Sunday, June 04, 2006

Enjoying Sunday, Kimberly Locke, President Bush's Radio Address

Happy Sunday blogger friends. I think during the summer I am going to keep the Sunday posts short and sweet, unless I find I have something I really want to cover. I hope you all take time to enjoy the summer months, (I guess for my Australia, South Africa and Southern Hemisphere friends, this doesnt apply...yet,) bring a book and a blanket to a park, visit some friends, relatives, or maybe a nursing home or an AIDS hospice. I will be using my Sundays to relax, reflect, and think of ways to help serve, advise, comment, and inform the many great friends I have found here over the last 2 months. (And adding a bit of color to this "white as an English maiden" body, wouldnt hurt.)

The interview last night was unfortunately relegated to a quick chat and leaving the questions to get back to me by email, but will get that out to you soon. For those that didnt get the clue in yesterdays post who I got to meet and hear perform last night, (the A and the I were capitalized and italicized,) the beautiful Kimberly Locke, performed at one of our area nightclubs last night. She was 3rd runner up behind Reuben and Clay at American Idol, Season 3. Kimberly performs at many gay functions throughout the year, and is a real sweetheart, with an awesome voice. Her hit "Eighth World Wonder", was a top 40 song for quite a while and her new album is debuting next month, and she was very involved in putting this one together co-writing most of the songs. I am looking forward to her email and will get the answers to you soon.

Of course the President used his weekly radio address on Saturday to announce his support of the Federal Marriage Ammendment, and will be making speeches all day tomorrow, the day before the vote in the Senate. I find two things amusing in the speech. One, he thinks this will stop "activist judges". of course he is doing this to suck up to his base, the "activist religious leaders", but you will NEVER hear him call THEM by that name. Secondly, his line in the radio address, "Ages of experience have taught us that the commitment of a husband and a wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society.", has me really understanding how stupid this argument is. Substitute either word for "partner", and NOTHING changes. Experience teaches us that a commitment by any husband and wife, husband and partner, wife and partner, to love and serve one another, promotes the welfare of children, and the stability of society. Isnt that the goal of of a union of two people, to love and serve one another, to promote and support and love their children, or at least pay taxes and school levies for other's children, and dont we want a stable society? I really cant understand how they rationalize this to themselves.

Enjoy your Sunday blogger friends, thanks for being part of the Gay Guru's life, you all make me proud to do what I do, and what I hope to accomplish......GG



I really like Kimberly Locke, shes pretty awesome! I would have loved to see her.

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