Friday, June 30, 2006

Fabulous Friday is Here, BloggerFriend Closetkeis, Amphibias Quad Runner Bike, The Cabana Islander, In The News, EVERYDAY Eye Candy

Fabulous Friday is here again blogger friends. A big shout out and thank you to my friend over at Closetkeis, who featured this blog on his yesterday. If you havent checked his blog out, WOW, he has some great pics and vids, but definitely for the "family". I have his blog on our "adult" links, and I definitely think you should pay a little visit, but probably not for our str8 friends and family. Closetkeis definitely has an eye for good looking and hot scenes of men, and his readers share files they have seen also. Welcome all Closetkeis fans, hope to have you back often here at the Gay Guru, you can sign up be on our Emailing list HERE, on the front page of our website. Speaking of the website, the new July 1st update goes up tomorrow and should be up by noon latest if not before. I have added a Health/Fitness page, (that I am still looking for an editor for, any volunteers??), a great Media Review page by new member of the Gay Guru family Bruce, who found some kewl new artists music to feature and review, also a couple movie reviews and a television review, there is more fun and exciting changes that I will fill you all in more about later.

My Fabulous Friday Finds this week are perfect for these summer months blogger friends. First, you have seen my other Fab Friday posts on The Hydra Spyder, and the The Amphibias Motor Home, now comes the first Amphibias Quad Runner Bike!! Being a sucker for amphibious vehicles, I find it really tough to let go of any amphibious vehicle announced! So, here is my next take on the amphibious vehicles list. Gibbs Technologies, known as the world’s only High Speed Amphibian technology specialist, has recently introduced Quadski, a prototype of the world’s first high-speed amphibian Quadbike/All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The cool amphibious bike is capable of travelling up to 50 mph on land and water and makes the transition at the flick of a switch. You have to check-out the video HERE, to see what this awesome thing can do. I am loving this thing.

Also for summer fun at the lake this year, In league with all the inflatable stuff we have written about time and again, this one definitely assures you and your friends a fun and relaxing summer! This inflatable raft is sure to make heads turn around on the beach. The Cabana Islander provides plenty of comfort and luxury for up to 6 fluky islanders. Constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a boarding platform, center swim porthole and a detachable, wind-resistant, nylon shade, this is one island from which you'll hope you are never excluded! It also comprises of a floating 16-quart cooler with cup holders, and a rope grommet for tethering. It measures 76" L x 102" W x 82" H. The raft can carry a total weight of 1020 pounds and costs $320.The electric air pump is an optional extra though.

In the news, Arnie Skirts Gay Marriage In Log Cabin Speech HERE, PFLAG was invited to ring the closing bell - an honor usually reserved for the heads of new companies being listed on the exchange and foreign dignitaries - by the directors of the NYSE HERE, Former Wisconsin Governors Urge Rejection Of Anti-Gay Amendment HERE, and Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Gay Fostering HERE. Pride weekends start slowing down this week, but we do have the kick-off of Montreal's Divers/Cite, that runs thru August 6th, and includes a GBLT parade on July 30th. And Paris France's "L’Europride 2006", winds down on Sunday, July 2nd.

Finally for today, I have decided, due to the overwhelming response of a little eye candy treat two days in a row, that .........drumroll please.......EVERYDAY will feature 2 new eye candy cuties. I will still continue "HUMP"day Wednesdays, with a full line up of hot eye candy, but since you all seem to enjoy it so much, and since I cannot seem to stop finding HOT pics on the internet, (not that I am looking of course, lol,) I should provide a couple of pics a day for you. Now if you get bored of looking at these hot guys, or you want me to mix it up with a hot female for our lezzie and str8 friends at the Gay Guru, let me know. For now, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy a little more Eye Candy.........GG

Thursday, June 29, 2006

System Crashes, Star Jones Self Destructs, The Mighty Woofables, Funny Video, Extra Eye Candy

