Friday, October 20, 2006

OMG The Website Has Been Updated, Lance Bass Spikes Kool Aid in Hollyweird - Two More Come Out, In The News, "Original Sin"

Okay Blogger Friends and fellow readers, a minor miracle has occurred. The Gay Guru Website has been updated!!!! Three months later after promise from my web designer of an up and running new design, I had to put up something before I felt like a total failure. The website update is still on the table, and hopefully being worked on, but until then, I am going back to the old-fashioned updating at least once a month, and hopefully more often. Because this has been so time consuming the past couple days since I got my Internet back on and today, I am just going to give this small post now, and a bit larger one later. I hope you will all take the time to go check out the update. I will talk more about it tomorrow, but it is in a Fall theme and there is a great recipe for my Gay Guru special Pumpkin Cake on the Food and Drink page, Some of my latest advice answers on Ask The Guru, Some new political rants from me and a challenge to anyone as we go into the last two weeks of campaigning on the Leaning Left page, and some more fun stuff. The last thing I will be updating is the music, and that should be by tonight or tomorrow morning.

It's all over the blogosphere and television and print, but in case you have been out in the woods the last couple of days, (you naughty bears you,) it seems to be raining men in the entertainment industry again. Looks like T.R. Knight, the nerdy intern with a heart of gold over at Gray's Anatomy, has come out of the closet to People magazine after a much publicized fight between show stars Dr. McDreamy and Dr. Burke. Seems that in an all out vengeful spit of homophobia, Isaiah Washington who portrays Burke, called Dempsey out about his not being Dempsey's "little faggot", referring to Knight. This could possibly result in the termination of Dr. Burke from Seattle's Grace hospital. Hard to believe this stuff still goes on in Hollyweird of all places. Congrats to T.R.'s statement that, "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me." That's an awesome quote and good for him!!

Also coming out yesterday, was R.J. Helton. WHO, you ask?? RJ was 5th place runner up in the original season of American Idol with the million dollar smile. While being interviewed on a Sirius radio program, (why be on a gay radio show and not plan on coming out,I have no idea,) Helton says he spontaneously came out, and that it felt good to say it. He says being gay is one of the reasons he quit recording spiritual music. RJ's only claim to fame, post Idol, was an Inspirational Disk, that sold a mere 20,000 copies, (horrible numbers, but much more than me and my karaoke mouth could do.) So now we have two new boys out and proud for the team. Maybe Lance Bass started a trend. I for one would like to see it continue.

In The News that interests the state about 12 miles outside my window, New Bid To Pass LGBT Civil Rights Law In Pennsylvania; looks like a Rockie Mountain court got it right, Colorado Appeals Court Rules For Gay Partner In Will Dispute; is there anyone left that doesnt think that the Catholic church is just a mockery anymore, Archdiocese Of Miami Bars Priest Linked To Foley Affair; and finally, sad but true, it just doesn't pay to be in the log cabin these days, Will Foley Scandal Hurt Gay Politicians?.

I will have more updates this weekend, am loving being back to bloggin again boys and girls. Please be sure to check out the website, I will have more info on that tomorrow, but take a bit to stop by and check out the new stuff. Now I am proud to present the first set of pictures for the new Gay Guru blog feature, "Original Sin". These are pictures of friends and readers and other guys, that you wont find all over the Internet, I hope!! These are original pictures taken for me to be put on this site. If you would like to be featured in "Original Sin", send me at least 2 pictures, anywhere from G, PG, PG13 or R rated pictures will work. Sorry no X pictures at this time, this is for the entire community AND our friends and families. The first blogger friend being featured is Tim, real close to the Gay Guru over in Akron, Ohio. Tim is a hottie and has some mean dance steps. Thanx Tim for being the virgin sacrifice to my "Original Sin" photo assignment......Enjoy your weekend blogger friends.....GG



RJ Helton coming out? ok...he was born with OUT a closet door!! Welcome back GG!! ;-)

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