Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice To Take a Day Off, and The Return of Captured Cuties

Aaaaahhhhh!! Missed a day of posting and all is right with the world. I think my new attitude and the support of all my cyber blogger friends will keep this going for a long, long time. I will start to get you all back into the going's on in my life a little bit at a time, as I have time to retell the tales. Work is going well, still at the production company, and am practically running the whole damn place. Love life is at a standstill yet again, but don't cry for me Argentina, all is well with the world and Mr Right is out there somewhere.

I got the hint from the poll results and quite a few emails, and the beautiful boys are here to stay. Maybe not every post, but in most of them for sure. I am going to TRY to bring back my idea I tried to sell before and offer "Captured Cuties" and "Original Sin". To remind you all, "Captured Cuties," are just some hot guys I find on the Internet, either thru visiting friends blogs, or websites, or models from stores I visit or whatever. I claim no copyright to any captured cutie image, and if you DO own the copyright, please send me an email with proof, and I will remove it immediately. I will also provide linking info to where I found the image if at all possible......"Original Sin", is my attempt to get YOU, my blogger friends and readers to send in your own pictures that hopefully have not been on the net yet, that you are proud to show-off. Of course preferrably, I am looking for pictures of hot boys, of yourself, of your brother, husband, friend, etc., but please make them PG13, and ask them if it's okay to send in so you dont embarrass anyone. But Heck! I will take any original pictures you want to send in. Your pet, a funny picture you took on vacation, a beautiful picture you took on vacation. Anything that is original, not on the net can be in "original sin". So get those pics emailed in, and in the mean time, I will have the tough job of finding hot guys on the web to share with you in "Captured Cuties".

I bring back Captured Cuties with a couple of hotties I found over at fellow blogger and cyber friend Marko's site, Marks Planet. Enjoy and talk to you all soon....GG


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