Okay blogger friends, so it is two days before the new website update and I am in computer hell!! My system keeps crashing and I have a lot of editing to do still. This post will be short and sweet, but I will make up for it by a little extra helping of eye candy that didnt make it on yesterdays page. A couple quick things on my mind.....Star Jones...what a waste of a good gastric bypass, she was snarky enough as a large-in-charge woman, and now that she skinnied up, she is just burning bridges left, right and center. I am one of the many who wanted to see Rosie O'Donnell open a can of whoop-ass on Star this September, but it seems that was never to be all along, not due to Star, but ABC knew she was a disaster already. If Rosie wanted to help her reputation, she should go on now while they are down a host, and give Elizabeth a little warm-up into what life in reality is going to be like.........My favorite gay comic The Mighty Woofables, has a salute to Pride on it's current strip of the week...........Comments, comments, I live for comments!! I know I am getting lots of people visiting and reading each day, and I thank you for it very much, but every once in a while, take a sec and say HI in the comments section. You dont have to comment on the post, just let me know how you are doing. I definitely feel the blogger love thru your great emails, but a comment is kewl too, lol........I am going to get back to beating on my puter with a hammer til it starts working right again, and finish up the update so it's ready to roll on Saturday. Have a great day blogger friends....and enjoy a little fun video for those of you into war gaming on game box, and some extra eye candy....GG

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Blogger Comment Wars - Everyone Deserves A Point of View, Superman, Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday again, blogger friends. We are half way thru the week, no turning back now. Hope you had a chance to check out some of those blogs I talked about yesterday. Website update is just 3 days away, and I think we have a lot of kewl new stuff being put up, and a great update, I will send out a group mailing reminding everyone and post it here. If you are not on the Gay Guru Emailing list yet, you can sign up on the home page of the website HERE.

While reading some blogs last night, I came accross a "comments feud", amongst a couple bloggers on a topic I have been thinking about a long time. Can you ever be "too gay", or "not gay enough"?? I am not talking about going from swishy tiara wearing queen, to ultra he-man jock, but as in everyday living your life kinda gay. Is someone who is labeled Republican, any less gay than one who is Democrat? What exactly makes someone "less gay"?? To me, if you instinctively, intuitively, and actively think about, sleep with, and are dating someone of the same sex, a gay, is a gay, is a gay. It is a hard road to travel though, I, myself tend to think that it is impossible to be a gay Republican, but I have to admit, if they fit the above criteria, how can I not let the individual have his belief system as I have mine. I am sure going to debate him on his political points of view, but I should never question their so called "gayness". Point of view is an interesting philosophy, born of environment, family, outside stimuli such as commercials and newspapers opinion or advertising, conditional effects on you personally, and a lot of other reasons goes into forming one's own point of view. While I definitely believe in ultimate truths and falsehoods, there is a scary grey area that has to be acknowledged if there is to be any reasonable debate. Point's of view are personal, and therefore, an attack on someone's point of view is a personal attack. That's the tricky part, where we get into trouble I think. You cant have rational debate if you are personally attacking someone. To say that Gays dancing around in leopard skin thongs and feather boa's while trying to celebrate the forming of a movement, is disgraceful to the community, you are making a personal attack on that person's point of view on what being Proud is all about. It's extremely difficult, but we have to raise the personal attack to an issue attack if we are ever going to be able to come together as a united community, seeking equality and the rights to live life as we choose to live it. If we keep our arguments to the issues; not supporting our rights for equal protection and benefits under the law, using a highly visable event like a Pride parade to promote our political platforms, dressing like a girl makes someone seem less credible to others, or any debatable point, stick to the pro's and cons of the issue and not the person making the comment, they are no less gay than you, just offering a point of view. We have enough outside influences against the gay community as a whole, infighting amongst ourselves is just silly. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you have a different point of view...I welcome you to challenge me here in comments, but lets challenge the issues, not the people making the statements....Hope to hear from some of you.

As always, being a day late and a dollar short, lol, I totally missed reminding everyone that yesterday was National HIV Testing Day. This was the 12th annual observance of the day set aside to get tested for the HIV virus. As far into this epidemic as we are, it's amazing that people are still undiagnosed, with no idea they are carrying the virus. Just because you dont have symptoms does not mean you cannot be carrying it. The Gay Guru advises everyone to go get checked this week, if you havent recently. Personally, as a birthday gift to myself, I get tested twice a year, once on my birthday in December, and then 6 months later in June. In fact, I am scheduled to be tested Friday, forgetting that Tuesday was the annual observance, and it coincides together every year, lol.

