Sunday, October 15, 2006

Apartment Fiasco Continues, The List, Man of the Year, Eye Candy

Howdy Blogger Friends, it's Sunday, and I appreciate you sticking around while I go thru this apartment fiasco. Here is the latest.....I am scheduled to have my Internet on Wednesday of this week. However....on Friday, (two days ago and one week after the revelation that the landlord sold the buildings and moved this past Monday,) they came and turned the gas to all of the apartments off. After it almost being turned off the week before, the new management company STILL did not set the gas to be transferred into their name. Also as of Friday, none of us had yet heard from the new management company, nor been given contact information with them from our old landlord. On Friday, as they were turning off the gas, I learned that an across the street neighbor, (shifty in his own right,) somehow had the new management companies phone number and I was able to call them and see what the hell was going on. The person in charge of the management company came over about 20 minutes after the gas man left and that was our first meeting. I let him know how unhappy I, and the rest of the tenants were of this and no notification still on how to contact them or what is going on. He "seemed" nice enough, appologized for the gas and said he would have them come back out that afternoon and rehook it up. Of course, I had to leave for work then from 1-10pm. As I returned home Friday night from work, of course, the gas was never turned back on. Could it have been a mild inconvenience, yes, but what made it a major inconvenience was that Thur/Fri/Sat we have had a cold blast from Canada come thru here in NE Ohio, and it was down in the mid to low 30's these three nights. Let's hear it for electric heaters boys and girls!!! I worked Saturday all day 9-6 and again, came home to no gas and still not a note from the new management company as to when it would be turned on, or what we were supposed to do in the meantime. UGHHHHHHHH!!!! Because it is a gas water heater, I had barely enough "warm" water Saturday morning to wash my face and hair. It was exta deodorant and no shower before work on Saturday. Last night I couldnt handle no shower and came to my parents, Mama and Papa Guru's, to shower and sleep over, and that is where I am this Sunday morning as I type to you. One of the other tenants called me last night and said they were told gas is being turned back on Tuesday, that means two more days of showering here at the 'rents house. I am one of the lucky one's, a couple of the other tenants have no relatives close enough to crash with and are scrambling with friends, or just dealing with the cold and using electric heaters and no hot water or stove use. Most of us have banned together and are not paying any rent, or leaving the premises until we get a written lease. I will keep you posted blogger friends, and thanx for the encouragement.

I want to take a couple of seconds and give my thoughts on "The List", that is supposedly being buzzed about in Washington DC circles. The List is said to contain names of other gay Republican Congressmen, and is being characterized as the 'radical homosexual's agenda', to out others. I was informed about this story from a friend who directed me to the "National Review's" website to read the article. I am still forming an opinion about all of this, because frankly, I have not heard much about it except from this tip from a friend. The fact that the story is in the "Review", a staunch Republican politico press, gives the story some doubt already in my mind. The last line in the article is laughable that the stereotype of the Christian Right, hating homosexuals is just untrue. Broad maybe, but untrue?? Not so much. Replace the buzzword "hate" with any socially acceptable word for not feeling we are equal to them, and you are right on the money! I have always been against "outing" anyone, you can read my past posts on Lance Bass and his coming out ordeal. I will still defend that coming out is the best thing for a person, most of the time, again citing Lance Bass. What are YOUR thoughts about this supposed List? Have you heard about it? Is it our militant homo hamas type group behind this? My jury is still out, while I investigate more.

Three weeks until the mid-term elections, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote my blogger and reader friends!! I should have jumped on it earlier, but I would also stress that if it is possible for you to still do it, VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT. Why, you ask? Because sending in your absentee ballot creates a paper trail that can be verified in the case of challenged elections. Have you heard about the new comedy that opened this weekend with Robin Williams, "Man of the Year"?? If you heard it looks like a funny movie about a Jon Stewart like comedian becoming President, it is, but you have only heard half of the story. The underlying message of the movie, (yes even comedies can have messages,) is to be wary of electronic voting. I encourage you to go see this movie. You will laugh out loud, and you will see the scary thing that it actually "could" happen. Replace the voting company in the movie's name with Diebold, and you have yourself an election blogger friends.

Be ready for me having LOTS to say when I finally get back to this full time when my Internet is hooked up Wednesday. Again, you are the best blogger friends and readers in the world, and thanx for sticking with me while I go thru this apartment fiasco and transition. Here is a little eye candy for you, found at just a plain ol' google search for "hot men". I will have another post Monday or Tuesday....Hope you had a great weekend and are going to have a great week......enjoy.....GG



Good post!
We will all be waiting for you, you are one of my faveorite sites out here and I learn alot from you. Keep it up GG!

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