Sunday, October 22, 2006

MySpace Is Actually Working For Me Again, In The News, Bill Maher's New Rules, U2 It's A Beautiful Day, "Captured Cuties"

Things are actually starting to be looking up blogger friends!! I got gas back on in the apartment on Tuesday, I got Internet restored on Wednesday, I got the Gay Guru Website updated on Friday, and now today, Sunday, I actually have my MySpace page working again. It's been almost 2 months since my MySpace page has worked correctly. I have not been able to send or reply to private messages. I have not been able to recieve some or send any comments. My friends list would grow and dissappear at random. I couldnt send friend requests out usually. Finally, today, MySpace was able to fix it, but it required stripping everything out of my profile and cleaning up whatever code was bungling everything all up. The bad news is I will have to rebuild the page so it is halfway presentable. I stuck up a quick Halloweenie theme and will work on that a little more later in the week. The good news is I was able to keep my over 1900 friends that were able to add with me, and my page view didnt start over, am still at over 38,000 views. Thank you so much all of my MySpace friends out there who have stood by me while we kept trying to fix the problem. I wish they would have done this a long time ago, but they were very weary about it. Those of you MySpacer's who are regular blogger friends and readers, head on over and request me as a friend, I will actually be able to respond now!!

So much good news this week, that I dont even really have a Sunday rant to get on about what's been on, "My Last Gay Nerve." I am sure I will find something this week, and I still am not sure if I am keeping the apartment yet or not, depends what kind of a lease they come up with. So next week I will be back with what's on "My Last Gay Nerve," segment, and today I will just give you things I found In The News.... in a church deeply divided, Turmoil Continues In Episcopal Church Over Gay Issues; in keeping with the season, what started out as a treat, turned into a trick in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Schools Nix Gay Bullying Rule; now I gotta go out and buy me some lemon scented Pledge for my Fall dusting, Pharma Company Gives $200,000 To Gay Help Line; and finally, a Kennedy that has us even more perplexed than even Uncle Teddy, Justice Kennedy, The Man In The Middle.

I was searching You Tube for this, but was not able to find it, so you are going to have to click on THIS QuickTime LINK, to see funnyman Bill Mahers, "New Rules" on Washington DC think tanks. It's so funny it's sad, because it is pretty much true. All of these great NeoCon think tanks that used to be quasi-non partisan, have not got much right at all over the course of this war. Check out the clip and you can watch Bill Maher if you have HBO on Friday nights live at 11pm. And since I couldnt post it directly here, and since I have been having a great week and a great day with MySpace, and in honor of the Red Project I talked about on the website, here is Bono and U2, one of my favorite bands, I have seen 4 times in concert.....

I am still waiting for you to send in original pictures of yourselves to be posted here on "Original Sin", so here is some more "Captured Cuties", from blogger friends over at, Magmozine. Hope you all have a great week....laterz.........GG


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