I saw "Superman" today!!! OMG, if you are a fan of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies, then this is the movie for you. Out and Proud Director Bryan Singer, was so true to these previous movies, it was as if there never was a lapse. Brandon Routh steps into the blue tights and big red boots effortlessly. He is either one of the best actors around, or the worst to be able to pull off the dorky deadpan delivery of the lines as Reeve's did in the original movies. Kate Bosworth portrays Lois Lane just as determined as Margot Kidder, but with a lot more likability factor I think. Truth be told, I prefer Gene Hackmans, Lex Luthor, but Kevin Spacey still did what he does best, and was enjoyable enough. The story was well done, and they have left a lot of wiggle room for sequels, they can go a hundred different ways, with some amazing possibilities. I dont know if Singer did it to "F" you the neglibible precense of Cyclops in XMEN III, but James Marsden does a nice job as Lois' new love interest, and doesnt come off as the typical jerk, that would have been easy to write him in as. I dont want to give anything away, so I will stop here, but as I said, if you like the Chris Reeves Superman, this Superman is returning just for you, if you didnt like those movies, go see XMEN again. (I included a couple "super" pics in todays eye candy for you)

Well, it's on to the Eye Candy boys and girls, I hope you enjoy. Remember that no hot studs were harmed in the capturing of these pictures, and if you own the rights to the picture and want to have it removed, send proof of copyright here to the Gay Guru and I will remove it immediately. One last thing, I have a new contest coming up in the next couple of days, it will probably coincide with the website update, so keep checking back, it will test your sleuthing abilities to figure out clues and get the most correct answers......more info soon....GG

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rambling Thoughts, Blogger Love Shout Outs, Send The Gay Guru to the Games, In the News, Comment Spam

Hello Blogger Friends, Hope your week started off well yesterday. Today, I am just gonna give some ramblings on what's on my mind. First off, my blogroll is getting larger by the day, and I really am losing sleep for checking out so many great blogs out there. Some of you write so eloquently and from the heart, and I want you to know, even though I do not comment often, I am trying to read you all daily. I definitely read every blog that is on my blogroll daily!! And you should too, LOL. Some blogs or some posts I have really enjoyed recently include: Single in the City, Off the Record, Ynager65, This post at A Spiders Web, and, the "Party for One" post at My So Called Life

And when I am feeling a little naughty and want some adult entertainment, I have enjoyed, Teen Boy Secrets, Beautiful Boys, and Closetkeis.

The Gay Games in Chicago are only a couple weeks away. I want to take a second to thank the 4 blogger friends who have donated to help cover my expenses as an official Media Correspondent for the games. Your kindness is definitely appreciated. Unfortunately, I am still very short of my $1500 dollar goal I needed in donations to make the trip. I have e-mailed everyone that has donated already and told them that I am giving one last push for donations thru July 5th. As I wrote in the emails, if I have not raised enough money by the 5th, I will either return your donation, or will donate it to our AIDS foundation we will be featuring on the website on the July 1st update, on behalf of "friends of the gay guru". I hate asking for money, but if you would like to help send the Gay Guru to Chicago for the games, check out the website page HERE, for information on how you can donate. As I said, if enough donations arent raised, and I definitely realize times are tough on everyone right now, I will email you the option of returning the donation, or putting it towards the AIDS donation. Thanx again for all of your support here at the blog, the website, and trying to get the Guru to cover the Gay Olympics this year.

I have received some great feed back on the Celebrity Top or Bottom website and Political Heaven or Hell website, and have had some blogger friends offer to write the script code to make all of the tallying work right. I still would appreciate any feedback you have to the two sites. They are made just for fun, and I think they will be a couple fun sites to promote around the web. Go check them out and vote who you want to see sent to hell in the political world, and how you think Zach from "Saved By The Bell", is really like in the bedroom, LOL. I will let you know when the code is done on the sites and I will be promoting them to others outside the Gay Guru.

In the news, I only found a couple of news items that caught my eye, you can read them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Lastly today, I am going to unfortunately have to add the option that will require putting in the code to authorize comments on the blog. I have tried to not have to resort to that and make it easy to comment, but I have now reached about 50 spam emails a day from the option being open. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but thats cyber progress for you, lol. Have a great day, be ready for some more hot Eye Candy tomorrow, as we get to another "HUMP"day Wednesday................GG

Monday, June 26, 2006

MEME Monday, Musicals Week, New Study on Sexual Orientation, UCSC Lesbian Chancellor Commits Suicide, New AIDS Drug, Your MEME

It's MEME Mondays again blogger friends, hope you all had a good weekend. I was perusing around my usual blogs and saw a couple pictures from San Francisco Pride and New York Pride, but it was a busy pride weekend and didnt see many others yet. If you have some kewl Pride photo's and want them displayed on the Gay Guru Blog or Website, send them HERE, and I will feature them for you, and credit where they came from. Be sure to tell me the city they are from. I am bummed I missed Columbus Pride, but will definitely be going next year, any Ohio friends that went, be sure and let me know how it was. Did you catch my first ever audio-cast on yesterdays post?? If not, you can scroll down to take a listen. I used the "audioblogger" feature on blogger hosting and decided to give it a test run on my way to full fledge podcasts starting next month. I know I sound like a big ol dork, but what can you do, lol.

