Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday in The Coffee Shop, Dont Ask Dont Tell, Captured Cuties

Hello Blogger friends, I hope you have all put away the Easter candy and are moving along towards the Memorial Day Picnic, lol. I am sitting here, sipping my newfound fave, pomegranite hot tea from the Republic of Tea, at one of the local coffee houses. Yes boys and girls, and probably more boys, lol, I finally have access to the dreaded laptop. Does this portend much more blogging and keeping in touch from the local "hot spots", or does it simply mean I am going to get even more chubby by sipping on cappucino's and eating pastries and muffins? Only time and the waistline of my pants will know for sure.

So during my absence, I decided to try to make a difference by joining the local Stonewall Democrats club, here in my area of NE Ohio. If you ever wanna find out more about it, you can check out One of our current goals is to get a bunch of signatures to present to our local Congressman, to begin the repeal process of "Dont Ask, Dont Tell," and permit gays to serve in the military. Have you realized that since the Iraq war started, the number of gays thrown out of the army has gone from an average of 1000 per year, to less than 600? Seems now that they need us, they dont have the time to prosecute and court martial, and the hetero's can somehow servive serving next to a homosexual soldier. This petition is just to give information to our Congressman and is non-binding and therefore not necessarily have to be signed by only registered voters in our county. If any of you want to bring a petition to your local gay organization, club or bar, let me know and I will email one for you to print out and you can make copies, fill it out and send it back to me. We deserve to be the few and the proud ourselves if that is what we believe in!!

I hope you have a great weekend blogger friends. I will probably be offering up another post Saturday or Sunday. I am in the process of packing for my move to my new apartment at the end of this month. Also tomorrow, I am at the local University all day long, interviewing Interns, for a Summer Sales Intern with the production company I am running. (NO! Not in the Bill Clinton way of interviewing Interns darn it!!) Well, enjoy a couple Captured Cuties, today from Laterz blogger friends........GG



And what is wrong with Clintons way of interviewing interns?? don't put me behind a table on a University to interview interns! ;-) peace


It sure is nice having you back, enjoy your weekend.

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