Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Blog Look, Amber Alerts, Gym Going Swimmingly, Upcoming Interviews, Rejected Blog Ad

DON'T PANIC, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! Hi-di-ho blogger friends, welcome to the new and improved Gay Guru Daily Blog!! I have been trying to figure out how to import this 3 panel template over here for a while now, and finally figured it out, without losing all of my info, YEA!! It is still a work in progress as I learn a little bit more about this template, there may be a couple tweaks here and there, but I hope you will like the new format. I would appreciate any comments you have on what you see or would like to see here. I hope you also notice I added an "Amber Alert" crawl along the top of the posts. I have recently heard a lot of bulletins, and at one time, new someone who had an amber alert out on their child, during a custody fight. As long as the background is white, it's just explaining what the crawl is. Once the background turns yellow, that means an actual alert is in progress and read the crawl for current information. If you would like to add this Amber Alert crawl to your blog or website, just double click the crawl and it will send you to their site to get the code. There is no cost for this feature at all. I also wanted to go to the 3 column blog to hopefully draw some advertisers here. We are still not busy enough to really draw many advertisers yet, so please be sure to check the blog each day, or subscribe to the feed over in the right column, and tell your friends to check us out. The more people that visit the Gay Guru blog and website, the more information, advice, commentary and humor we are getting out to our community and our friends, and the more we will be attractive to advertisers.

The new gym membership is going great, I plan on going at least 5 days a week for now. Thanx for all the notes of support for my efforts. The really great thing about this gym is it has both an indoor heated smaller pool for winter and bad weather, and an outdoor 1/2 Olympic size pool for laps and to soak up some sun in the summer months.
Tonight I am going out to one of the area's gay nightclubs, that is having a special guest performer tonight. I am supposed to have an opportunity to meet with her for an interview for the blog and website. For those on the Gay Guru Emailing list, you know all about this, and I have recieved your questions, thank you very much. Depending on her schedule, I will have a sit down chat with her, or will have to give her my list of yours and my questions and she will email the answers back. Either way, I am excited to have a chance to bring you this in the next week or so, and I hope you will enjoy it as well. I believe most of you will know of her, and if not, she is worth the introduction. And somewhere in this sentence, is A small clue on where the person I am interviewing started out.

Another interview I am excited about, is about the gay Prom King from California that I blogged about a while back. Chad emailed me the other day, that he got the note I was interested in interviewing him and I am sending him out the interview questions this weekend. I believe he is an inspiration for many GLBT youth and young adults, that you can lead a productive, happy, and out life, and not have to feel like the odd man out. Of course his school's "Diversity Forums", I am sure helped with that A LOT!! I am also going to ask him about those. If you didnt have a chance to read that post, click here. Look for that in the coming weeks as well.
There is not much new in the news today, so I am going to make this a short post and get my happy butt over to the gym. Enjoy your weekend everyone. If you havent yet checked out the new June Update to the Gay Guru Website, (And Why Haven't You?), you can click here. Also be sure to add yourself to my Frappr Map, over on the right column. I am leaving you today with an advertisement I rejected to be put on the advertising column of this blog, (just kidding, it's pretty darn funny,) so take a watch.....GG



hey the new look is much better - so much easier to read! - all you have to do now is stop posting those music clips each day - they interrupt my reading!


Hey there, GG :) Like the new layout, but I liked the old one, too. Am noticing the line on the right hand column seems to maybe not be wide enough...goes over the words? Is the yellow on the Amber Alert a different one than you're using? Just wondered if it would blend in when there IS an alert.

I'm starting on a diet/exercise regimen this coming week...let's support each other, k? Am probably going to add something to the TUFR group site for it.

Am THRILLED Chad is all for the interview with you...LOVE THAT!! Sadly the comments at the online version of the story took a turn for the religious zealot bs...sigh...but there are good ones out there who came yippee.

LOVE the Bowie music...memories of seeing him in concert YEARS ago..let's just say that "Madness" and "The Go-Go's" opened for him. :)

Have fun tonight! :)

Marco Valente

Groovey new look dude, I like it!


Love the new look GG! Id love to change my look, but when it comes to programming Im a novice, but I have learned alot.


There was a gay Prom King??? *sigh* I soooo need to quit one of my jobs and get back in front of a computer!!

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