The gay gene has been kicking in big time this month, first with all the Pride celebrations, and now I am succumbing to "Musical Week". I am off to Cleveland a couple times this week to catch a couple of shows at Cleveland's Playhouse Square. The touring show of "Wicked", is in town, and if you havent read the books yet or seen this musical, you just gotta go. "Wicked" is the prequel to Wizard of Oz, and the follow up book, "Son of a Witch", is the slightly warped sequal to Wizard of Oz, both are great books and available at or your local bookstore. Then this Friday, opens the gay musical, "Aint We Got Fun", the musical takes place around 1929, in a Chicago Prohibitions era Speakeasy, and focuses on two boys in love. It premiered at the "Fresh Fruit Festival", in NYC, and is now on a touring run, after great reviews. I am looking forward to both productions, and will give you recaps after I see them.

Todays MEME to put you in touch with a little more about The Gay Guru, is going to keep the posts theme so far, and I will call it "That's Entertainment".

Favorite Musical: RENT/Chorus Line (Both on DVD)

Favorite Movie: Running on Empty (You gotta see this, avail on DVD)

Favorite TV Show: LOST (Season one on DVD, season two soon)

Favorite Concert: Elton John/Billy Joel (Touring together, magical!)

Favorite Book: Kay Scarpetta Mysteries by Patricia Cornwell

Favorite Sports Night Out: Dodger Baseball Games (I miss California)

Favorite Live Comedian: Kathy Griffin/The Improv L.A. (You gotta see her Bravo specials too)

In the news, a new study suggests a male's sexual orientation is not the product of his environment but rather is influenced by biological factors present before birth. Researchers at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont., have found evidence that ``a prenatal mechanism(s) . . . affect men's sexual orientation development.'' The study's author, Prof. Anthony F. Bogaert, explored the causes behind what is known as the fraternal birth order, research that shows a correlation between the number of biological older brothers a man has and his sexual orientation. Writing a commentary piece accompanying Bogaert's study, professors from Michigan State University noted that his research puts to lie the notion that one's social environment can affect sexuality.

In Website contributor Mikey's hometown, San Francisco police say they do not suspect foul play in Saturday's death of Denice Dee Denton, the chancellor of the University of California Santa Cruz. Denton plunged 44 floors from the roof of her partner's apartment building. The luxury building is the tallest rental apartment building in San Francisco, and is located across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. Police late Saturday said they believed Denton's death was a suicide. Her partner of eight year, Gretchen Kalonji a senior UC official, was not home at the time. Police said Kalonji was in Washington, D.C..

A new drug to treat HIV won federal approval Friday. The Food and Drug Administration said it approved Prezista for the treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus. The drug is the first approved HIV medication for its maker, Johnson & Johnson. It's also the first new HIV drug approved since June 22, 2005. The drug, also known as darunavir, is a member of the protease inhibitor class of drugs. They work by blocking protease, a protein the virus needs to make more copies of itself. Since 1995, FDA has approved 10 other protease inhibitors. The major side effects of this class of drugs are high cholesterol and blood-sugar levels, as well as lipodystrophy, or the redistribution of body fat. Protease inhibitors typically are taken as part of a cocktail of drugs. Prezista is meant for use in patients who don't respond to treatment with other antiretroviral drugs, the FDA said.

Well here's a fun lil MEME to leave for you to play with today blogger friends, enjoy your week........GG

You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First Audio Blog Entry, Celebrity Top or Bottom, Politcal Heaven or Hell

this is an audio post - click to play

Well, there you have it blogger friends, my first audio post on the Gay Guru, Gawd how I hate the sound of my recorded voice, lol. As I said, I will be starting podcasting in July, so I wanted to get my feet wet with the "audioblogger" feature available here at I didn't realize it has a 5 minute max. time limit, so the cast cut off abrubtly, sorry about that, this is a big learning curve for me. The good thing about the feature, is that it's created from your phone, so I created that audio blog entry from my lil cell phone. Since I didnt trust it, lol, I made the recording on my cell in my living room, and ran over here to the 'puter to check it out and add to the entry, haha. That DOES mean however, that I now can do quick little blog recordings wherever I happen to be from my cell, I am loving that in case I cant get back to write a blog entry that day.

In keeping with my Sunday short posts, I am gonna end this quickly today. If you didnt have a chance to check out our fun new website yesterday,, click on the name and try out the beta-test version as we are updating the code and site, and give us any helpful suggestions on what needs to be done to it. There are email links on the "about us" page, where you can send your suggestions, or here on the blog comments is fine.

