?? It's not how to use a dental dam or anything. How about we teach her some tolerance, something that is obviously lacking being taught at home!!

Also are on the school calendar: Hispanic Heritage (September), African American (February) and Asian Pacific American (May), I dare them to criticize any of those months with boycotts, etc. LaBarbera then said, "Obviously, racial tolerance is accepted by 99.99 percent of Americans, the schools are equating homosexuality with racial tolerance." Racial tolerance is accepted by 99.9 percent of Americans?? Yea, I am sure the NAACP agree's with that figure. And of course our tolerance for immigrants, legal or otherwise from Latin America is all fine and dandy right now in this country. I love when people prove their ignorance AND prejudices.

We know Arnold in California, used his governor veto for any gay history in the public schools, and we also realize that most teachers have to keep their sexuality closeted in order to protect their careers still, even in todays day and age. Is listing a month on a calendar, intended to promote diversity and appreciation of others different than yourself really such a bad thing to be teaching our children? Mind you, there is no planned curriculem that the school board sent out to correspond with this activity. It is up to the teachers and the individual schools or gay/straight student unions to recognize the month "if they wish". It is not being crammed down anyone's throats, but is only an option for those who choose to participate in some sort of activity. Is it really that subversive?? C'mon!!

So that's what has been on My Last Gay Nerve the past couple of days. What are your thoughts on the situation. Drop me some comments or some emails, I love to hear your points of view. What got on your nerves this week, let me know.

Today's eye candy is by another new friend at MySpace, that I wanted to share with you today, I hope you all had a great weekend, October and Fall are here, Halloween, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner, and the air is crisp. Have a great week blogger friends.........enjoy.........GG



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