Sunday, June 11, 2006

Relaxing Sundays with Funny Video Clips

Happy Sunday Blogger Friends. As I told you last Sunday, I am taking a break with just short posts on Sundays thru summer. Sunday used to be family time when all my relatives lived a lot closer together than we are now. BBQ's over at Aunt Alice's, board games and trivia games until midnight, a little over the line baseball scrimmage across the street at the high school. Our family wasnt one of those that sat in front of the tv all Sunday watching Nascar or golf, but a good football game every once in a while would slow us down. I remember driving with my cousins out to Santa Monica and Venice Beach to go skating up and down the strand. Dinner was a great big deal and usually consisted of lots of meat, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and cole slaw. I miss those Sundays, and am trying to find a way to bring them back with my extended families. Mama and Papa Guru are the only family I have around now, but I have best friends, Jay, Birdy, and a bunch of others that I enjoy hanging around with. We all have such busy lives these days, I wanna make Sundays simpler again, fun, a time to be together and relax, not just run around doing a million errands so we can start off another hectic week on Monday. Take the time to enjoy your Sunday blogger friends...........GG

Yet here's a couple of relatives that any family might not be missing these Sundays:

I am sure everyone has a funny old gay Uncle Ralph, dont they?

And what about that crazy sister or cousin that couldn't stop dancing to impress the boys

And who can forget crazy grandma and grandpa when dinner took too long?



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