Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Michael J. Fox, Discrimination Is Alive and Well In Houston Landscaping, Shut Up and Sing, "Captured Cuties - Smiles"

Hey blogger friends and readers. I gotta couple of 'In The News' things I would like to talk about today. First, as we wind down to the final two weeks before the midterm elections, it seems as though the Republicans are going to have to resort to just going all out nasty, to try to retain their seats in Congress. Now Dem's are never innocent in all of this, and when they feel they are on the losing end, they will pull out the negative ads and comments, with as much ferocity. The point is, it makes either side look foolish at best, and mean spirited and bitter politico's at worst. Michael J. Fox, beloved Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties and Marty from Back to the Future, has endorsed a political candidate, Claire McGaskill in Missouri. He made a television ad, talking about his dedication to eradicate Parkinson's Disease, and was going thru noticable symptoms of the disease in the ad. Rush Limbaugh, who I agree with Al Franken is a "big fat idiot" according to his book's title, has used his radio station to condemn the ad, saying that Mr. Fox was either off his medications for the disease for dramatic affect, or was in fact "acting the part." Listen to his recording HERE. This is truly just down and dirty even for Limbaugh and the Republicans. Forget the message about stem cell research has potential for finding a myriad of cures, but shoot the messenger. Mr. Limbaugh should be ashamed. Here is the video that he is referring to.

Secondly, I have been following this story ever since blogger friends at Queerty, blogged about it last week. It seems a gay couple in Houston, tried to enlist the services of a landscaping service, from a company called, The Garden Guy, Inc. After a conversation with one of the company's owners, who repeatedly inferred to the couple as him and his wife, which he eventually had to tell her it was actually his "partner", Mr. Lord received an email from the company, stating that they would not be able to work for the couple because they were homosexuals. As you would expect, this email, with it's blatant discrimination, quickly made it's rounds on the Internet and blogosphere. I actually sat on this piece for a bit, to gauge it's reaction, and after getting slammed in a comment by Ethan, at BratBoySchool, I felt the need to write about it today. It seems Ethan thinks that I am calling people "closet homophobes", to anyone that does not agree with me that this is blatant discrimination. As I thought I pointed out in my comment, and I have a second comment pending there, what I said, was I cant understand how this would not stick in someone's craw that we are being blatantly discriminated against, and the option chosen by Ethan and others is to "just find a gay friendly landscaper, because the company said on it's website it doesnt believe in gay couples." Now there was talk of a boycott on his post, and I do think that is probably silly because of local nature of his business, but none the less, his discrimination needs to be called out to as big a forum as possible. As I stated in my comments to the Brat Boy post, what if he decided that he was going to discriminate against doing work for black people? If a black couple was denied the service due to their race, should they just find a black friendly landscaper and let the situation lie? Hell no, their community would be outraged, and rightly so. So should our gay community be outraged at this and call it for what it is, bias and discrimination. Here's a copy of the email as posted on Queerty.

From: Garden Guy Inc
Date: October 18, 2006 9:08:36 AM CDT
To: [xxxxxx]@houston.rr.com
Subject: Cancel Appt -Garden Guy

Dear Mr. [X],

I am appreciative of your time on the phone today and glad you
contacted us. I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to
work for homosexuals.

Best of luck in finding someone else to fill your landscaping needs.

All my best,


Todd and Sabrina Farber
Owners, Garden Guy, Inc.

And since I appear to be a foot taller today, standing on my soapbox, I will give you a little clip of the new politically charge movie about the Dixie Chicks, and their comment literally heard around the world. I am not a country fan by any means, and I really couldnt tell you a Dixie Chicks song title if you paid me, but it is an interesting phenominon about how their comment about the President, halted their career. This documentary/movie is called "Shut Up and Sing" and it really is something that I will probably go out and see. Check out the trailer for yourself HERE.

"Captured Cuties" today, goes in for a close-up on that eye catching beauty, the awesome smile. Blogger friend and hot Aussie, this head shots with the million dollar smiles comes from Shaney. Have a great day blogger friends...........GG



Rush Limbaugh is a big fat oogly bastard.

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