Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing Hookie from Packing, Intern Day, Day of Silence, In The News, Cuties

So here's the deal, I could either be packing for my move this fine Friday evening, or contemplating life at a new coffee shop with my trusty laptop once again. Guess which won? LOL! I remember the days when I was restaurant managing and I would get transferred around a lot, (yes I was just that good that EVERYONE wanted me to manage their restaurant), and they used to pay for the movers who would even pack for you!! I miss those days. Of course they would pack EVERYTHING. If you left trash in a trashcan, it would get packed with the rest. I learned that the hard way once.

Intern Interview day went very well today, and out of the 11 that I interviewed, I am bringing back 4 for second interviews at the studio next week. I am nervous about two of them. One is a very beautiful girl, great personality, seems like a hard worker. Have I mentioned that at my production company all the employees are male, and most under 28. I am not sure how the guys would handle having a female Intern around. It really could turn into a Bill Clinton thing, lol. The other one I am a bit nervous about is a very good looking boy, great personality, seems like he could sell ice to Eskimo's, so would be good for the posiition. My nervousness with him, is maybe I was a bit smitten with him, and there were some alarms going off about him, that he was waaaaayyyyy too much a yes man, and is probably full of sh*t. However, even if that is the case, he does have that charm that could sell if I put him in the Sales and Marketing Intern position I am hiring for. What to do, What to do!!

I am giving you all a little reminder now, and I will be blogging about it on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, April 18th, is again, the "National Day of Silence" in our schools. I will blog more about it on Tuesday, but just know it's where students are to remain silent all day in school in solidarity of GLBT rights. It has been celebrated on campus's across America, and while still controversial, it HAS raised awareness. If you have or know a supportive family member or friend, who is going to school, please look up this movement, or read my post on Tuesday, and invite them to do the same.

A few things I have found interesting, "In The News.............Colorado Gay Adoption Bill Heads To Governor, also Pair Sentenced in Kidnapping and Brutal Beating of Santa Fe Gay Teen, and Gay Marriage Bill Advances in Connecticut, and finally, speaking of the National Day of Silence,School Sued Over Anti-Gay Protest.

Captured Cuties today, come from one of my favorite bloggers over in South Africa, Marco, and his always pleasing eye candy from One Third Basketi. Have a great weekend blogger friends, I will talk to you all soon.........GG

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday in The Coffee Shop, Dont Ask Dont Tell, Captured Cuties

Hello Blogger friends, I hope you have all put away the Easter candy and are moving along towards the Memorial Day Picnic, lol. I am sitting here, sipping my newfound fave, pomegranite hot tea from the Republic of Tea, at one of the local coffee houses. Yes boys and girls, and probably more boys, lol, I finally have access to the dreaded laptop. Does this portend much more blogging and keeping in touch from the local "hot spots", or does it simply mean I am going to get even more chubby by sipping on cappucino's and eating pastries and muffins? Only time and the waistline of my pants will know for sure.

So during my absence, I decided to try to make a difference by joining the local Stonewall Democrats club, here in my area of NE Ohio. If you ever wanna find out more about it, you can check out One of our current goals is to get a bunch of signatures to present to our local Congressman, to begin the repeal process of "Dont Ask, Dont Tell," and permit gays to serve in the military. Have you realized that since the Iraq war started, the number of gays thrown out of the army has gone from an average of 1000 per year, to less than 600? Seems now that they need us, they dont have the time to prosecute and court martial, and the hetero's can somehow servive serving next to a homosexual soldier. This petition is just to give information to our Congressman and is non-binding and therefore not necessarily have to be signed by only registered voters in our county. If any of you want to bring a petition to your local gay organization, club or bar, let me know and I will email one for you to print out and you can make copies, fill it out and send it back to me. We deserve to be the few and the proud ourselves if that is what we believe in!!

