Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HUMPday Wednesday, Gay Marriage Ammendment Defeated, Jon Stewart on our Side, Eye Candy

Jeesh....sorry for the wicked late post and denying you all the great eye candy from another "HUMP"day Wednesday. Yesterday on 6/6/6, the only weird thing that happened bad, was that for some reason the music wouldnt play on the blog for the day. Hmmmmmmm, but then today, I am busy in the morning, come back in afternoon to post and of course blogger goes down, for hours!! Of course, I have plans tonight, and I am finally back, thanx for all of your patience. I will make this a very quick post since it is going up so late. I have to comment on the fact that the Marriage Ammendment vote in the senate was defeated as expected, but by a bigger margin than what they conservatives were all cheering about last night and this morning. The ammendment failed 49-48, far from the 60 needed to get the Senate to do an up or down vote on it, and even farther from the 2/3 majority needed to pass it. Of course, the House is still bringing it up for a vote next month to further divide the nation and rally the conservative base. With the Senate defeating the ammendment, there is absolutely NO reason for the House to have to vote on it, because it has to be passed by BOTH houses and 38 states. It has made for some interesting "pundit watching" these past few days, and I am including a clip that was posted on MySpace, with my favorite late night comedian, Jon Stewart, telling it like it is.......enjoy

I am going directly to our "HUMP"day eye candy and will have a longer post tomorrow blogger friends, enjoy the sights, and talk soon..........GG



Well worth the wait, my darling...and yes, yes, YES, I'll adopt them both...and the sleeping cutie who needs some help with his undies...ahhhhh. ;) Don't want to ruin the pleasant mood you've put me in, so won't EVEN go into the frustrations with blogger today (ugh) or touch on the ridiculous divisiveness GWB and his republican cronies are taking part in! Hope you have a great evening out, kiddo. :)


Ooh, and the other 'put me in a good mood' stuff (other than Eye Candy ;)) was Pee-wee's Playhouse being rerun in July...woo-hoo! :)


Love the Jon Stewart clip!

On the way to ultimately defeating closed-minded America!

But not without a lot of hatred and sacrifice unfortunately.

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