Friday, October 27, 2006

FABulous Friday Returns, In The News, SoCalMuchacha Talk Show Tour, "Captured Cuties"

Wow blogger friends and readers, seems like it has been forever since we have had a FABulous Friday posting and seen some kewl stuff that is waaaaaay too expensive but just fun and we have to have it none the less, lol. First, in honor of the new RED revolution for AIDS relief in Africa, the iPod-craze has not even faded a little bit. And, so months after the iPod-friendly clothing line hit the market including Levis DLX jeans, iPod jackets and Pink’s iPod-friendly commuter tie, the manufacturers are still rolling out more options like this Ermenegildo Zegna’s iPod-ready iJacket. This smart jacket controls the iPod with a subtle control pad on the left sleeve. Besides, it looks more fashionable and elegant, all for $750. And, if you have already decided to get yourself Apple’s newly-released red nano, than color yourself red too, for this is the season of Christmas!!

For my animal loving best gal, the SoCalMuchacha, when you hit the lotto babe, you need to get this luxury pet spa and other luxury-stuff meant for your pampered fido, but, if you want to gift your pet an out-of-this-world luxury this Christmas, then get ready to spend like crazy too! Elite Pet Havens are custom designed state-of-the-art health and luxury havens for your cherished pet that features a unique private environment for your pet in the comforts of your home. The unit comprises of visual simulation systems, which provides virtual interactive outdoor environment in your home. The unit comes integrated with high-tech design that features multitude of luxuries including climate-control systems, remote real-time interactive capability of pets with their pet friends, other pets, virtual pets, trainers, vets, breeders, & other personal and professional contacts, as well as owners with their pets, the treadmill & moving pool components to play games such as “fetch.” You can even get your pets exercise program physiologically monitored by experts, remotely. The luxurious pet havens will cost you dearly for the models flaunt a price range as unique as its concept ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 and even above.

And finally, you REALLY wanna make an impression as you ponder what to do at one of the first marriage or civil union ceremonies in New Jersey?? I have earlier told you about million dollar cakes that were decked-up with diamond icing and made-up with the finest of ingredients, but the $20 million wedding cake has made its debut in Beverly Hills. The diamond cake is the most expensive diamond wedding cake ever and is created by Mimi So Jewellers and cake designer Nahid La Patisserie Artistique. The edible opulence is the star attraction of the Luxury Brands Bridal Show held at Rodeo Drive. The confection includes diamonds that are priceless in value and exclusive in application and the design is created expressly for this occasion. So, if by any chance, you have still not made-it-out, then let me tell you folks,this luxurious cake is not meant for eating.

In The News..........with less than 2 weeks before the election, Republicans are getting desperate and downright dirty, GOP Ad: Democratic Win Would Mean Homosexual Control Of House; is it too little, too late for the insensitive slurs? I believe in second chances, but hope there arent anymore, Grey's Anatomy Star Apologizes For Homophobic Outburst; one step forward in New Jersey, one step back in Washington state, Washington Supreme Court Declines To Reconsider Gay Marriage Ruling; it's kind of a black eye on the gay rights organization, but at least they acted appropriately as soon as they found out, unlike the Republican leadership, Foley Email Leak Linked To HRC Employee; but yet, we never hear too much about these activist Senators and their denying "A Bushie appointee", Judicial Nominee Says She Did Nothing Wrong Attending Lesbian Wedding; this is the first time that workers "going postal" is a good thing, Canadian Postal Workers Walk Out Over Mail Seen As Homophobic; C'mon my next door neighbor Indiana residents, stop the madness, and dont follow our Ohio's legislatures bad moves, Indiana GOP Vows New Push For Gay Marriage Ban; and finally, no, I really mean FINALLY, she actually may be getting it, Clinton Says She's 'Evolved' On Gay Marriage.

So I got the bestest workday surprise yesterday on my lunch break. The oft mentioned, yet never doted on enough, SoCalMuchacha, was in L.A. yesterday on a whirlwind talk show tour it seems. She left a hilarious voice mail about it and that cowinkydinky with my lil Craig Ferguson clip I showed yesterday, she was heading to a taping of Ferguson last night. (I can't wait for the Ellen story!!) She told me to be on the sound-out for some mischief making in the audience last night, but I missed it. I hope she was able to do something devlishly dirty there and not get kicked out, LOL. I will call you back this weekend Lady L, hope you had a blast and here is another Ferguson clip, just because............

I hope you enjoy your weekend blogger friends and readers. From one of my favorite titled blogger friends, "One Gay at a Time", we have our Fridays "Captured Cuties". I wanna go to that beautiful beach where the guy on the rocks is.....enjoy.....GG



Aw, soooo glad that WAS the correct number, GG! LOL Was worried I was leaving a rambling message on the wrong machine. :) Craig was GREAT and folks at HIS show were awesome...not feeling the same love at Ellen's show...sorry to say...but we DID rock the Riff-Raff room, although poor CG could have stayed in Canada and just watched the show on her own plasma TV instead of coming to LA to watch one just feet from Ellen's studio audience...sucky to say the least! But our day at Craig soooo made up for it since he chatted with the audience between segments and when he made a joke about Canada and I covered CG's ears, he noticed and apologized to she got her 'moment with Craig'! Have to say the timing of her trip couldn't have been better since I had to put Bailey down on Monday...helped take my mind off the incredible sadness and heavy heart...but now it's back there...sigh... Again, glad to have reached you with the message, my dear. :)

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