Sunday, October 29, 2006

"On My Last Gay Nerve", Gay Culture, "Captured Cuties"

Hey blogger friends and readers, it's Sunday and we all made it thru another week. Sorry for the late post yesterday, crazy day, but I hope you took the time to watch that video I found over at my blogger friend, jeremy's blog. Kinda Cirque de Soleil and Captured Cuties rolled into one, lol.

So until the whole apartment fiasco took over my life, I had been using Sundays as a chance to vent out my frustrations of the week, to clean my mind of bad thoughts and start Monday with a renewed sense of purpose. I am going to get back to that today with my latest installment of Sunday's "On My Last Gay Nerve"!! I originally was going to focus on the fact that I wish I was a model too, but as the week progressed, it has become about how we really need to be models to feel "in" anymore.

Earlier in the week, I was jealous I guess, of fellow blogger Ethan, over at Bratboy School. I like reading his blog, and although I rarely agree with his politics, he does offer interesting points that a lot of people agree with, and gives me a good balance of stories I read. Ethan is very good looking, and one of his blog's goals, is to further his modeling career, (I am secretly hoping it is an adult modeling career, but that post is over at Gay Guru After Dark, lol). This past week, he held an auction for just a couple days on just a couple of items, to raise money for his blog and a road trip to California. He raised over $540 dollars on just 3 items, and I cant help but believe that besides his charming personality and political views, it was due to him being such a hottie. Not to put Ethan down, but it really got me to thinking on what value we place on beauty STILL in society.

Another example of this was posted this week by another daily read of mine, the guys at Queerty. They had a blurb on perhaps another political gay romp and/or scandal, it seems Tory MP Greg Barker, may have had an extra-marital affair on his wife with his interior decorator, famed William Banks-Blaney. Where it brings me to the point of my rant today, is this paragraph that Queerty put into the story, "What we don't understand is why Banks-Blaney, who by all accounts is a wealthy, attractive, young gay man, would shack up with Barker. We don't mean to be cruel, but he's neither attractive, nor young." More perpetuating of the fact you have to young and cute to be worthy of being in a relationship with another young and cute man.

Finally, I want to tie all this in to see if this is a matter of "culture". A fellow contributor to the bloggers group I belong to over at "Gay Men Rule", had a very interesting discussion point as to what is "gay culture", if there is a culture at all. Where does beauty and muscle fit into our culture? Are they defining points, or are they merely inclusion points? If you do not fit the mold with movie star looks and the ultimate jock body, are you accepted into the culture as readily, or are you a subculture on the outside? I have to admit, I play into the factor by including two pictures of what I have called "eye candy" on this blog every day. I have admitted many a time throughout this blog's history that I am merely an average guy with an overweight body, yet I use endorsement pictures from friends on my MySpace page, with the homepage picture being of a shirtless friend with a rocking body. Luckily, I have a loud personality coupled with a healthy sense of humor and carefree attitude, that can help shape the opinion of me, both good and bad, to compensate for my "average/overweight" factor. I have however, definitely felt the discrimination of not being a pretty boy in room. I know firsthand that I can get the hottie on occassion, but have had to learn the hard way, that it takes a lot more than a pretty face and body to be in this Guru's life, full time.

Anyway, thats what's "On My Last Gay Nerve" this week, and I welcome any thoughts or comments and emails on to your opinions of beauty in the gay culture. I hope you take a second to get all the heavy thoughts and negative feelings of your past week out of your system before we head into the new week tomorrow. If you ever have anything on YOUR "Last Gay Nerve" and you want to talk about it, I would be more than happy to feature you on this site, in this segment, just drop me an email. I am doing a one week training next week for a new system being implemented in my work, so I will be working 10-630pm next week. Blog posts may be a little later each night. Have a great week blogger friends........enjoy...........GG

Oh and of course, a couple "Captured Cuties" from one of my favorite blogger friends Marko over at Marks Planet, to just blow the hell out of everything I just talked about up above, LOL...........cya..............



I dont think anyone has to be physically beautiful to form part of any culture, be it gay or not.
Our image of a sexy man is conjured through our fantasies or "Lust" if you will. Making yourself more appealing is by choice, If it was defined as part of a culture, it would be like having some kind of initiation prior to acceptance like a beauty pageant for men (not that I would object to that *pokes tongue*)
Have I any idea what I am trying to say? I hope so... hehe
Cultures are defined by character, by who we are, not what we look like. Lets leave the "eye candy" for us guys who get by on fantasises.
Just my opinion of course!
If you are confused, try being me for a day...:P

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