I hope you have a great weekend blogger friends. I will probably be offering up another post Saturday or Sunday. I am in the process of packing for my move to my new apartment at the end of this month. Also tomorrow, I am at the local University all day long, interviewing Interns, for a Summer Sales Intern with the production company I am running. (NO! Not in the Bill Clinton way of interviewing Interns darn it!!) Well, enjoy a couple Captured Cuties, today from Laterz blogger friends........GG

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice To Take a Day Off, and The Return of Captured Cuties

Aaaaahhhhh!! Missed a day of posting and all is right with the world. I think my new attitude and the support of all my cyber blogger friends will keep this going for a long, long time. I will start to get you all back into the going's on in my life a little bit at a time, as I have time to retell the tales. Work is going well, still at the production company, and am practically running the whole damn place. Love life is at a standstill yet again, but don't cry for me Argentina, all is well with the world and Mr Right is out there somewhere.

I got the hint from the poll results and quite a few emails, and the beautiful boys are here to stay. Maybe not every post, but in most of them for sure. I am going to TRY to bring back my idea I tried to sell before and offer "Captured Cuties" and "Original Sin". To remind you all, "Captured Cuties," are just some hot guys I find on the Internet, either thru visiting friends blogs, or websites, or models from stores I visit or whatever. I claim no copyright to any captured cutie image, and if you DO own the copyright, please send me an email with proof, and I will remove it immediately. I will also provide linking info to where I found the image if at all possible......"Original Sin", is my attempt to get YOU, my blogger friends and readers to send in your own pictures that hopefully have not been on the net yet, that you are proud to show-off. Of course preferrably, I am looking for pictures of hot boys, of yourself, of your brother, husband, friend, etc., but please make them PG13, and ask them if it's okay to send in so you dont embarrass anyone. But Heck! I will take any original pictures you want to send in. Your pet, a funny picture you took on vacation, a beautiful picture you took on vacation. Anything that is original, not on the net can be in "original sin". So get those pics emailed in, and in the mean time, I will have the tough job of finding hot guys on the web to share with you in "Captured Cuties".

I bring back Captured Cuties with a couple of hotties I found over at fellow blogger and cyber friend Marko's site, Marks Planet. Enjoy and talk to you all soon....GG

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!! Disney Commits to Commitments, Eye Candy Poll


Just a quick note to say thanx for the warm welcome back and I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend. As usual, I am with Mama and Papa Guru with feast-a-plenty, including ham, cranberry jewel salad, cauliflower in cheese sauce, fresh baked croissants, white chocolate dipped strawberries, plain strawberries, and homemade blueberry pie. Not having Easter dinner? Bet I just made you pretty darn hungry, LOL. More to come as I ease back into this blog and what I want to do with it, but let's at least get back to one important announcement that was "In The News" this weekend........

Disney Opens Fairy Tale Wedding Service To Gay Commitment Ceremonies.....The Walt Disney Co. has changed its popular Fairy Tale Wedding program to allow for commitment ceremonies between same-sex couples. Disney had previously limited access to the program to couples with a valid marriage license. Ceremonies are offered at Disneyland in California and at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, as well as on Disney's cruise ships. Packages include flowers, dining, music and other extras, depending on the location. Walt Disney World has a dedicated wedding pavilion and for an extra fee, couples can exchange vows in front of the park's iconic attractions, including Cinderella's castle. The tide is slowly turning boys and girls, and it seems like just yesterday that me and my boyfriend back in college had to find discreet places to make out, while exploring Tom Sawyers Island at the California original Disneyland. Now I can call him "Princess", and mean it in Cinderella's castle, LOL.

Last the daily eye candy, or captured cuties I used to put on daily from around the web a little too retro and a thing of the past, or should I keep 'em around to entice some new readers to the site??.......Laterz.......GG

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Okay, so where do I begin to start, to appologize, and to make ammends for disappearing off the face of the earth? How about beginning with why I decided to come back, and why come back today. Well, today, April 7th, was my first official post as I started the Gay Guru adventure exactly one year ago today. It was the beginning of my quest to see if one gay man could make a difference by trying to provide information, commentary, ask questions, and hopefully provide a little humor along the way. To see how mind blowing boring I was as I first started out, HERE is my very first post, one year ago today. Scary isn't it? I have hopefully deluded myself into thinking that I had gotten a little better along the way, but the jury is still out on that one.