The other site we have been working on for phone is now up for beta-testing as we work the kinks out of it as well. Please check out, and vote where you would like to send the featured political figures featured each day, to heaven or hell. Same thing, please provide us any feedback you can to make the sites better, easier to navigate or whatever. Anyone who writes code and would like to help out with the tracking, which is what we are working on now, please email or contact me at Have a great week blogger friends, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday...........GG

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Celebrity Top or Bottom, Aaron Spelling Passes Away, 7,000 Same Sex Unions in the UK, Prince Disowned for Being Gay

Okay blogger friends, so here I sit in the middle of the day, so guess it's obvious I didnt make the 3 hour ride to Columbus today to celebrate their Pride, but I wish all my friends down there a great time. I have been alluding to a couple of projects I have been working on the last week or so, and today I am gonna tell you about one and ask for some imput. The other one will be ready later tonight or tomorrow, and I will be asking for some feedback on that site as well. Both sites I am going to test out thru links from here, but I am still working out the bugs and some programming issues. If there is anyone out there who is pretty fluent in webpage script writing, email me HERE.
The first site I want you to peruse today is Celebrity Top or I wanted a fun site to work on that was a little bit funny, a little bit naughty, and something that people could keep coming back to and checking on. Thus the idea of Celebrity Top or Bottom was born. It's a pretty simplistic website that features a grouping of 2 celebrities, where you get to vote that in your mind, you think that celebrity would be more of a top or a bottom in bed. I set it up with one weeks worth of archives to look thru, and tried to come up with some pretty random celebrity pairings. I will be adding a celebrity pairing everyday, 7 days a week, so people will check back often. For now, I am keeping the pairings with a little bit of commonality between them thru their work, gossip, or I just think they work well together. On the "About Us" page, there is an email link where you can email in any celebrities, singles or pairings, that you would like to see featured. I am having some trouble with the tracking, thats why you will not see how many voted with you for top or bottom in this week long beta test thru my blog. That's one of my programming issues I would appreciate the help with, from all you techies out there. Please go check out the site and either leave comments here, or some honest email feedback.

In the news, a pioneer in television, and very friendly to the gay community, Aaron Spelling, the man behind some of television's most successful series has died following a stroke. He was 83. His list of credits includes "Dynasty", "Melrose Place", "Beverly Hills 90210". He also produced more than 140 TV movies including "And the Band Played On". When "Dynasty" premiered in 1981 it had prime time television's first gay positive character - Blake Carrington's son Steven originally played by Al Corley and later by Jack Coleman. The series explored the difficulty of coming out and resulted in Blake kicking his son out of the family home. Corley played the part without bringing in any of the stereotypically tragic gay characters of the past. When the writers caved in to network demands that Steven be "cured" of homosexuality Corley quit and was replaced by Coleman. Throughout his career, Spelling maintained the same image: the skinny frame, slightly hawkish face. He usually posed with a pipe in his mouth, a custom he adopted early after seeing stars with pipes in fan magazine photos.
In a fantastic display of numbers, Nearly 7,000 same-sex couples have entered into civil partnerships in Britain in the four months since they became legal. The majority of the couples were married in England and Wales where 6,516 pairs tied the knot. In Scotland, some 350 couples have exchanged vows. In England and Wales 4,311 couples were male and 2,205 female. Despite the lower numbers in Scotland, one-in-five of all couples tying the knot in Edinburgh were same-sex couples. The civil partnership law went into effect December 20 in Scotland and the following day in England and Wales. It applies only to same-sex couples and offers all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage but without the name.
And finally, proving Titles dont always have their priveledges, The eldest son and heir of one of India's princely families has been disowned after coming out publicly. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla quickly became the public face of the gay rights movement in Gujarat and is the patron of the region's biggest HIV/AIDS organization.
The prince learned that he had been stripped of his title, inheritance, and all rights in the newspaper. His family, one of the richest in India, this week placed an official announcement in local papers accusing him of disobedience and of bringing dishonor to the royal family.

That's all for me today blogger friends, unless I get the other fun site I have been working on up. It's along the same lines as the one above. Tomorrow, I think I might have a bit of a surprise for you, so be sure to check back and see if it works. Thanx for your help in checking out the new website, if you like it, I will ask you to link it to your blogs, but not until I get all the bugs out first, in about a week, I would appreciate all the buzz on it, I can get. Have a great weekend, and talk to you all soon..........GG

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