Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Looking for "Original Sin" and featuring "Captured Cuties"!!

One of the things I was thinking about during this downtime, was Daily Eye Candy. It's one of the favorite features here judging by all of the reader and blogger friend email and comments I get on these boys. I am going to be looking at ways to shake it up in the future, just a little, and the first shake up is a new name change. Almost every blog I read now, has some kind of "eye candy" featured at some point or another and most of it is like mine, found on other websites. I told you a while back I am looking at getting more of YOUR pictures here on this site as I try to add new, original, hot guys to show off to you all daily. I will go more into that later, but the new name for these pictures of my blogger friends and readers will be called, "Original Sin," meaning it will be one of the first times you will be seeing this guy on my site, and hopefully, on any blog. Until I start building up pictures from YOU ALL, I will continue to show you hot guys I have found as I scour the net daily, but I am throwing out the over used term "eye candy". To separate the web found hotties from the original content I will be adding, this will now be called, "Captured Cuties." Guys who I find fit or attractive, or both, or just interesting or hot to me, that I have found around the web, that I have screen captured and decided to share with you all. Of course as I have stated repeatedly, I do NOT own the copyright to any of the pictures I find appealing on the net. If you are the legal copyright holder of ANY picture you find here on The Gay Guru, please email me, and I will remove the picture immediately upon proof of copyright. Starting out "HUMP"day Wednesday after my brief hiatus, I am featuring "Captured Cuties" from one of my good blogger friends, Leonard, over at the Wonderful World of Leonard. His blog is about to take an introspective turn, and besides his always great eye for hot guys, I am looking forward to hearing the inner thoughts of a guy I admire. Check him out when you have the chance......Thanx for welcoming me back blogger friends, it's time for bigger and better things for you and me and all of us together...........enjoy...........GG


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