So that should clear up why I started back up today, but why I started back up at all is another story entirely. I guess it has to go back to why the heck I stopped in the first place, and why did I stop without a peep to anyone, especially my fantastic friends I made along my journey like SoCalGal, Mikey, Marko, Leonard, WAT, Bruce, and a whole host of others that will make this waaaaay too long of a post if I went on, but suffice it to say, I know I left a lot of good cyber friends hanging. The answer is, there is no good answer! I had one heartache, and a huge feeling of overwhelmingness, and a dash of self-pity that what I write/wrote does not really make a bit of a difference in the world, when bloggers who simply use sex appeal and superfulousness, seem to get all of the attention and readers anyway.

The heartache is not ready to be shared as of yet, but let's just say it was bad and threw me into a mini-depression that I couldn't fight out of for a while. The feeling of overwhelmingness came from a bunch of places, obviously. I had the new job at the production studio that was taking a lot of my time, and caused a bit of grief in the pay department, where I have not really recovered yet, but am getting closer every day. I had a living situation that was getting worse by the day, which I continued to live with until I FINALLY put in my 30 days notice April 1st, and found a new, better place to live. I felt the pressure of the Gay Guru website, and not being able to update it as I feel it needed to be, and what I wanted it to be, so I was feeling a failure at that. I had that huge blow-up with my best friend that I told you all about, and it was eating away at me, not being able to talk to him about stuff. And finally, on my road trip to help save Davey's Basement from closing, my friend and I had a minor emergency with his family and had to turn around half way there, and I wasnt able to fulfill my promise to Teri, and was feeling really bad about that. I also learned that they didnt make much money and it wasnt a huge turnout, so I felt guilty about that, and it led to a bit of my feeling that this blog just didnt matter. So that and some more minor things, put me into a major shut-down mode that was hard to share and come out of with my cyber friends and blogger buddies.

As for the appology, I am truly sorry that I let me friends, fans, and fellow bloggers down, and I will try to not ever let it happen again. This was a very enlightening and well spent 3 months off, and I hope to come back energized, refreshed, dedicated, and ready for the challenges and accomplishments that lie ahead. To be truthful, I just decided this morning that today was the day I was going to come back to the blogosphere. Anniversary date or not, I wasnt sure I was going to do this, although I have thought about it for the last few weeks. As I sat at the computer this morning, it just felt right to start back again. I am really kind of playing it by ear, much like when I started out, I am not sure what direction I am going to take with this blog. For sure, the website is not coming back yet, if at all. Until I can devote time to making sure it is constantly updated, or can find friends who are willing to help make that happen, I am not ready to make that commitment yet. I am not yet going to promise that I will be writing a new post for this blog daily, but I still do have a lot to say, and a lot that I think needs to be talked about, so we will see with that as well. Once again I ask you, what readers I have left, and what readers are hopefully yet to come, what would you like to see from this blog, and what brought you or still brings you here anyway? My goal is to still bring information, commentary, questions and humor, but do I want to do it as a national/local forum, or do I want to do it all personal opinion and not bring general information to the site. I am going to have to take some time to update my links, as I have not read much while I have been gone as well. I am not sure if all of my links are still working and if the blogs are still going. Hopefully, I will have that done in the next week or so. If I DO NOT have you as a link, and you would like your site or blog linked here, please send me an email at "mygayguru(at) (I had to do that to stop the spammers, substitute @ for (at).....)

There is more to tell, and I am sure you may have questions as well, so I will stop here for now. I hope you will accept me back, and let's see where this goes now in the future..........Laterz Blogger Friends...........GG

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